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Re: WWE: The Cult's Way

Monday 21st May 2012 | Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia

RAW is live from the Richmond Coliseum and opens with the usual wide array of pyro. We then cross to our commentary team for this evening Matt Striker and Jerry 'The King' Lawler, they welcome us to tonight's broadcast and inform us that John Cena is here tonight! They tell us that Dylan Kelly has invited Cena to come and explain his recent attacks on the company just 6 days before his showdown with Triple H. Kelly himself isn't here tonight as he is looking out for his own safety and this leaves Eve (Kelly's assistant) as the woman in power tonight. However we will see Kelly via satellite tonight.

Eve then comes out to a mild reaction from the crowd. She is dressed to impress this evening as she will be running the final episode of RAW before Judgement Day this Sunday. Eve once she has entered the ring asks for a microphone from the outside which she receives and begins to speak. She confirms to the world that Dylan Kelly isn't here tonight which of course gets a big pop from the crowd here. However she isn't out here to talk about Kelly but to talk about tonight's events with her running things around here. Eve states that tonight we will see Champion vs. Champion as Intercontinental Champion Alberto Del Rio will take on WWE Champion CM Punk! Also after last weeks grueling Main Event Eve tells us that Triple H will not have to compete tonight. She exits the ring and heads backstage before AW headed towards her in the back accompanied by the Prime Time Players & Mark Henry. We hear his complaints to Eve loud and clearly about their match for this Sunday, he says that if Dylan Kelly was here he would listen to him but Eve herself is too stupid to listen. Eve clearly offended says that AW has just dug himself into a big hole and that tonight it will be Manager vs. Manager as he will face Booker T one on one, this decision gets a big pop from the crowd as Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler discuss AW's chances as we fade to commercial.

We return to a vignette for Bray Wyatt's WWE debut, it appears to be the same vignette that we've seen recently except the end of it says "Bray Wyatt's time is coming." From that we go into the arena were Dolph Ziggler makes his entrance, the commentary team meanwhile hype up his match this Sunday against Tyson Kidd. His opponent for tonight Alex Riley then makes his entrance to a decent pop.

Singles Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Alex Riley
In an entertaining bout Alex Riley tested Dolph Ziggler but however came up short. The finish of the match came when Riley went high risk only to crash and burn before being nailed with a Zig Zag for a 3 count. Winner: Dolph Ziggler via pinfall. The real story however came after the match as Tyson Kidd came down to the ring. Dolph then picked up a microphone and stated that last week he and Kidd were both demolished but this Sunday they're on PPV. Ziggler says that their match probably won't be the most anticipated on the card but he sure knows that they'll steal the show (Surprising words here from Ziggler). Dolph states that he wants people to come out from the PPV saying WOW that Ziggler vs. Kidd match was awesome. After listening to Dolph ramble Tyson reminds him about all of the sneak attacks that Dolph has committed on him and that even though he agrees with what Dolph says about stealing the show Kidd won't just steal the show as he will also kick Ziggler's ass. The pair then squared up as we cut to commercial.

Once we come back on air we see Primo and Epico in the ring accompanied by the beautiful Rosa Mendes their opponents Zack Ryder and Brodus Clay then make their entrance. We are shown a video from the Backlash pre-show when Damien Sandow defeated Zack Ryder and then attacked him after only for Brodus Clay to make the save forming a new found friendship with Zack. The commentary team tell us that this Sunday at the Judgement Day pre-show we will see Brodus Clay take on Damien Sandow.

Tag Team Match: Primo & Epico vs. Zack Ryder & Brodus Clay
In a hotly contested match the team of Zack Ryder and Brodus Clay would take the spoils despite an attempt from "The Intellectual Saviour" Damien Sandow to distract them. In the end Ryder would pick up the pinfall on Epico from a Rough Ryder, Damien Sandow then clearly unhappy with his efforts grabbed a microphone and told the pair that he is not the only person tired of their ignorance and that another individual in the back would reveal themselves this Sunday after Sandow disposes of Brodus Clay.Winners: Zack Ryder & Brodus Clay via pinfall.

Up next came the "Barrett Reel" as Wade Barrett would once again wear a light up jacket and mock his Judgement Day opponent by running his mouth about his opponent's chances this Sunday at Judgement Day. Wade would tell us that he promises to make Chris Jericho tap out this Sunday and would go onto say Jericho after this Sunday Will never be the same again, of course all these insults and all of the mockery brought Chris Jericho out and he meant business. The "Ayotollah Of Rock n' Rolla" charged down to the ring and began trading blows with his opponent. Jericho eventually got the upper hand and as he readied Barrett to have his head smashed through the "Barra Tron" Wade would escape his enemies clutches and high tail it out of the ring. Jericho began trashing the ring all whilst his opponent watched on from the top of the ramp with a look of fear written across his face. Jericho has never been as irate as this in the WWE ring.

Singles Match: AW vs. Booker T
The match set up by Eve earlier tonight did not end up going as planned due to an attack from AW's associates. Winner: Booker T via Disqualification. However it would be the post-match that provided us with some big news as Booker T's associates and friends would head out and clear the ring of AW and his men. AW would grab a microphone and delivered one last plea to Kofi Kingston to join them or get hurt this Sunday just like Booker tonight. Promptly Eve would head out onto the top of the ramp and decree as punishment for AW's actions tonight that the match this Sunday will now be a 8 Man Tag Team Match with Booker T and AW being added to their respective teams. This obviously went down very well with the fans that enjoyed the sight of AW in distress. Eve is however heading down to the ring now as a contract signing will be taking place for our Women's Championship Match this Sunday after the break.

As we came back onto the air we would see the ring set up accordingly for our contract signing with the vacant Women's Championship placed on the table and with two contracts at the ready, all that was needed were the two competitors for Sunday. "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix would be the first to make her entrance to some heat from the crowd. She would keep her eyes fixated on the Women's Championship while being sat in the big leather chair. Layla then made her way to the ring to a pop from the crowd. Before getting to the signing of the contract Eve asked if the Ladies had anything to say which prompted Beth to grab a microphone and vent her anger. She spoke about how hard it was to break into the WWE due to the company hiring models who couldn't wrestle while she is the best wrestler in the Divas division. Beth said how much she hated Layla when she would parade around with former diva Michelle McCool bullying Divas for their looks and that on Sunday she will get her payback for all the times Layla has tainted the Divas division in the WWE. Beth then threw the microphone down and signed the contract defiantly as Layla then shared her thoughts. Layla informed Beth about the past she has, and that her and Natalya used to bully girls in the locker room for their good looks and that Beth is a hypocrite. Layla said that she has to win this Sunday to complete her comeback from injury, to make her comeback successful. She signed on the dotted line and our match is set, Beth would then grab the Championship from the table and hold it high above her head to the jeers of the fans. Layla then walked around the table and stood face to face with Beth before grabbing the title and holding it above her head to this time the crowds delight. Layla then to her own peril turned her back on Beth allowing her to hook her arms, GLAMSLAM through the Table! The crowd and Eve are in awe as Beth has just slammed her opponent through a table, sending the contracts flying all over the ring. Beth standing over a battered Layla then grabbed the Women's Title and stood over her opponent with the belt raised high. Showing her dominance Beth then placed an elegant foot over Layla's face and shouted "Huh you like that boot Lay" her theme song then hit as our commentary team reacted to the shocking events.

RAW came back on the air with a brief shot of Alberto Del Rio with his Intercontinental Championship around his waist; he appears to be holding a briefcase in his hand and is in deep discussions with someone who cannot be seen on screen.

Champion vs. Champion Singles Match: CM Punk © vs. Alberto Del Rio ©
In a match where both men gave a stellar performance it would be Alberto Del Rio who took the shock victory, not without controversy though. With WWE Champion CM Punk's Judgement Day opponents, The Miz and Sheamus on commentary they would play a vital part in his loss. During the closing stages of the match CM Punk whilst on the outside of the ring after rolling his opponent back in would mock Miz by saying his catchphrase "Awesome" Punk then entering the ring would quickly turn his head back to see Miz and Sheamus brawling on the outside, this due to Miz going after Punk for his comment and Sheamus stopping him in his tracks with a big right hand. Punk distracted by the battle on the outside would then be rolled up by Alberto Del Rio who with a handful tights would pick up the win before quickly scattering to the outside. Winner: Alberto Del Rio via pinfall. A dumbfounded Punk would quickly seek revenge on his two opponents who cost him victory by executing a Suicide Dive to the outside taking out both of his opponents. Punk for once has gained the upper hand as he then stood atop of the Announce Table holding his WWE Title high into the air. This would be are closing picture before a RAW 1000 Advertisement.

Tag Team Match: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Jack Swagger & Drew Mcintyre
In a rematch from last week's broadcast #1 Contenders for the Tag Team titles Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio faced off against the duo of Jack Swagger and Drew Mcintyre. Rey and Cara would use their high flying move set to fend off their opponents. Mid match however Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks wandered through the crowd with their Championship belts on their shoulders they quizzed members of the crowd, sarcastically discussing the flaws in their opponents teamwork. This distraction however proved no matter as the Masked Maestros would hit their devastating La Mistica/619 combo on Swagger for the victory. Winners: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara via pinfall. A staredown between the four men from the crowd to the ring then ensued as we cut to a Judgement Day advert.

On our return we are greeted with a Steel Cage circling the ring, and we are then greeted with "The Viper" Randy Orton, Orton sauntering down the ramp walks around the ring with a sadistic smile across his face much to the fans' delight. Orton standing by the announce table picked up a microphone but was then interrupted by his nemesis Daniel Bryan along with the "Devious Diva" AJ. Bryan with a microphone already in hand kept his distance from Orton before saying it's great to finally see the man who he will beat on Sunday without any mind games needed, before he could continue Bryan was interrupted by Orton who stated they can't talk like this and should make themselves comfortable. Randy then climbed the Cage from the outside before sitting at the top, 30 feet above the ground. Randy invited Daniel to join him and after some consideration Bryan told AJ to stay on the ground as he then climbed up to the top before sitting down. Both men still a considerable distance away and opposite sides of the Cage begin to air the opinions. Bryan knows that Randy has always been psychotic but this is too far, after he beats him on Sunday Orton is going to need the White Coats to take him away for a while because he thinks it will tip him all the way over. "The Viper" clearly sees a funny side to this and psychotically laughs before speaking, he says all of the things that he has done to Bryan over the past few weeks with the Cage falling and with the live Snake were all tests and sadly Bryan didn't pass. Orton wanted Daniel to show aggression in the face of adversity but instead he showed fear. Orton tells Bryan he won’t know what has hit him this Sunday as he will see just how psychotic he really is. Daniel on the other hand reminds Orton he has the key to victory in AJ, the chess piece that will help him defeat Orton this Sunday, Bryan is then shocked as AJ has climbed up the Cage and is now sat beside him to the fans' despair. According to Daniel this is a site the fans need to get used to as he and AJ are the new power couple and will begin their take over this Sunday by beheading "The Viper." The segment then concluded with both men staring at each other across the Cage, Daniel with a look of fear and Orton with a look of pleasure.

Singles Match: Kane vs. ???
Kane makes his entrance to a great ovation; still with those Chains in his bag he enters the ring waiting for the man who wants Alberto Del Rio's money next. Suddenly from the crowd with a lead pipe in hand Del Rio himself jumped Kane from behind laying waste to him with the pipe. Del Rio was playing us all and intends to take out Kane himself. Del Rio grounds Kane before slapping on a Cross Armbreaker! This forces Kane to scream out in pain with Del Rio refusing to let Kane out of the hold, after wrenching it on for a minute or so Del Rio eventually lets go and begins to taunt the crowd. Little does he know Kane has sat up, he quickly ends that though as he turns around and nails the seated Kane with a Pipe across the face. Del Rio then headed up the ramp with his theme playing and turned to look at the ring, Kane tried to sit up but couldn't muster enough energy and he flopped back onto the floor.

That was the final commercial break of the evening and we're ringside waiting...HERE HE IS! John Cena makes his entrance wearing a t-shirt and track pants to a thunderous ovation. There is no salute from Cena who is angry, and after getting into the ring and grabbing a microphone is ready to give answers on allegations of his attacks on the company. Cena quickly brings down Dylan Kelly who not only attacked his Father but wouldn't even speak to him face to face here tonight. Cena states that someone is framing him and that he does have aggression towards Kelly but not the WWE. Before Cena can continue WWE Chairman Dylan Kelly appeared on the titantron to massive heat. Kelly asks Cena why he can't just be honest and admit to writing the notes, he even left his cap at the scene. Cena quickly interrupts and questions if he looks like the type of guy who writes notes; he's a guy who will find you and hurt you. Cena reminds Kelly that he will be present at the Pay Per View this Sunday and will get hurt. Kelly agrees he will be there but states there is a guy in the back who has got his back; and that if Cena comes near him the man will strike. John however states he will go through anything and anyone to get revenge on Kelly. And here is the man he must go through to get a match with Kelly, "The Game" Triple H. He comes down to the ring and agrees with what Cena says about Kelly being spineless but this Sunday, he's fighting for not only his job but his wife's livelihood. Cena says that may be so but he will go through anyone and that includes Stephanie if she gets in the way. This prompts a tense nose to nose face-off between both men with Kelly trying to get their attention by shouting them both. He figures a way to do this by playing a highlight video of him attacking Cena's Father. This quickly grabs John's attention as he goes to bound towards the screen, Triple H is still in his face though and the crowd is split. With the video playing Cena blasts Hunter with the microphone to the head in frustration before screaming and cursing at Kelly down the microphone. Hunter rolls to the outside holding his head while Kelly sarcastically asks if John is listening now. Kelly wants to know who has been sending the messages and still believes it is Cena. Suddenly a loud bang his heard as everyone looks to the stage before the large WWE metal logo crashes onto the stage with no one near it. The titantron then goes static before words flash on the screen, "JUDGEMENT DAY IS COMING" the screen then fizzles off as the audience don't know how to react. Cena still with his eyes fixed on the titantron is then clobbered from behind by TRIPLE H with a Sledgehammer in hand. The crowd is again split as Hunter smashes Cena with the weapon before hitting him square in the chin sending him down to the mat. Hunter then pulls the Sledgehammer back behind his head before crashing the hammer off the downed Cena's skull. John lies in a pool of blood with Triple H standing over his body with his Sledgehammer in hand, Hunter doesn't take his eyes off the bloody Cena while Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler are stunned for words, Who is sending the messages? What is going to happen this Sunday? RAW goes off the air with the scene in the ring to silence.

©The Cult


MAY 27, 2012


WWE Championship Match
Triple Threat Match

The Miz vs. CM Punk © vs. Sheamus

No Disqualification Match
John Cena vs. Triple H
(If Cena wins he will get a match with WWE Chairman Dylan Kelly and Triple H along with his wife Stephanie McMahon will be fired. If Triple H wins they keep their jobs and he becomes RAW General Manager.)

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho

Steel Cage Match
Daniel Bryan w/AJ vs. Randy Orton

Women's Championship Match
Layla vs. Beth Phoenix

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins © vs. Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio

Singles Match
Tyson Kidd vs. Dolph Ziggler

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Kane vs. Alberto Del Rio ©

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Booker T, R-Truth, Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston vs. Mark Henry, AW, Darren Young & Titus O'Neill
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