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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Time to channel my inner Jericho.

I love the hypocrisy on this forum. Ratings are up? Oh it must have been Daniel Bryan or Mark Henry or whoever else is the flavor of the week. Ratings are down? Punk's fault. Without fail, a bad rating is dismissed as being the fault of Punk, my guess whether he's champ or not. Allow me to educate you.

-The WWE title has been so completely devalued that its not longer a main draw, taking a back seat to several superstars
-Punk himself has been devalued by constantly getting booked to be second and often third fiddle to whatever Cena and occasionally Hunter, Shawn or Taker happen to be doing
-The June 4th edition of Raw was John Cena's big return after being accosted by Big Show at OTL. The main event was John Cena vs Michael Cole (the infamous BBQ sauce segment). The show drew a 2.92. I guess by all of your logic Cena isn't a draw either.

I find it absolutely hilarious that people can convince themselves into hate. Just face facts and say you don't like Punk. Its your right to have an opinion. Whatever you hate, his look, his moves, it doesn't matter. But at least stop the blind hate and give a justifiable reason for your dislike. You come off as so much more credible when you do. If you choose to ignore certain evidence, that's your call. At least say "I guess the ratings drop isn't all Punk's fault, I still don't like him." You can't look at this bad rating and blame it solely on Punk, its not the least bit logical. Was he out there for all 180 minutes? Was he the main focus of the show? Were his actions what a major angle hinged on? No. So think realistically-how can a bad rating for all 180 minutes be blamed on one single guy who was out there for maybe 20? It can't be. And you're delusional if you think it can.

If you're desperate to blame someone for it, perhaps try Vince McMahon? You know, he's the one who runs all this stuff, supervises the shitty writing, supervises the atrocious booking, supervises the crappy commentary, pushes for the social media plugs, organizes the card so we have time for 100 commercial breaks, etc. My God, he was the one in Michael Cole's ear telling him to say how the Piper's Pit sucked. He's devaluing his OWN product.

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