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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

WWE Monday Night RAW - 13 April, 2009

RAW begins this week as per usual with a video package – it highlights what went down last week on the greatest show on Monday Nights. It begins with Randy Orton coming out at the top of the show, stating his goal to win the WWE Championship and telling everybody that WrestleMania was a one off. However, Vince McMahon showed up and told Randy that he would not be getting a Championship match, he would have to earn it, and he then booked Orton in a match against the Jamaican Superstar, Kofi Kingston. The match began and in a shock result, Kofi defeated The Viper to a huge reaction from the crowd in attendance. The night wasn’t over for Randy Orton however, as his Legacy brethren Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase demanded a match against Triple H, Mr. McMahon obliged and booked Cody Rhodes in a match with The Game. Rhodes had a good showing against The King of Kings but in the end Triple H defeated the young upstart. This wasn’t the end of the show however, as Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase descended from the stage and attacked The Game. The night ended with The Legacy standing tall over the fallen WWE Championship.

The RAW opening video now plays and we shoot straight into the Target Center where the crowd are cheering loudly, excited to be part of Monday Night RAW. The stage is illuminated by a massive pyrotechnic display which almost destroys the ear drums of the crowd nearest to the stage. Once the cameras get their fill, we cut to the announce table where the always entertaining Michael Cole is sat, alongside Jerry The King Lawler. The two commentators run down the card for tonight including CM Punk versus Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler versus Triple H. They then begin hype up the announcement of the new General Manger and we don’t have to wait long as Vincent Kennedy McMahon makes an appearance

The crowd respond with a nice cheer for the man who created Monday Night RAW, Vince McMahon walks onto the stage smiling from ear to ear, wearing a lovely grey suit with a pink tie. McMahon walks down to the ring, the way he only knows how and eventually climbs up the steps before stepping into the ring. The Chairman of the WWE waits for the cheers to die down before speaking into the microphone which he has picked up from the steel steps. McMahon welcomes everybody to Monday Night RAW and informs everybody of the great matches that we have tonight, before telling everybody that after intense deliberation he has finally came up with a General Manager worthy of managing the biggest wresting show in the world. He hypes him up as one of the greatest Superstars in WWE history and how he has management experience. Eventually after keeping the fans in suspense for long enough, Vince smiles before pointing to the stage and announcing the new RAW General Manager. The music of the legendary Ric Flair plays over the PA system and the crowd go ape shit, loving the appointment of Ric Flair as the new RAW General Manager. Flair struts out in a very expensive black suit and a pair of very shiny shoes. Wooing his way to the ring, Ric makes his way down the ramp and climbs up the steps before entering the ring. Ric and Vince shake hands before Vince leaves the ring to Ric and walks up the ramp, smiling at the reaction to his appointment of Flair as the RAW General Manager. The sixteen time World Champion is stood in the middle of the ring he calls home, grinning like he’s just won a championship, taking in the cheers from the crowd. Ric begins his promo with a huge woo which elicits the same from the crowd, he then goes on to say that he is honoured with the position of RAW General Manager, and that he will do his best to keep the action rolling here on Monday nights.

Suddenly... “Voices” hits the PA system and The Viper, Randy Orton walks out from behind the curtain. He takes his time walking down to the ring, while Flair stares at his onetime protégé. Orton with a Legacy T-shirt on, and an intense expression on his mug, walks up the steps before entering the ring and being handed a microphone from ringside. Orton congratulates his former mentor on being given the RAW General Manager position and tells him that he is glad that someone has been given the job who will be a competent GM. Orton tells Ric that he should give him a shot at the WWE Championship. Ric tells Orton that just because the two of them go back to Evolution days, he won’t be playing favourites. But because of Orton’s actions last week, and since Kofi Kingston defeated him in a match, there will be a number one contenders match to see who will face Triple H at Backlash. Ric informs Orton that he will face off against the man who defeated him last week, Kofi Kingston! Orton’s a bit upset that he isn’t handed the championship opportunity, but accepts the match and tells Ric that after he is done with Kofi Kingston he is gunning for the WWE Championship. Ric nods his head when suddenly “Game” blasts over the PA system and Triple H walks out from the back. The Game isn’t in the mood for games tonight instead he makes a beeline for Orton with the commentators reminding us what Legacy did to Trips last week. Orton gets ready and jumps on The King of Kings as he slides into the ring but Trips gets back to his feet and takes Orton down to the mat and begins clubbing him with right hand after right hand. Orton tries to cover up but it’s no good, meanwhile Ric Flair just stands watching what is going on. He shrugs his shoulders at the crowd while Trips and Orton still continue brawling. Eventually, Orton manages to slither out of the ring and backs up the ramp with Trips welcoming him back in to the ring. The commentators put over the brawl that we just saw and the match made for later tonight and also the new General Manager as we head to the commercial break.


Monday Night RAW returns just as the music of Mike Knox is simmering down, then “Booyaka 619” plays over the PA system and the crowd cheers the arrival of Rey Mysterio. The Intercontinental Champion walks to either side of the stage and sets of his pyrotechnics before walking down the ramp, taking a few seconds to interact with the fans. A replay of his interaction with William Regal plays and the commentators begin speaking about the possible match between the two. Mysterio is now in the ring and hands his championship to the referee before throwing his t-shirt into the crowd. After which, the referee calls for the bell and the two men circle the ring. Rey uses his speed in the early going to inflict damage on Knox, including hitting the spinning head scissors take down which Knox sells surpringly well for a big guy. But Knox eventually uses his size and strength to take Mysterio out and take away his high flying offense. Knox keeps him grounded with a surprising amount of submission holds which we didn’t know he could use, including an arm bar and a leg lock. After a few minutes Mysterio begins to get back into the match, the crowd cheer him on as he spins out of a Samoan Drop attempt and DDT’s Knox! Knox gets to his feet and runs at the smaller man but Rey trips him in to the rope and hits him with the 619 for the victory! The crowd cheers as the referee hands him his WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Rey holds the belt above his head before reacting to the boos from the crowd, William Regal has appeared on the stage, no theme song. Regal is in a suit and tie, with two men beside him. One man with long hair and short blue tights on, the other with no hair whatsoever, and with black and silver short tights. Regal and his cohorts begin to walk down the ramp; the commentators begin questioning who these men are and what they want. The three of them reach the ring; Regal stays on the side nearest the stage while the other two walk around the ring. The trio climb onto the apron, Rey glancing each way, the commentators telling him to get out of the ring. Regal smirks at his cohorts before nodding, and the two men enter the ring. Rey doesn’t go down without a fight and launches himself at the long haired man, jumping on him and clubbing. But the numbers game catches up to him as the bald man attacks him from behind. The two men throw Rey around the ring, taking turns at getting on top of him and punching him repeatedly. The fans hate this and urge somebody to come and save Rey, but nobody comes to his aid as William Regal enters the ring He tells his cohorts to hold Rey up, Mysterio is on his knees and his arms are being extended. Regal picks up the Intercontinental Championship and shoves it in Rey’s face, telling him that he should saviour his time with the belt because it won’t be long before he takes it away. Regal finishes Rey off by bouncing off the rope and kneeing Mysterio in the temple, knocking him out and the three men leave the ring to huge boos from the crowd.



The video opens with Matt Hardy pinning his brother at WrestleMania

One night a year...

A shot of Triple H pedigreeing Randy Orton at WrestleMania

Superstars face off at the biggest stage...

Shot of CM Punk unhooking the MITB briefcase

For their moment...

We fade to black with the last image being John Cena holding the World Heayweight Championship up

But the pageantry is over...

We suddenly hear a women’s blood curdling scream

Then the video returns with Randy Orton kissing Stephanie McMahon with Triple H watching on...

All that remains...

Shot of Jeff Hardy hitting the Swantom Bomb...

Jeff Hardy:
The Backlash...

Shot of Edge hitting a spear...

The Backlash...

Shot of Kane hitting a chokeslam...

Before we see a silhouette of a man in a dark room, only seeing his shadows...

All that remains... is the Backlash.



WWE Backlash | April, 26th, 2009 | TD BankNorth Arena | Boston, Massachusetts


We return to Monday Night RAW and are treated to a replay of the events which just transpired, after which the commentators put over the attack and question who the two men were. After a few moments of silence, “Break The Walls Down” comes over the speaker system which causes the crowd to boo loudly at Chris Jericho. The Best In The World walks slowly down the ramp, in a suave suit and tie, once he’s in the ring he is handed a microphone. Jericho begins his promo by speaking about his attack on Ric Flair last week and now he is the RAW General Manager, he says it is a conspiracy to hold him down. He says that he is the best Superstar on the show and he was wasted at WrestleMania, forced to compete against three hacks and then deal with Mickey Rourke. Jericho pauses for a bit as the fans begin chanting “Y2Cheap” which he doesn’t like, but alas – he continues on, he tells everyone that despite Flair being RAW General Manager, he won’t be held down and he will rise to the top. Jericho then changes the subject and begins speaking about The Miz’s actions last week, he says that he was impressed by what Miz done, he says that he enjoyed seeing someone like Miz break out and grab the bull by the horns. It’s something he done when he debuted, he went straight to the top guy, and made a statement just like Miz done last week. Jericho then says that he has took Miz under his wing, and says that he won’t let Miz be a victim of conspiracy and will help him reach his potential.

Jericho then tells everyone to turn their attention to the stage where “I Came To Play” blares over the speakers. The crowd responds with a good amount of heat, directed at The Miz who walks out to the ring wearing a suit and no fedora, obviously a more serious Miz that we are seeing, which the commentators keep going on about. The Miz enters the ring, and grabs a microphone, he rolls it around his hand before raising it to his mouth. The Chick Magnet begins by saying that it is true that Chris Jericho has took him under his wing, and that is a good thing because Chris Jericho is a former WWE Champion and a legend in the WWE. He says that he done what he did to John Morrison because he was sick of carrying his dead weight, he says that Morrison has no charisma and nothing which stands out, which Jericho nods. The Miz then says that he is awarding the World Tag Team Championship that he took from John Morrison last week to Chris Jericho. He says this partnership, despite Jericho being a mentor, is level – he says that he is just as important as Jericho in this tag team. He now doesn’t need to carry anybodies weight, which Jericho smiles at. It’s Jericho’s turn to speak and he says that he is honoured to hold the World Tag Team Championship, but his main business right now is RAW General Manager Ric Flair. He says that Flair was appointed to hold him down; he says it is a conspiracy to which The Miz agrees.

Chris then says that he will make a formal complaint to the board of directors about Flair’s appointment, but suddenly... “Also sprach Zarathustra” blares through the PA system for the second time tonight and the new General Manager, Ric Flair walks out to the ring in the same suit from before. Flair climbs up the steps and enters the ring, standing opposite The Miz and Chris Jericho. Ric speaks into the microphone and tells Jericho that the complaint he is going to make won’t mean a damn thing, and that he is RAW General Manager, and he will be for a very long time. Jericho says that he is making it his goal to rid Flair of the WWE and stop the conspiracy against him from taking effect. Flair retorts by telling Jericho that there is no conspiracy, he says that no one planned for Mickey Rourke to knock Jericho out at WrestleMania. Jericho doesn’t appreciate that as he attacks the RAW General Manager! Jericho is on top of Flair, pummelling him with punch after punch, he eventually stands up and The Miz takes over as Jericho takes his suit jacket off and throws it into the corner. Jericho and Miz continue to stomp on the RAW GM until... “Sexy Boy”... the fans lose their shit as Shawn Michaels darts out from behind the curtain, running down the ramp and sliding into the ring. The Heartbreak Kid takes Jericho down with a Spear and lands some good shots before The Miz jumps him from behind and takes him down. The man who retired Ric Flair is now being beat on by The Miz and the other half of the World Tag Team Champions. Jericho throws Michaels into the corner, which allows The Miz to hit a clothesline in the corner, whilst jumping and landing on a seated position on the second rope. When Michaels staggers out, he staggers straight into the Walls of Jericho! Michaels is in searing pain and RIc can’t do anything because The Miz is pummelling him in the corner until... “Ain’t No Make Believe” blares out and the fans cheer as John Morrison makes a beeline for the ring, and his former tag team partner. Morrison slides into the ring and spears The Miz, taking him down before going after Jericho, making him break the Walls. The numbers game catches up to Morrison until Michaels manages to get to his feet and pulls Jericho away from Morrison. It’s now a fair fight and Morrison and Michaels show their opponents the door as they manage to throw them over the top ropes. Flair joins Morrison and Michaels and the three stare at the World Tag Team Champions as they do the same.


When we return to the show, the commentators give us a rundown of what went down before the commercial break and then we see a replay of said events. After it concludes, we head backstage where Josh Matthews is waiting with a microphone in his clutches. He introduces his interviewee for the evening, the man involved in tonight’s main event, Kofi Kingston! The crowd responds with a good cheer as the camera pans out to see said Superstar standing beside Josh with a grin across his face. The two greet each other before Josh asks him how he felt defeating a huge Superstar like Randy Orton last week, to which Kofi replies by telling him that it was a huge moment in his career but he’s always known that he is able to mix it with the best. Kofi then goes on to say that he will continue to mix it with the best when he defeats Randy Orton tonight and goes onto Backlash to challenge for the WWE Championship, the fans respond with a nice cheer before Josh wraps the interview up and thanks Kofi for his time. Kingston slaps Matthews on the shoulder before walking out of the shot.

And it’s now time for the SmackDown rebound! The package begins with Matt Hardy walking out to a plethora of boos from the TD BankNorth Arena. Hardy says that he is the better and more talented Hardy and tells us that everybody only cared about Jeff. After a bit, he challenges John Cena to come out, and of course – Cena obliges. The fans go crazy as the new arrival on SmackDown returns to his home, once in the ring he says it is great to be back on Friday nights, but Hardy interrupts him which doesn’t stick well with the World Heavyweight Champion. Cena says that he’ll give him a shot because someone needs to give him a beating because of what he done to Jeff, the two go face to face until the former World Heavyweight Champion makes his presence felt. Edge says that nobody gets a shot before him so Cena says that he will take on both of them, but then Vickie Guerrero appears nad tells everyone that Edge will face John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash. But then, another interruption as the SmackDown General Manager, Theodore Long comes out and says that Edge will have to earn it, and thus he will take part in a triple threat match against Matt Hardy and The Big Show. Later in the show we see Edge arguing with Vickie Guerrero and The Big Show, telling the two of them that they can have each other, and thus ending their marriage. It’s main event time and we see Matt Hardy, Big Show and Edge going at it, and in the end because of Vickie throwing a steel chair into the ring, to help Big Show, but instead Edge grabs it and hits a DDT onto Big Show onto the steel chair. Edge pins Show and then Cena joins Edge in the ring, and the two go face to face as the show goes off the air.

Once the SmackDown rebound goes off the air, we rejoin RAW and in the arena we hear “Glamazon” playing over the PA system and the current WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix walks out from behind the curtain, black attire and gold draped across her shoulder. The Glamazon climbs onto the apron before climbing onto the top rope before flipping into the ring. “Paparrazi” now plays over the speakers and the fans give a nice cheer for the arrival of Melina. The Diva walks out wearing red attire and makes her way down to the ring before doing her patented entrance which gets some whistles from the men, meanwhile Jerry drools at the announce table. The referee calls for the bell and two divas lock up in the centre of the ring. Phoenix uses her strength to back Melina into a corner, she then knees her in the gut. Melina staggers out of the corner and is then whipped into the opposite corner hard, and the impact makes her fall to the ground. Beth measures Melina, and runs at her looking for a clothesline but Melina ducks and Beth runs straight into the ropes. Melina grabs her from behind and then rolls her up. And the referee counts the three! Melina has beaten Beth in a quick match! Melina gets to her feet and has her hand risen, but Beth isn’t finished with Melina as she attacks her from behind. Phoenix, enraged by her loss, clubs Melina with forearm smashes, before she backs off, and waits in the corner. She waits for Melina getting to her feet, but the crowd begins cheering as Mickie James sprints down to the ring and slides into the ring. Beth tries to get a jump on Mickie but James eludes her and ducks a punch, she then backs Beth into the ropes and clotheslines her over the top. Phoenix lands on the mat with a thud while Mickie James welcomes her back into the ring. Melina gets to her feet and because it’d be two on one, Beth thinks better of it and backs up the apron.


Back from the commercial, the PA system plays “This Fire Burns” and Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk walks out to a good amount of cheers from the crowd. With a new Punk t-shirt, The Straight-Edge Superstar walks down the ramp, looking very smug with himself. He gets to the apron, and before stepping into the ring, points at the camera and then points at the briefcase. Once inside the ring, he is handed a microphone. Punk begins by introducing himself as CM Punk, the only clean cut, the only Straight-Edge Superstar on RAW and the only Superstar with the Money in the Bank briefcase. He says that he can cash this in any time he wants, he could even cash it in tonight, but he will wait for the right time and he doesn’t care who is champion. He says that soon, very soon, he will be the WWE Champion. But then “Get Down On Your Knees” blares over the PA system, the fans start booing Jack Swagger, who after his cocky promo last week has earned some more hate from the crowd. Swagger climbs into the ring and grabs a microphone, he tells Punk that he shouldn’t be thinking about the WWE Championship, and instead he should be focused on the match tonight. Swagger says that once he defeats Punk, he’ll go back to Ric Flair and demand to be inserted into the number one contenders match later on tonight. Punk doesn’t seem to impressed by this and asks Swagger who he thinks he is interrupting him! Swagger says that he is the All-American American and a future WWE Champion, whereas Punk retorts by saying he is Mr. Money in the Bank and he is the man who is going to beat him tonight.

Punk hands his briefcase to the referee who then calls for the bell and the two Superstars go at it. The match was a very good back and forth bout, but in the early going Swagger was on top as he used his Amateur wrestling background to keep Punk off his game. Swagger kept Punk on the ground, locking in a variety of holds which Punk would eventually get out of but then put straight back into another hold. Swagger took some time to taunt Punk about this and you could see Punk was getting annoyed with himself more than anything. The rage in Punk shined through when he managed to get some offense in, using some stiff kicks and elbows to hurt Swagger. The ending came with Punk having Swagger in the corner. Punk is in the opposite corner but runs at Swagger and smacks him in the face with a running knee before connecting with a massive bull dog which gains a near fall. Punk then measures Swagger as he gets to his feet and then pulls Swagger onto his shoulder looking for the Go To Sleep but Swagger manages to wriggle away before kicking Punk in the gut and attempting a gutwrench powerbomb... but Punk counters and gets Swagger up on his shoulders and connects with the GTS! The referee counts the pin and Punk is handed his microphone. But then the celebrations stop as fire illuminates the stage which draws Punk’s attention. Mr. Money in the Bank stands, ready for the arrival of Kane but there is no Kane. Everybody in the arena is shocked then when Kane’s corner pyro goes off without warning and Punk scans the arena looking for The Big Red Monster. No sign of him yet, but then the lights in the arena suddenly goes out! The fans murmur in anticipation of what is going on, and when the lights turn back on... Kane is in the ring behind CM Punk! The boos from the crowd alert Punk but its too late as Kane has his hand wrapped around Punk’s throat and plants him with a choke slam! The cameras catch Kane shouting “it’s done... no going back” as he pulls Punk to his feet before planting him another chokeslam! Kane looks down at Punk, laughing manically before lifting his arms in the air and setting off his corner pyro and leaving to his theme music.


We return to RAW after the boring commercials into a replay of what went down before the commercial break. After which the announcers discuss what is wrong with Kane and what is causing him to act the way he is, but neither can come up with a plausible reason. Michael Cole then links us to Josh Matthews who is backstage waiting. The cameras cut to the back and Matthews announces his second interviewee of the evening, William Regal! Regal walks into the shot to a good amount of boos, with the two men who were with him behind him. Matthews begins the interview by getting to the juicy bits and asking Regal to tell him, tell everybody, who these two men are and why did he attack Rey Mysterio like that. William then introduces the duo, he introduces the long haired man as The Sinister Scotsman, Drew McIntyre and introduces the bald man as The English Terror as Nigel McGuiness which draws a couple of cheers from the more Indy knowledgable fans in the arena, but other than that it’s a muted reaction. Regal then steps aside to let Drew and Nigel answer Josh’s second question, Drew begins by saying that he is from Scotland and where he comes from we settle our arguments with fists and that’s what they were doing, making a statement of Rey Mysterio for his insults of Great Britain last week. Nigel then takes the microphone and tells everybody that what Rey said about Britain was an insult and needed to be made an example of. Regal takes the microphone and says that he will take the Intercontinental Championship away from Rey, because Rey only disgraces that championship. He then says that when he does, instead of the Intercontinental Championship, he will bring back the prestigious European Championship.

We then cut to another part of the backstage area and we are The Legacy locker room where Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are getting pumped up, getting ready for their match in a few minutes. The tag team stop what they are doing when Randy Orton stomps in, the fans begin to send some heat his way but he doesn’t care, he actually seems happy. The first thing Orton does is pat Ted and Cody on the back, and he tells them that he is happy about what they did last week on RAW, he impressed him last week when they attacked Triple H. But then he says that they need to continue their good run of form by defeating Cryme Tyme tonight in the number one contenders match and then face Miz and Jericho next week, before becoming the World Tag Team Champions. Ted and Cody nod along before Cody says that he shoudn’t worry, he says Cryme aren’t in their league and they will win the World Tag Team Championships next week. Orton nods in agreement and then DiBiase says that once they win the tag team titles, Orton will win the WWE Championship and every member of The Legacy will hold championship gold.


It’s a blank screen, just darkness...

Male Narrator: It happens once a year... it’s time... to...

Vince McMahon appears on the screen, blackness behind him, smiling...

Vince McMahon: Shake things up again!

Vince fades away from screen...

Male Narrator: On Monday, April 27, 2009... in a special Super Show featuring the Superstars of RAW...

We see quick fire shots of RAW Superstars hitting some finishing moves...

Male Narrator: And SmackDown...

Same thing again, but this time with SmackDown Superstars...

Male Narrator: World Wresting Entertainment brings you the 2009... WWE... Draft...

This time we get shots of Superstars from both brands staring into the camera...

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentleman... the WWE DRAFT!

A WWE Draft logo appears on the screen...

Male Narrator: The WWE Draft, a special three hour Super Show featuring Superstars from both brands. It’s

Vince McMahon: It’s time to shake things up again!


Back on RAW, it’s match time as “Bringin’ Da Hood T U” plays over the speakers, and the duo of JTG and Shad Gaspard, Cryme Tyme, walk out to a nice cheer from the crowd. The two high five each other before walking down to the ring and waiting for their opponents. “New Day” plays over the PA system and the fans respond with a good amount of heat directed at Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, The Legacy. Once the two are in the ring the referee calls for the bell. It’s a strong start for JTG who is the legal man who keeps Rhodes away from his partner and Cryme Tyme utilizes quick tags to keep them on top. Eventually after a distraction by Ted DiBiase, Rhodes low blowed Shad and got the tag to his partner. The next few minutes consisted of Legacy using quick tags and underhanded tactics to keep the bigger Shad on the mat and away from JTG. The ending came when Rhodes had just tagged in DiBiase, who then whipped Shad into the corner and tried to run at him but Shad got a boot up and Ted ran straight into it. DiBiase staggered away but when he turned round he got smashed with a huge clothesline. Shad then got the hot tag to JTG, while DiBiase got the tag to Rhodes. JTG ducked a clothesline and hit a drop kick before knocking DiBiase off the apron, JTG continued his quick fire offense but he made a mistake going to the top rope as Rhodes knocked the ropes and JTG fell, groin first into the turnbuckle. Rhodes then went to the top rope, but JTG punched him in the gut and then knocked him down. J’ then got to his feet and launched himself, hitting Rhodes with a cross body and trying for the pin but DiBiase broke it up. Shad got back into the match and clotheslined DiBiase over the top rope. Shad then followed DiBiase to the outside, JTG was distracted and Rhodes took advantage and rolled him up in a school boy, he even attempted to pull JTG’s jeans but J’ still kicked out. Rhodes got up quickly but then walked right into a small package, for the three count and Cryme Tyme won. JTG rolls out of the ring and is joined by Shad while Rhodes is joined by DiBiase in the ring, who questions what went down and Cody explains he was caught by surprise.

We quickly head backstage where we see The Viper, Randy Orton watching a television screen, obviously just been watching what went down in the match. Orton is shaking his head at what he saw, The Legacy losing to Cryme Tyme and Legacy will not face The Miz and Chris Jericho next week for the World Tag Team Championships.


We head back to Monday Night RAW and we are backstage where Santino Marella and Rosa Mendes are sat on a sofa, getting rather cosy. The duo are just talking but then the WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix walks in and assumes something else is going on. She questions Santino bout what he is doing, he innocently says that they were just talking but Phoenix isn’t buying that. She asks Rosa where she was when she was attacked by Mickie James, and Rosa can’t speak instead she utters nothing, and Beth has had enough and takes her leave. Santino and Rosa glance at each other with a worried look on their faces as we cut back to the arena.

Back in the main arena we see Dolph Ziggler in the ring, with his music fading out. A few seconds pass by before “Game” plays over the PA system and the fans respond with a massive cheer, and after a few seconds Triple H appears on the stage, WWE Championship around his waist. He walks down the ramp, round the ring and onto the apron before spitting his water out. Once inside the ring he hands his WWE Championship to the referee and he calls for the bell. Ziggler walks to the centre of the ring and holds out his hand, he is audibly heard saying “Hi... my name is Dolph Ziggler”. Surprisingly, The Game shakes Zigglers hand... but then pulls him in for a huge spinebuster! He then pulls Ziggler to his feet and plants him with a Pedigree for the 3 count! In one of the quickest matches in recent memory, The King of Kings has won and is handed his championship before leaving the ring, pleased that he has took some of this frustration out.

We head backstage and for the second time tonight, we see Randy Orton staring at a TV screen watching what Triple H just did to Dolph Ziggler. With his arms folded, The Viper stares at the screen before walking out of the locker room and walking down a hall way. A graphic appears at the bottom of the screen telling us that he will be in action against Kofi Kingston after the commercial break, in the main event, to determine who will face Triple H at Backlash for the WWE Championship.


It’s main event time and thus... “SOS” plays over the PA system and the Jamaican Superstar makes his way down to the ring, the man known as Kofi Kingston hops onto the apron and swings into the ring before waiting for his opponent. “Voices” blares out to blistering heat and The Viper, Randy Orton walks slowly out to the ring, he takes his time making Kingston wait. Once Randy is in the ring, the referee calls for the bell and we are off. This match was a very entertaining main event, Kofi surprinsingly got a lot of offense in the earlier going, even to the point of getting a few near falls, the fans growing in belief that he can knock off Orton for the second time in two weeks. Randy was reeling but reached into his back of tricks and turned the tables on Kofi. From there on, Randy dominated Kofi, methodically dissecting Kingston, body part by body part. Kofi showed brief flashes of a comeback but Orton put a stop to that quickly by using all of his experience. The ending to the match came with Kofi in the fabled Orton chinlock, Orton kept Kingston in the hold for a long time, wrenching it, trying to make Kofi give up but the Jamaican Superstar was not going to give up. He drew strength from the crowd and managed to elbow Orton in the gut to break his hold. Kingston then used the ropes to rest for a moment, but Orton wasn’t about to let that happen, he walked over to Kingston and went to grab him but Kingston took Orton by surprise with some knife edge chops, pushing Orton back all the way into a corner. Kofi whipped Orton into the opposite corner and ran at him hitting a big splash in the corner and Orton staggers out right into a kick to the skull which results in a near fall. Kofi then picked Orton and whipped him off the ropes, Orton rebounded and ducked a clothesline attempt but stopped behind Kofi and planted him with an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker! Orton then slammed himself to the ground, and began pounding the mat waiting for Kofi to get up and when he did... he went for an RKO but Kingston pushed Orton away who rebounded off the ropes right into a Trouble In Paradise!! But Orton rolled out of the ring! Kofi searches the ring for Orton to get the pin but he then realizes that Randy is outside the ring, Kofi rolls out of the squared circle and catches his breath for a second before trying to get Orton’s limp body off the ground. This takes at least fifteen seconds to get Orton back into the ring because it seems Orton is knocked out. The referee begins counting the three but only gets to two and three quarters! Kofi questions the referee’s decision and then goes back to Orton. But Kofi doesn’t realize Orton is on his feet and walks right into an RKO! Orton covers Kofi and the referee counts the pin!

Orton lies on the mat, holding his forehead, recovering from the helacious match that he just took part in. The Viper uses the ropes to get to his feet and has his arm raised by the referee but Orton’s expression changes from pain to anger in a split second and he dives on top of Kingston and clubs him in the back over and over before backing away and the fans begin to boo as they know what he is about to do. Orton backs up, seething, teeth clenched, he sprints forward looking for the Punt Kick but suddenly “Game” plays out to a massive reaction and Triple H sprints out from the back and slides into the ring before taking Orton down to the mat with a spear. The Game throws rights and lefts at Orton who tries to cover up but The Cerebral Assassin’s blows are too heavy to block. The WWE Champion is incensed and isn’t letting up until Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase attack him from behind. They knock The Game off Orton and take turns throwing punch after punch at him, but The Game gets a rush of adrealinene and punches both of them away before focusing on Ted, punching him in the corner before Orton gets involved and hits the back of HHH’s knee with a chop block! The Viper and his Legacy stable mates take turns in attacking The Game. Eventually, Orton tells his brethren to hold Hunter up for him, obviously going to hit the RKO until... Kofi Kingston appears again with a steel chair in his hand he swings it at Orton who ducks and quickly leaves the ring but Ted DiBiase isn’t so lucky, he gets smashed in the gut before being hit in the back! Rhodes and Orton back up the ramp, leaving DiBiase in the ring with Kingston and HHH who is just getting to his feet. Hunter welcomes Orton back into the ring but Randy isn’t having any of it.

“Also sprach Zarathustra” booms out over the speakers and gains a few cheers from the crowd as the RAW General Manager walks out with a microphone in his grasp. The sixteen time World Champion tells everyone that since Triple H and Randy Orton want to kill each other so badly, and since Randy Orton won the number one contenders match, Randy Orton will go one on one with Triple H for the WWE Championship in a No Holds Barred match at Backlash! Triple H smiles at the decision while Orton doesn’t show much emotion at all; all he does is stare at Triple H who spots DiBiase moving on the mat. Ted gets to his feet and his warned by Rhodes but it is too late as The Game kicks him in the gut and plants him with a massive Pedigree to end the show as Randy Orton watches on as Triple H stands above his Legacy cohort!

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