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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Monday Night Raw- 15/8/05- Rochester, New York

We get a video package to kick off the show highlighting the goings on of last week including the opening to the show where Kane attacked Batista with an assist from the GM Eric Bischoff. With Kane and Batista wanting after Shawn Michaels, Bischoff made it his mission to protect the Showstopper throughout the show, not wanting anything to happen to his Special Guest Referee come Summerslam. We then see Batista and Ric Flair’s discussion in which the Animal vowed to help Flair if he needed it later on in the nights main event before we head off to see Eric Bischoff lose sight of Shawn Michaels, much to his horror. The final part of the video package shows the ending to that main event as Ric Flair battled Edge before the arrival of Christian on the scene, costing Naitch before a beat down ensued. We then get the arrival of Chris Jericho to fend off Edge before Batista makes his appearance, saving the day for the Nature Boy and laying out Christian and Tomko. The show ends with Shawn Michaels laid out cold backstage in a pool of blood, a shot of Kane shown hovering over him with a twisted smile.We then go to the opening video and pyro hits as we get a shot of this raucous crowd.

Jim Ross: We are just SIX nights away from Summerslam!! Tonight the superstars of Monday Night Raw make their final stop on the road to the biggest party of the summer as we come to you LIVE from the Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, New York. I’m Jim Ross, joined as ever by The Coach and tonight what will transpire as we are now within touching distance of Summerslam?

The Coach: I don’t know what’s gonna happen J.R but I do know it’s gonna be DAMN sure exciting!!

‘I’m Back’

It’s a rousing way to start off the show, similarly to last week it’s the GM Eric Bischoff who steps out, a pissed off look on his face as the New York crowd pours heat on the conniving boss of Monday nights.

The Coach: And we’re kickin’ things off with a bang!! The boss baby and he don’t look happy J.R!!

Jim Ross: Well there’s no wonder why. Shawn Michaels, Eric Bischoff’s ‘Personal Employee’, Eric Bischoff’s ace up his sleeve so to speak was decimated last week backstage as Raw went off the air. Bischoff had tried to protect Shawn all night but the Heartbreak Kid simply couldn’t sit back any longer.

The Coach: Yeah and look how that went for him. Shawn Michaels is a stupid, STUPID man. He shoulda listened to his boss, just like The Coach does. If he did, he wouldn’t have ended up tastin’ his own blood last week. I say good for Kane, getting him some payback for what Shawn Michaels did to him.

Bischoff has a mic in hand, the hostile crowd reception evident as Bischoff straightens out his trademark black jacket and composes himself.

Eric Bischoff: In six nights time, Eric Bischoff’s Raw is supposed to be complete. It started back at Vengeance when I won the right to call Shawn Michaels my very own ‘Personal Employee’.

Already drawing in the heat.

Eric Bischoff: And this Sunday it’s supposed to end when Batista loses the World Heavyweight Title to the Big Red Machine, Kane.

More boos for that as Bischoff nods, almost in a sombre mood here.

Eric Bischoff: That plan was supposed to come courtesy of both Kane and of Shawn Michaels. It was supposed to see the Heartbreak Kid stand in the middle of this ring and count Batista’s shoulders down one, two, three at Summerslam and hand over the World Title to Kane, hand over the power…back to me. But then…last week happened.

Bischoff huffs and puffs a little bit.

Eric Bischoff: Last week I knew what was coming. Shawn had already angered the Animal, he’d already angered the Monster and they were both wanting payback, they were both out to get Shawn Michaels. I knew I had to protect Shawn, I knew I couldn’t let them get their hands on him but Shawn? Shawn didn’t see it that way did he? He didn’t see it my way, he NEVER…sees it anybody’s way except his.

Bischoff strokes his hand over his face.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn decided that no, he just had to walk off, he just had to go and make a statement, send a message that he was his own man, that he did things by his own account. Well where did that get Shawn huh? I’ll tell you exactly where that got Shawn, it got Shawn the BEATING…of a lifetime. It got Shawn stuck in a hospital bed and it got me in ONE HELL OF A PREDICAMENT!!

Bischoff’s sombre mood turns fired up as the crowd boo the crazed egomaniac.

Eric Bischoff: See now I’ve been wondering all week long just whether everything I had planned for Summerslam was gonna come off. I’ve been wondering just whether or not Shawn’s even gonna make it to August 21st. And whose fault would that be? Huh? Who do I blame for that? Do I blame myself for letting Shawn walk out that door last week? No, no, see I can’t keep an eye on everything that goes on around me, I’m the General Manager of this show and I work my ass off to do a DAMN GOOD JOB!!

More heat again as Bischoff talks himself up big time here.

Eric Bischoff: Do I blame Kane? Hmmm, do I blame…Kane? The man who I want to win the World Heavyweight title this Sunday, the man who I know can take that World title and make it mean something again. Do I blame him? I mean, after all he DID attack Shawn last week. But you kno…


‘Slow Chemical’

Oh dear, it’s the music of the number one contender and out comes Kane, a snarl on his face as Eric Bischoff looks scared to death here with the seven footer storming down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Oh good god!!

The Coach: I smell trouble J.R!!

Jim Ross: I think the boss smells trouble too Coach!! Is Eric Bischoff’s own alliance going to pot just six days before the World Title showdown?

The Coach: I hope and pray it’s not but I think we’re about to find out! Kane sure as hell don’t look happy!

Kane takes a microphone as Eric Bischoff looks a little on edge still here, Kane glaring at the GM with his devilish ways.

Eric Bischoff: Look Kane I was just about to say…

Kane: I don’t care what you were about to say, I…need to say something.

Bischoff seems to mouth ‘Ok’ looking like he’s about to shit himself with Kane cutting him off.

Kane: See I did go after Shawn Michaels last week, I did wanna make him pay, make him SUFFER but what I wanna know is why am I the one being accused of attacking Shawn Michaels?

What? There’s confusion amongst the fans as well as Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: W-w-wait hold on just a second. What do you-what do you mean why are you being accused? Kane you were THERE!! Everybody saw you last week as Raw went off the air, you were standing over Shawn Michaels.

Kane: So because somebody was at the scene of the crime, that makes them guilty does it Eric? Like I was saying, I wanted to get my hands on Shawn Michaels, in fact that’s exactly where I was headed last week but who says I made it there in time?

Kane now begins laughing.

Kane: Who says I got there before Shawn Michaels had that sweet taste of his own blood? Ha ha.

Eric Bischoff: So let me get this straight, you DIDN’T attack Shawn Michaels?

Kane is still laughing, Bischoff with an inquisitive look here.

Kane: I’m not saying anything Eric, but what I am saying…is maybe you should look elsewhere as to who attacked Shawn Michaels last week. Maybe you should look at somebody else who has a problem with Shawn Michaels. Maybe you should look at your Wo…

'I Walk Alone’

It’s a THUNDEROUS pop that greets the music of the World Heavyweight Champion as the Animal, Batista steps out on stage, a suave shirt and trousers along with shades on as Kane begins to smirk. What brings the champion out here?

Jim Ross: I think business is about to pick up folks!! The World Champion and the Big Red Machine may be about to blow here!!

The Coach: So it was HIM after all!! We all thought it was Kane but it was our ‘goody two shoes’ of a champion who ambushed Shawn Michaels last week!!

Jim Ross: Oh you gotta be kidding me!! Batista wouldn’t have done that Coach, you and I both know it, Eric Bischoff himself knows it.

The Coach: I don’t know about Eric Bischoff but I’m startin’ to side with Kane on this one, Batista WAS after the Showstopper last week. It all makes sense!!

Tista has a mic, not looking in the best of moods here, pacing up and down, round and round as Kane continues to grin at the man he meets this Sunday, Bischoff eyeing the champion up and down.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell do y…

Batista: Eric you better shut your mouth BEFORE I SHUT IT FOR YOU!!

Wow, the Animal is fired up as the crowd pops big for this.

Batista: Y’know I came here tonight lookin’ to pick up where I left off last week and that’s kicking somebody’s ass, that’s kicking BOTH YOUR ASSES!!

Tista points at Kane and Bischoff with Kane laughing off the threat.

Batista: But then you come out here and you pull this bunch of crap about Shawn Michaels don’t you? About how maybe we should be looking elsewhere, about how maybe it might not have been you who attacked him and hey I’m pretty sure you were about a second away from throwin’ my name into this thing.

Kane: Oh I was, believe me I was and I still am gonna throw your name into this. I was there last week, there’s no denying that, I’ve got problems with Shawn Michaels, REAL problems…but so have you. So maybe I did ‘bump’ into Shawn backstage but uh…where were you? Where were you Dave when this wh…

Batista: The hell do you mean ‘Where was I?’ I was out here in the middle of this ring giving Christian the ass kicking he deserved.

Bischoff looks puzzled by the two men’s interaction, Kane still smirking.

Kane: That’s right Dave, you were out here being the hero weren’t you? You were out here saving your good friend Ric Flair. But…why did it, why did it take you so long to come to his aid? I mean it was three on one out here. Edge, Christian, Tomko they were all ganging up on Ric Flair they were gonna tear him apart until…until Chris Jericho came down to Ric‘s aid, not you Dave.

Boos for this as Batista looks away, Eric Bischoff’s eyes widen as he begins to nod.

Eric Bischoff: Hey, y’know what? Now that I think about it, you may be onto something there. It DID take you a heck of a long time to come to Flair’s aid last week, what took you so long ‘champ’?

Batista: Look you can accuse me all you want on this but it doesn’t change anything. I know the truth, I know I had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to Shawn Michaels last week and no matter how much me and Shawn don’t get along, I’m willing to bet he feels the exact same way.

Bischoff starts laughing.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know, it’s funny you should say that, it really is because guess who’s here tonight Dave? Despite the beat down last week, despite the trip to the hospital, I DRAGGED SHAWN MICHAELS ASS HERE TONIGHT!!

Big heat for that but a pop at the fact he IS here.

Eric Bischoff: And before you two interrupted me here tonight I was just about to explain why. I was about to say that despite everything that went on last week, despite what happened to Shawn, the only person I blame for it all is the man himself. The ONLY person I blame for last week is Shawn Michaels. If he’d have simply taken my advice, that attack last week? It never woulda happened.

Batista: Look Eric cut to the chase. Is there a point to any of this?

Eric Bischoff: Oh there is a big point to all this Dave, a big point. See I blame Shawn entirely for what took place and tonight I was going to force him to come down to this ring and I was gonna make him explain to me, explain to the world just what went through his head last week, just what made him make that stupid decision. I was gonna allow him to relay exactly what went down last week on Raw and Dave I mean exactly…what went down.

Bischoff smirks at the World Champ, Kane joining in.

Eric Bischoff: Now that all this has come out? Now I know that maybe…just maybe it was you Dave, I am still gonna allow Shawn Michaels to come out here tonight and give his take on this whole thing. Only now? Now I’m not so concerned about it all y’know? So I’m just gonna sit in the back and I’m gonna watch what happens out here later on tonight. But the both of you? You’re gonna join him out here tonight.

Bischoff nods, the crowd giving a slight pop for that.

Eric Bischoff: It’s gonna be all three of you stood in the middle of this ring, having to look each other in the eye and having to face the truth tonight. I'm really, really hoping that Shawn knows the truth and Dave, after what I’ve heard tonight, I got a funny feeling you’re not gonna like it.

Batista: Eric I got nothing to hide. If I was gonna attack Shawn Michaels, I’d do it to his face. All you’re doing is trying to twist this, trying to shift this all on me, trying to give you EVERY advantage heading into Summerslam. Well if the real Shawn Michaels shows up tonight and he shows up on Sunday, your little plan? It's gonna backfire, it ain’t gonna work because Shawn Michaels HATES what you stand for Eric, he hates…your…guts and he will NOT count my shoulders down as a favour to a piece of DIRT LIKE YOU!!

Nice pop for the Animal’s intensity here as he roars in Bischoff’s face now.

Kane: Dave, Shawn WILL count your shoulders down on Sunday. But it won’t be as a favour to Eric Bischoff. It will be because I put... you down and take…you…out.

Heat for the Big Red Machine here.

Eric Bischoff: That? That’s the truth Dave and sometimes…sometimes the truth hurts. Knowing that your opponent on Sunday is just too strong, just too powerful, simply too brutal for you to beat, it hurts. And knowing that later on out there tonight you’ll get exposed for the coward you really are, the LIAR you really are, that’ll hurt just as much won’t it? Put the two together and Dave this Sunday you got a monster gunning for you and you’ve got a man in charge now with a REAL motive to count…you…down.

Strong heat here for Bischoff’s claims as both he and Kane share a chuckle.

Eric Bischoff: I really, really look forward to later on Dave. Good luck, I think(laughing), I think you’re gonna need it.

Bischoff’s music then hits as he and Kane exit the ring to a chorus of boos while the Animal simply stands in the ring, gritting his teeth as the fans take this accusing ceremony in.

Jim Ross: Well I think this all to get inside the head of Shawn Michaels just six days before Summerslam. Batista would not have done what he’s being accused of to Shawn Michaels Coach. There’s just NO WAY he would’ve done that, I’m not buyin’ it.

The Coach: Maybe you’re not buyin’ it but I sure as hell am!! It all makes sense now!! The delayed run in last week, why Kane wasn’t afraid to be placed at the scene of the assault, it’s because he didn’t do it!!

Jim Ross: Oh come on! Kane did it and I’m pretty damn sure Eric Bischoff knows it too. Bischoff’s trying to mess with Shawn Michaels mind, he’s trying to get him on his side for Summerslam and I’ll be damned if it ends up working. One thing’s for sure though, we WILL find out by the end of tonight!

The final shot before we fade is of Batista looking pissed off as he glares back up the ramp at Bischoff who faces Tista’s way with that twisted grin on his face. Kane meanwhile is simply trudging up the ramp, his back turned to the World Champion.


We return and standing inside the ring already is the beast of a man known as Rosey who is getting ready for action here.

Jim Ross: Welcome back ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw and after a fascinating start to the show, you can see Rosey in your picture as we get set for a No Holds Barred Match!

‘Born Naughty’

Heat comes through the arena as out steps William Regal, suited and booted, grinning devilishly as out from behind him comes ‘The Protégé’ Mark Jindrak set to compete.

Jim Ross: And this man is the reason why we’re getting a No Holds Barred Match tonight as in just six nights at Summerslam, Mark Jindrak will take on the World’s Largest Athlete, the Big Show in what will no doubt be a brutal No Holds Barred contest. Tonight being looked at as a warm up for ‘The Protégé’.

The Coach: A warm up? A walk in the freakin’ park more like. Jindrak’s been granted this match, he’s been granted a match against a guy who just like Big Show is strong, he’s powerful, he’s a handful but just like Big Show, he can’t cut it against a guy like Mark Jindrak. This could be a massacre and y’know what? So could Sunday night J.R.

Match One: No Holds Barred

Mark Jindrak vs. Rosey

Jindrak starts the match impressively as he overpowers Rosey, despite the former superhero’s size. Jindrak shows real venom and aggression as he picks apart the big man with an array of strong, clubbing left hands along with some stiff forearm shots as William Regal encourages his Protégé from the outside.

Jindrak continues to display a real ruthless side to his game as he whips Rosey hard into the turnbuckle before nearly taking his damn head off with a big boot!! The crowd ooooh at the impact as Rosey slumps to the mat, completely out of it right now, Jindrak simply picking him apart at ease in the opening minute or so here.

Jindrak then goes to the top rope, a surprising move for the big man as Regal continues willing him on. Rosey begins to find his way to his feet, clawing back up as Jindrak steadies himself. Rosey is up, he spins round, Double Axe Handle from Jindrak, Rosey with a head butt to the mid section!! A loud pop greets that as Jindrak is winded and Rosey can now build. Right hands from the big man, Irish whip now, Jindrak rebounds, clothesline from Rosey, Jindrak ducks it! He runs through, comes off the opposite side of the ring and SMASHES Rosey with a clothesline of his own.

Jindrak then decides enough is enough and he heads to the outside!! It appears as though the No Holds Barred ruling will come into play now…as Jindrak grabs a STEEL CHAIR!! Jindrak delivers a menacing glare at Lilian Garcia before plodding slowly back into the ring. He eyes Rosey up and down, the big man getting to his feet before he turns around, SMASH!! JINDRAK TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH THE CHAIR!! Rosey is floored as Jindrak clubs him with that chair. It’s all over but William Regal is demanding more!!

Jindrak is set to oblige, he heads over to the lifeless body of Rosey and begins to HAMMER away with chair shots!! Shot after shot across the back of Rosey who is crying out in agony here, Jindrak not letting up as the crowd boo him profusely. Finally, Jindrak takes a moment to stop, tossing the chair aside as he lets out a little smirk before Regal demands he finish this thing now, the damage all done. Jindrak then grabs Rosey and sits him up? Not going for his usual armbar finish, he sits Rosey up, the powerhouse clearly not knowing where he is as Jindrak moves away from his opponent, he takes a run up, what on earth? OHHHHHH, JINDRAK CHARGES AND SMASHES ROSEY’S HEAD IN WITH A KNEE TREMBLER!! The impact reverberating round the arena as Jindrak drops into a cover…1...2...3...emphatic victory

Winner: Mark Jindrak(4:08)

The Coach: WOW, did you see that Knee Trembler?! THAT is what that piece of lard Big Show’s in for come Summerslam! I’m telling ya J.R, Jindrak’s gonna put him to the sword! This man is sheer DOMINANCE!

Jim Ross: Yeah but Coach, what the hell is this about?! What is the need for this?! He already beat the man, what’s he got left to prove?

Jindrak is continuing the assault, stomping away all over Rosey from head to toe, William Regal barking orders at his young protégé before Regal goes AND GRABS THAT STEEL CHAIR!!

Jim Ross: Oh come on, the damage is done!!

The Coach: It ain’t about damage, it’s about makin’ a statement cowboy. This is to Big Show, this ain’t got a damn thing to do with Rosey.

Regal places the steel chair around the leg of Rosey, what the hell has he got in mind here?! JINDRAK THEN SCALES UP HIGH TO THE TOP ROPE!!


AND HERE COMES THE BIG SHOW!! Show charges(as fast as he can) down the ramp, the crowd coming alive as Show storms in and WIPES REGAL OUT WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Regal is floored and Jindrak has dropped down, these two bulls gonna go at it!!

Jim Ross: Show and Jindrak!! Summerslam’s come early folks!!

The Coach: Kick his ass Mark!!

Jindrak throws a left hand, Show throws a right, the fist fight is on and it’s Show who’s coming out the better!! Show is forcing Jindrak into the ropes now, Irish whip from the big man, Jindrak halts his momentum in the ropes AND SHOW TAKES HIM UP AND OVER WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Jindrak drops to the outside as Show lets out a HUGE roar to the crowd!! The giant is fired up and Jindrak wants nothing to do with him now here.

Jim Ross: Mark Jindrak may’ve made a statement tonight but I think Big Show just made one of his own!! He’s not coming to Summerslam to be embarrassed, he’s coming to Summerslam to get him some payback on the ‘Protégé’!!

The Coach: He may be coming for it but he’ll be leaving with NOTHING!! He may’ve got one over on Jindrak tonight but I guarandamntee that come Sunday night, Mark Jindrak will have the last laugh!

Show is growling almost as he peers over the top rope, Jindrak backing up the ramp having escaped with just a clothesline tonight as he pulls William Regal along with him, Regal struggling after that deadly right hand. The crowd loving the heat that’s built between these two men which will come to a head in six nights.

We then head backstage and join Todd Grisham for the first time this evening

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time, please welcome…Edge.

The Rated R Superstar appears into shot, his briefcase in hand, dressed in a t-shirt and his ring gear looking up at the sky, clearly not too keen on this interview.

Todd Grisham: Edge last week you scored a huge victory, defeating the Nature Boy Ric Flair in what may prove to be his final match here on Monday Night Raw. What followed that match was a major brawl between you and Chris Jericho which not for the first time in recent week ended up spilling to the backstage area. Just how heated are things between you and Chris Jericho six nights before you meet at Summerslam?

Edge: Things are heated between us Todd, sure they are. But things have gone full steam ahead lately, things have gone up a notch and that’s because this…has come into play.

Edge points at the briefcase.

Edge: Me and Chris have had our issues but as soon as this came into play, everything has just gone up another level. This briefcase holds a contract enabling me ONE shot at the World Title, just ONE opportunity, anywhere, any time, any place. And now at Summerslam I’ve been put in a position where I have to defend this contract, where I have to risk losing everything that I EARNED!!

Edge looks pretty frustrated now, the intensity levels rising.

Edge: Chris Jericho didn’t earn this, I did. Chris was one of the men I beat at Wrestlemania to earn this and now? Now he’s got a chance at taking it from me, well excuse me if things have gotten ‘heated’ between us but I think that’s MORE than understandable considering what’s at stake here Todd.

Edge is in Grisham’s face here.

Edge: He is desperate to take this away from me, desperate and y’know why? It’s because it’s his last shot, it is his only shot at ever and I mean eeeeeeverrrrrrr…

Edge has a wry smile/laugh at that shot at Jericho before continuing.

Edge: Getting near the World title again. Chris has had opportunity after opportunity, chance after chance and only once has he ever taken that chance, only once has he ever climbed to the top of the mountain. I on the other hand? I’ve never been in that position Todd, I’ve never had the chances Chris has had and you’d better believe that if I did? If I did then I woulda taken them. I woulda taken each and every single one of those chances.

Strong heat for some strong words there.

Edge: For me this contract IS that chance and believe me, it’s only the beginning. This contract marks only the start... of what I’m going to achieve in this industry. For Chris? For Chris this contract, it also marks the beginning, the beginning…of the end.

Edge has a dead serious look in his eye.

Edge: He’s failed to deliver, failed to get back to where he seems to believe he belongs, he’s failed because it is NOT where he belongs, it’s where I DO!! The only place Chris Jericho belongs is IN MY SHADOW AND THIS SUNDAY!! This Sunday…I’m gonna put him there.

Edge has a real glint in his eye as he stares menacingly at Todd Grisham before heading off and we go to a break.


‘Whips and Chains’

We return to Raw to hear the music of the Basham Brothers as out step Doug and Danny to a decent reaction, the two men looking fired up as they get set for a big match tonight just six nights before a huge encounter at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and we are all set for some tag team action. These two men will be a part of the 8 man tag team contest this Sunday night at Summerslam, the Basham’s teaming up with the Dudleyz to take on the Platform to Perfection and the two men they face tonight, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari of the Arabian Entity.

The Coach: They may be a part of that match but they don’t stand a chance. I’m telling ya. Doane and Nemeth are young, quick, confident and they’re DAMN sure talented, same goes for the Entity, HUGELY talented team. These two goofs? They couldn’t lace ANY of those four men’s boots and they’ll get found out here tonight just like they will come Sunday.

Jim Ross: I firmly believe that you’re underestimating these two men and Sunday night may be a definitive night in their careers.

‘Arab America’

It’s immediate heat for the music of the Arabian Entity and out steps Sonjay Dutt and Daivari, rather stern looks on their faces, they’re clearly ready and raring to go ahead of the big clash at Summerslam also.

The Coach: You wanna talk about a defining night in somebody’s career? It could very well be just that for these two men on Sunday. I’m torn between these two guys and the Perfectionists J.R, I really am. Everything about these guys just screams the word ‘champions’ and I hope they earn their shot Sunday night. Why can’t we have BOTH winning teams get a shot?

Jim Ross: Well I agree that it could be these two men’s night on Sunday. Dutt and Daivari, two extremely talented individuals and have gone from strength to strength under the guidance, under the leadership of Muhammad Hassan.

The Coach: They are a force to be reckoned with and at the end of Sunday night, they’re gonna have the Intercontinental title and possibly…a World Tag Team title shot in the bag, what a night it could be for the four of ‘em.

Match Two: Tag Team Match

Basham Brothers vs. The Arabian Entity; Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

It’s Danny Basham and Daivari who start off proceedings with the Entity member gaining the early advantage, taking Danny down following an exchange of right hands with a nice hiptoss off the ropes. Daivari then works over Danny, a couple of arm drags follow before he works away at the fallen Basham with several elbows dropped onto the ribs, an array of stomps that follow this before he drags Danny over towards their corner, tagging in Sonjay Dutt who immediately storms through the ropes to pick up where Daivari left off.

Dutt keeps up with several hard stomps to Danny’s mid section before dropping a leg across the Basham brother. Cover by Dutt, kick out at two from Danny. Dutt then grabs Danny, pulling him up, nailing him with a right hand before an Irish whip, Danny rebounds right into the path of Dutt who scores with a picture perfect dropkick!! Cover again, kick out at two once more!! Fast paced stuff from Dutt as ever.

The high flier continues to dominate, taking Danny out with a series of knees and stiff rights before an Irish whip and Danny rebounds, Dutt swings, Danny ducks it and rebounds TAKING Dutt out with a cross body!! Into the cover, 1...2...kick out at two as Danny comes from out of nowhere to almost steal it.

Both men are quick to their feet and it’s now Danny who is rolling, taking it to Dutt with right hands before knocking the Cruiserweight down with a big clothesline. Dutt’s up to his feet again, the crowd firmly behind the Bashams here as Dutt falls into the path of Danny who drops him with a Pumphandle Slam!! Cover from Danny…1...2...kick out at two!! Dutt survives by the skin of his teeth with Danny thinking he had it in the bag.

Danny quickly brings Dutt up, delivering a clubbing shot across the back of Dutt before a boot to the mid section. Irish whip now from Danny as Dutt smashes into the turnbuckle, Danny comes charging, elbow to the face from Dutt! Danny stumbles out of the corner as Dutt comes charging, Bulldog!! CONNECTS!! Dutt floors Danny here and he crawls into a cover, 1...2...kick out at two from Danny!

Dutt reassumes control here, working Danny over with more stiff strikes to the head, using his hands and feet to dissect Danny, Doug Basham willing him on from ringside as Dutt now drags Danny over, Daivari tagging into the match once more. Daivari’s in and he quickly picks Danny to his feet, smashing a couple of uppercuts that knock Danny back before an Irish whip but Danny reverses, Daivari rebounds and Danny connects with a spinning heel kick!! Wow! Both men are now down as Danny heads towards his corner, desperate for the tag here, the crowd urging him on.

Danny edges ever closer, Daivari now moving too as he tries to grab a hold of Danny…but it’s too late as Danny tags in Doug!! Doug storms in, scooping Daivari to his feet before dropping him with a scoop slam right back down to the mat. Daivari’s swept up to his feet again, hard elbows form Doug, boot to the gut, Irish whip from Doug, Daivari smashes into his own corner, Doug comes charging and lands a clothesline…Daivari ducks it and Doug hits Dutt!! Sonjay Dutt is taken off the apron and to the outside as Doug is rolled up from behind!! 1...2...3...NO!! Doug kicks out!! Daivari almost stealing it.

Both men are quickly up and Daivari catches Doug with a boot to the gut, he hoists Danny up, suplex incoming but Doug rolls round the back of him, roll up now from Doug!! 1...2...3...HE GOT HIM!! HUGE WIN FOR THE BASHAMS!!

Winners: Basham Brothers(8:16)

The Coach: Oh are you freakin’ kidding me!! How in the hell did these two pull that one off?!

Jim Ross: Hey I warned you Coach, don’t underestimate these two men!! The Basham Brothers with a HUGE win tonight and the momentum is now on board as they head to Washington D.C this Sunday night!

The Coach: It’s a one off, I’ll put my life on it. There is NO WAY they can do it again on Sunday, NO…WAY I-I-is there?

Jim Ross: You can bet your ass there is!! The dark horses just stole a march here tonight!!

The Bashams celebrate their win, heading up the ramp, all guns blazing as they work the crowd who are right on their side here. Daivari and Dutt have a look of frustration inside the ring, perhaps surprised at their loss here tonight, Daivari appearing miffed at having being caught out there as we then head off elsewhere…

To the office of Eric Bischoff where we see Shawn Michaels sat next to the boss, both on separate chairs, Michaels a pretty glum look on his face, his head patched up from last week as he has his head in his hands, Bischoff seemingly in his ear as he leans forward to talk to Shawn.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn it‘s a pretty big deal out there tonight. You can’t let who attacked you last week just get away with it can you? I mean I know I wouldn’t sit back and let somebody do something like that to me and just get away with it, y’know?

Bischoff is clearly trying to get inside Shawn’s head here, Michaels seemingly a million miles away as he stares into space.

Eric Bischoff: You-you do know who attacked you right? I mean, you must have an idea. That was one HELL of an attack last week. Shawn you were…you were laying in a pool of your own blood. I can’t imagine how that musta felt. But tonight? Tonight you get to go out there and you get to do something about it, you get to put it right.

Bischoff is really buttering Michaels up here. Michaels continues staring into oblivion.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve heard all the evidence tonight and I’ve already made my mind up, it doesn’t get any clearer to me. Ric Flair was getting his ass kicked last week and yet Batista, the man who promised to be in his corner was nowhere to be found, he strolled up once the damage was done. Shawn you gotta realise that you’re Batista’s biggest fear this Sunday and that attack last week? It was designed to take…you…out.

Michaels suddenly looks at Bischoff, a stoic expression still on his face however as Bischoff’s eyes widen. Maybe Michaels seeing the light here.

Eric Bischoff: Batista needs you gone, he needs you outta the way this Sunday. Kane?

Bischoff chuckles to himself.

Eric Bischoff: Kane doesn’t need you gone, he doesn’t need you outta the picture. Only one man needs you outta the way on Sunday and later tonight Shawn, you get to go face to face with him. Make the most of it and just like this Sunday…do the right thing.

Bischoff pats Shawn on the back, smirking as Michaels leans forward looking down before back up and into oblivion once more as the camera zooms in on the face of the Showstopper.


We return and immediately get a still image of Doug and Danny Basham seemingly backstage.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw and folks during the commercial break we got well, we got a little bit of tension involving the competitors in this Sunday’s 8 man tag team match. Lets take a look.

We go to that still image and it now shows a video where we see Doug and Danny wandering around backstage straight from their match just gone as they appear a little fatigued, out of breath still before they stop in their tracks and the camera shifts to see…The Dudley Boyz! The Bashams partners this Sunday appear, their World Tag Team titles on their shoulders as the four men face off.

Bubba Ray Dudley: Pretty impressive out there tonight. Tip my hat to you but I uh, I hate to break it to ya fellas, it ain’t gonna be the same outcome this Sunday.

Bubba shakes his head, D-Von doing likewise as Danny and Doug look at one another.

Danny Basham: Well thanks Bubba but I uh, I hate to break it…to you, but what you saw out there tonight is exactly what you’re gonna see this Sunday because me and Doug WILL walk out of Washington with you guys and those World Tag Team Titles in our sights.

D-Von doesn’t seem so certain.

D-Von Dudley: My brother as good as you two are, as much as we respect you, there ain’t a chance that we let you leave Summerslam with that winning pinfall. Uh uh, no way. As long as we hold these titles, we gonn’ prove exactly why we’re holdin’ them and that’s because we are the very BEST around here.

Small pop for D-Von’s bragging.

Doug Basham: Well I guess there’s only one thing left to say, come Sunday? May the best team win.

Both teams nod their heads in a show of respect before we hear…clapping? All four men then turn around to see Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth appear!! The Platform to Perfection appear, cockily as ever sporting casual clothes, jeans and shirts, looking the part as the crowd boos their arrival.

Ken Doane: Touching, really…touching. But on behalf of myself and Nick we just wanted to let you know that the best team WILL win on Sunday but there’s not a snowball’s chance in HELL that it’s gonna be any of you four.

Nick Nemeth: Because the best team this Sunday…will be us.

Nemeth points at he and Doane smirking arrogantly.

Nick Nemeth: Just like we were the best team last week against you two chumps(pointing at the Bashams) and just like we will be the best team when we beat you two lumps of lard for those titles.

Bubba Ray Dudley: You better watch your mouth punk before I shove my fist down there.

Nemeth looks a little bit taken aback as the fans pop for that.

Ken Doane: Hey, hey, easy Bubba, easy. Facts are this Sunday night is gonna mark the start of ‘Out with the old’ and ‘In with the new‘. You guys, all four of you are past it, you’ve had your moment, you’ve had your shots, your time on top is DONE. But now? Now it’s our time to shine, now it’s our time to rise to where we belong, the very top of the food chain and when we do? When we do, we’re gonna do it…to perfection.

Doane and Nemeth smirk at one another before heading off as Bubba, D-Von and the Bashams all watch them depart before turning their heads back on one another.

We then head back to ringside where we see The Heart Throbs already in the ring bouncing up and down preparing for action before we hear…


And it’s a strong pop that greets the music of the World’s Greatest Tag Team with Charlie Haas bursting out onto the stage firing up the crowd, Shelton Benjamin a tad more subdued however as he simply focuses on the two men inside the ring.

Jim Ross: Well in six nights time it is indeed do or die for Shelton Benjamin. He’ll take on Muhammad Hassan for the Intercontiental Championship knowing that if he loses, he’s gotta head to the back of the line, no more shots, no more opportunities and Charlie Haas may well get his wish of going after Tag Team gold instead.

The Coach: Which is exactly the way I see it going down J.R. Shelton Benjamin just can’t get it done. A phenomenal athlete, ain’t no doubt about it but Charlie Haas is the leader of the pack. Haas has won match after match, he’s the one who freakin’ earned Shelton his shot at Summerslam! Once Sunday’s over with they can go back to being a team and they can go back to Charlie Haas carrying Shelton Benjamin.

Jim Ross: Charlie Haas carrying Shelton Benjamin? As good as Charlie Haas I don’t believe Shelton Benjamin needs or is being carried by anybody.

The Coach: Give me that same answer after this match is over with and then we’ll talk.

Match Three: Tag Team Match

The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Heart Throbs

It’s Charlie Haas who kicks things off for TWGTT whilst it’s Antonio for the Heart Throbs. Antonio strikes early on, catching Haas off guard and scoring with some strong offense but Haas soon turns the tables, reversing an Irish whip and nailing Antonio with a shoulder block off the rebound. Haas then dominates from here on out, knocking Antonio down with a series of clotheslines before a beautiful German suplex takes Antonio out of things! Haas goes for a cover but it’s broken up at two by Romeo!

Haas continues to assume control, striking Antonio with hard kicks across the body, head to toe Haas works over before hoisting Antonio to his feet, smashing an uppercut before a big Irish whip, Antonio rebounds and Haas takes him down with a beautiful dropkick!! BUT BAM!! Romeo from behind, Romeo made the tag as Antonio hit the ropes!! Haas didn’t see it and he turns right into a right hand as Romeo goes on the offensive here, clubbing away with right hands on Haas, forcing him back. Irish whip now from the Heart Throb and Haas smashes into the corner, Romeo doing a pelvic thrust which draws some heat before charging at Haas, NOBODY HOME!!

Romeo eats the turnbuckle as Haas stumbles out of the corner, the crowd right behind him here as he now charges and SMASHES Romeo with a clothesline! Romeo now in trouble as Haas clutches his lower back, Romeo stumbling right out of the corner, into Haas’ path and Haas nails a boot to the gut, Irish whip now from the submission specialist, Romeo rebounds right into Haas, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!! Romeo is floored as Haas pumps up the crowd, he looks set to finish things here…before he sees Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin has his hand outstretched, he’s desperate for the tag here, Haas points out that he’s got this thing won but Benjamin wants in here, he’s pleading with Haas who continues pointing when WHAM!! ANTONIO FROM BEHIND!! Antonio now clubs Haas and takes him down, both Haas and Romeo out of things, the official sending Antonio back to his corner to small heat here.

It’s now a race to their feet and it’s Romeo who looks to be rising. Haas isn’t a million miles behind though as Romeo now finds his way up, using the ropes to help him, Haas to his knees and Romeo goes for a shot, connects, another right hand, Irish whip from Romeo, Haas rebounds, hip toss, NO!! Haas reverses it, spins Romeo round into a hip toss of his own!! Romeo is floored and Haas trudges to his corner, clearly hurt by Antonio’s attack and HE MAKES THE TAG!! Benjamin storms in!! Rights to Romeo, no answer from the Heart Throb as Benjamin goes for an Irish whip, Romeo rebounds, FALLAWAY SLAM!! Beautiful from Benjamin, ANTONIO THOUGH COMES CHARGING AND BENJAMIN TOSSES HIM OVER THE TOP!! The crowd on fire as Benjamin is rolling.

Benjamin now stalks Romeo, the throb is almost to his feet, he gets there slowly, spins round, T-BONE!! CONNECTS!! T-BONE SUPLEX!! Cover…1...2...3...he got him!

Winners: The World’s Greatest Tag Team(4:49)

Jim Ross: There’s your answer Coach! Shelton Benjamin with an impressive victory heading into this Sunday!

The Coach: What the hell do you mean there’s my answer? Charlie Haas did all the work and Benjamin gets all the credit! You have GOT to be kidding me? Charlie Haas can’t do his work this Sunday, it’s all on Shelton Benjamin and I’m telling ya, he just…can’t…do it.

Benjamin and Haas embrace in the ring, Haas raising Shelton’s hand up high, pointing at him as the crowd roars for the talented duo.

We then see backstage where Muhammad Hassan is watching on a monitor, arms crossed as he has a curious look on his face, The Great Khali towering over him while Dutt and Daivari sit in the corner still looking upset after their loss earlier. Hassan then begins to shake his head as we are left to wonder just what’s running through his mind right now.

Jim Ross: Well I think Shelton Benjamin sure as hell can do it Coach. And the man we just saw backstage, he too will be in action here tonight. Muhammad Hassan will take on Chris Jericho and I think he’s the one that has it all to prove heading into Summerslam. Can Hassan do it on his own? We’ll find out later tonight.

The Coach: Can Hassan do it-(starts laughing), can Hassan do it on his own? What next huh? You’re gonna tell me the sky is blue? Unbelievable.

We get a last shot of a stern looking Shelton Benjamin as Charlie Haas pats him on the back, Benjamin nodding to himself as we then head off backstage where we see young Maria who is standing by waiting to talk to us.

Maria: Hey everybody, it’s me, Maria! And guys would you all please welcome my guest tonight, Lita!

The number one contender to the Women’s Championship appears into shot, grinning at the prospect o being ‘interviewed’ here.

Maria: Lita you finally earned a Women’s Championship match last week and this Sunday you’ll get your opportunity against Victoria. She’s really mean by the way isn’t she?

Lita nods, laughing.

Maria: How happy are you that you’ve got your title shot and how confident are you of walking out the new Women‘s Champion on Sunday?

Lita: I’m extremely confi..
BAM!! LITA IS CLUBBED FROM BEHIND BY VICTORIA!! Young Maria begins screaming and calls for help as Victoria begins to hammer away on Lita, vicious right hands from the ruthless Women’s Champion here as Lita is floored!! Victoria then begins to stomp away, the left ankle of Lita taking an absolute battering here as Victoria looks to do exactly what she did to Trish Stratus it would seem.

The champion then brings Lita to her feet, smashing her with another right hand before THROWING LITA INTO A DOOR!! Lita’s head crashes back off that door as she slumps to the floor, a psychotic look coming across the face of this deranged woman as Victoria then opens the door?? What the hell is she doing? BEFORE SHE PLACES LITA’S LEFT ANKLE IN THE DOORWAY!! We then see referees, officials, trainers appear as they plead with Victoria not to do anything, Victoria has grabbed the door though, Lita’s got nowhere to go, SMASH!! VICTORIA HAMMERS THE DOOR INTO LITA’S ANKLE!! Lita begins screaming in pain as Victoria lets out that demented grin once again, trainers immediately gathering around Lita as Victoria may well have left Lita on one leg here. A sickening ambush from the Women’s Champion as the scene is now flooded with people tending to the injured challenger and we fade away.


Jim Ross: Folks lets take you back to moments ago before we went to a Commercial break where we saw this…this hideous assault backstage.

We go to a replay of the events that took place involving Victoria and Lita with the attack by the Women’s Champion shown in full and we then cut back to J.R and Coach, both looking pretty solemn.

The Coach: Well I’m Victoria’s biggest fan J.R but even I gotta admit, she mighta crossed the line here tonight.

Jim Ross: Absolutely. Victoria had no right to do that and you have to wonder now just whether or not we’re gonna get to see that Women’s Championship match this Sunday at Summerslam. Our thoughts go out to Lita right now.


‘Also Sprach Zarathrusta’

The mood suddenly shifts in a HUGE way as the music of the one and only, Nature Boy, Ric Flair hits and out comes Naitch to a thunderous ovation, all suited and booted as he takes in this crowd’s incredible response.

Jim Ross: But as they say, the show must go on and what better way than to welcome the Nature Boy to the party!

The Coach: There’s about a thousand ways but we’re stuck with this old schmuck. However…I WILL let him have tonight, it is the least I can do because tonight will be the very last night we see Ric Flair on Monday Night Raw again!! This Sunday it comes to an end!! The career, the legacy, no more stylin’ and profiling’, no more ‘Wooo’ crap J.R, it’s done at Summerslam when Captain Charisma puts Ric Flair…down.

Flair has a mic, he’s now beaming as his music dies down, the fans abuzz as the 16 time World Champion gets set to address them.

Ric Flair: Rochester, New York…WOOOOO!!

Huge pop and customary ‘Woooos’ to go with it.

Ric Flair: Now tonig…

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

Flair freezes with the mic by his mouth, a look of shock on his face as Christian interrupts proceedings before he can barely get a word out. The heat is crazy for Christian’s actions here as down comes Captain Charisma, dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt while Tomko stands behind him.

Jim Ross: Oh what the hell is the meaning of this?! Ric Flair barely got a damn word outta his mouth for gods sake.

The Coach: Hey, hey, you watch your mouth J.R. This is Captain Charisma, this is Christian baby!! You should be honoured that he’s comin’ out here, making time for people like us. He’s a busy man you know?

Jim Ross: I should be honoured that he’s coming out here? Gimme a break, I’m insulted he’s coming out here and interrupting Ric Flair like this, let the man have a chance to speak for cryin’ out loud.

Christian and Tomko step through the ropes, Flair now looking at them, grinning, perhaps knowing this was gonna happen while Christian takes a mic from ringside and also begins to smirk, eyeing Flair up and down.

Christian: I’m sorry Ric, really I am but I just couldn’t sit back there and let you start this whole thing off without me.

Flair looks like he’s holding in his anger here.

Christian: I need to be a part of this. Tonight peeps, tonight is a very special occasion that you all get to be a part of because tonight? Tonight is the very last night you will see Ric Flair on Monday Night Raw again.

Big heat for Captain Charisma already here.

Christian: So Ric, what were you gonna say huh? You were gonna come out and talk about how you were looking forward to this Sunday, about how you were looking forward to ‘teaching’ me a lesson right? You were gonna let these people know that this Sunday is not the end for you, it’s only the beginning because Ric Flair will NEVER RETIRE!! WOOOO!!

Christian does his best(worst) Flair impersonation as Flair nods on, the fans Wooooing again at that.

Christian: Well I hate to burst your little bubble but all of that is a bunch of crap Ric and deep down you and I both know it. You know just as well as I do that this Sunday it is the end… for you Ric. At long last I’m gonna put you and I’m gonna put all these people outta their misery when I send you back home to Charlotte, when I send you crawling back to reality, when I send you…to the retirement home.

Christian is getting in Flair’s face a little here but Naitch isn’t batting an eyelid.

Christian: I don’t want you to lie to these people Ric, they need to know the truth and I give that to all of them. I provide all you people with the cold, hard facts because as the leader of a new generation, it is my duty. You folks here in New York get where I’m coming from right?

No, no they don’t as they continue to pour heat on Captain Charisma.

Ric Flair: Enough.

It’s a defiant if unspectacular response from Flair.

Christian: Enough? Enough of what? I’ve had enough alright, I’ve had enough of you coming out and taki…

Ric Flair: I SAID ENOUGH!!

Big pop there.

Ric Flair: You got the audacity to come out here and interrupt me before I even get a DAMN word out my mouth so unless you want me to KICK YOUR ASS ALL OVER NEW YORK…you better SHUT YOUR MOUTH and listen to what I’m about to say to you kid.

Christian scoffs at Flair’s claims.

Ric Flair: You got talent. You got bundles…of talent but you wanna be a leader? Ha ha. You wanna lead a new generation? You gotta have a WHOLE LOT MORE than just…talent.

Flair is pretty passionate in his delivery here.

Ric Flair: You gotta put in hard work, day in day out, you gotta aspire to be the best. You gotta be a role model, act a certain way, behave a certain way because when you got guys ALL OVER THE WORLD that look up to you? That’s a heck of a responsibility you gotta shoulder. And Christian, you gotta be humble, you gotta know exactly where you came from and NEVER…forget it. You have got to be EVERYTHING… that you’re not.

Christian throws his arms up in there.

Christian: Yeah, here it is peeps. Your hero, your ‘role model’ Ric Flair spewin’ a bunch of crap once again just like I told you he would, only this time? This time he’s gone one better! You are the BIGGEST hypocrite I think I’ve ever met in my entire life Ric.

Christian and Flair both look riled up here.

Christian: A good role model? A good…(starts chuckling) A good role model? Coming from you? Are you kidding me? You have got to be one of absolute worst role models for any young kid to look up to. What is it you always like to talk about Ric? What is it you like to brag about? How you’re all about livin’ the high life. About how much money you like to spend, about how many women you like to sleep with, about the fast cars, the private jets.

Christian has an inquisitive look as Flair has perked up a bit here.

Christian: What kinda example is that to all those people who look up to you? You go out and you parade this lifestyle to all these people and they think that’s the way they can live their lives too. You got little kids who are gonna grow up wanting the kinda life you lead Ric when in actual fact, the kinda life you lead is because that's all you have left isn’t it?

Ric Flair: Hey, hey maybe I do like the high life kid, maybe I do like showin’ a woman or two around WOOOO, SPACE MOUNTAIN!!

Nice pop as Flair smirks.

Ric Flair: But I’m able to lead that life because I worked hard to get to where I am today. I worked my ass off all my life to be in the position I’m in right this very second and while I’m in that position? While I’m in THIS position, I’m gonna make the most of EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!

Again it’s a mighty fine pop for those words from Naitch. Christian looks unfazed however.

Christian: That’s the problem you have though Ric. After Sunday’s come and gone, it is all…over. You’re no longer gonna be this ‘role model’ you like to think you are. You’re no longer gonna be able to travel round the country, travel round the world leadin’ a life of luxury. Women aren’t gonna be throwin’ themselves at ya anymore Ric, all they’re gonna be doing is finally looking at what you really are, a pathetic, washed up, over the hill…loser.

Flair hangs his head a little there, nodding all the same.

Christian: And then what? What are you gonna do Ric when there’s no more money? When there’s no more fame, no more high life, no more women falling at your feet, what…what are you gonna do? Because you and I both know the truth don’t we? There is absolutely nothing…left for you. There’s no family for you to turn to, your kids? Pfffft, they don’t give a rats ass about you Ric and who can blame ‘em? After all, your entire life you’ve never been there for any of ‘em, you’ve neglected your kids Ric because oh! That’s what ‘good’ role models do isn’t it?

Ric Flair: You leave my kids…OUTTA THIS!! YOU UNDERSTAND ME HUH?!

Flair throws off his jacket and business is about to pick up here.

Ric Flair: What RIGHT DO YOU HAVE…to bring my children into this? I may not win a father of the year contest but I have ALWAYS tried my hardest to give them everything they ever wanted an..

Christian: And that’s the problem. You tried…but you failed. This Sunday Ric, you’re gonna do the exact same thing… fail. At Summerslam I will beat you, I will send you into retirement and when everything’s said and done for ya, there’ll be nothing Ric, all you’re gonna have left…are the memories.

The two men are now face to face, tension rising in New York as the fans realise just how heated this is getting.

Ric Flair: This Sunday, it’s not about the high life, it’s not about the money, the women, being a role model, hell, it’s not even ABOUT BEING A FATHER!! All this Sunday is about is me going out there and KICKING YOUR ASS!! It’s about me proving to you, proving to everybody out there that there is STILL LIFE IN THE NATURE BOY YET!! This Sunday I am gonna give you every single ounce of blood, sweat and tears that I have inside o’ me and I guarandamntee…I guaran…damn…tee that you get EXACTLY…what’s coming to ya.

Big time pop here, the fans are enthralled by this as both men are laying it all on the line.

Christian: Well I guess…I guess I’ll see you on Sunday Ric but for now, why don’t…why don’t you take this all in huh? Why don’t you savour this? Why don’t you enjoy this? Take a look around, come on, soak it all in because this (pointing around the arena)…this is the very last time you ever step foot on MY show again. August 21st 2005, we’re gonna remember it for a very, VERY long time as the night a new era begins and the night where the career, the legacy of Ric Flair comes…to an end.

Christian then tosses the mic down and his music plays as he and Tomko slowly exit the ring, Christian and Flair’s eyes fixed on one another after a very tense, emotional verbal war there.

Jim Ross: Wow. An tense, fired up, emotional confrontation between two men who will lay it ALL on the line this Sunday. Christian has it all to prove, this Sunday could be the spark he needs, the win he needs to take him to the next level. Ric Flair? This Sunday Ric Flair knows it’s last chance saloon, he MUST win at Summerslam.

The Coach: The stakes are as big as you can get for Ric Flair on Sunday and after hearing that, it’s only made me more confident that Christian will end his career at Summerslam. The passion, the heart from Christian, he let it all out tonight J.R and he told Ric Flair a few home truths. Sunday night, it all ends for the Nature Boy.

Jim Ross: I’m not buyin’ it, never write Ric Flair off Coach. If anybody is going to walk into this kind of environment and come out on top, come out victorious, it’s gonna be the Nature Boy.

Christian backs up the ramp, eyes still firmly fixed on Flair as he lets out a wry smirk. We then see Flair whose attention has shifted and he now begins to look around the crowd, gaze around the arena, perhaps he is indeed taking Christian’s advice and taking this moment in. Perhaps his final night on Monday Night Raw.


We return and the theme song for Summerslam is playing through the arena before we go to the announce table to see J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: We are counting down the days until Summerslam folks, just six to go and what a night it promises to be. Championships are on the line left, right and centre including the Intercontinental Championship where Muhammad Hassan will defend his title one more time against Shelton Benjamin. A rivalry that dates all the way back to Backlash and it will come to an end at this Sunday. Can Benjamin reclaim his title or will Muhammad Hassan once again find a way to victory?

The Coach: Yes. Yes, yes, yes, Hassan’s gonna do it J.R and he’s gonna finally send Shelton Benjamin to the back of the line, back to where he belongs, in Charlie Haas’ shadow.

Jim Ross: From Friday Night Smackdown, the United States Championship will be on the line. Matt Hardy defends against the Apple Spitter, Carlito!

The Coach: Matt Hardy’s done a good job in keeping’ that title warm for Carlito and this Sunday I’m sure Carlito’s gonna take what’s his.

Jim Ross: No…Holds…Barred. We’ve already seen just how vicious Mark Jindrak is tonight in that environment and this Sunday he meets the Big Show in a match that will be nothing but a war zone in Washington.

The Coach: Mark Jindrak’s beaten Big Show again and again…and again. This Sunday the only difference is it’s gonna be even more nasty, even more vicious, even more brutal than before. The Protégé keeps on prosperin’ at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: Well another championship set to be defended is the Women’s Championship however after what has transpired here tonight, I’m not entirely sure we’re gonna see this one on Sunday night. Victoria heinously assaulting Lita backstage and a question mark now hangs over the health of the Daredevil Diva.

The Coach: I think it’s a HUGE question mark. That attack backstage by Victoria was uncalled for but it was damn sure impressive. She crossed the line tonight but she’s made her impact.

Jim Ross: Also from Friday Night Smackdown a man I have been very impressed with since debuting a few months ago, Bobby Lashley puts his undefeated streak on the line against the Wall Street Warrior, JBL!!

The Coach: I’ll admit, Lashley’s been extremely impressive. The speed, the size, the power of this kid is unfreakinbelievable but in JBL he’s got his toughest opponent to date. If anybody knows how to win a match it’s John Bradshaw Layfield.

Jim Ross: And how about this one? The Money in the Bank contract will be on the line as Chris Jericho has the opportunity to steal Edge’s shot, dash his dreams and take that contract on Sunday night. Will Jericho shatter Edge’s title hopes or will the Rated R Superstar prove too crafty for his fellow Canadian?

The Coach: Edge said it himself tonight, it’s the beginning of the end for Chris Jericho on Sunday. His time on top is done, it’s Edge’s time to shine and at Summerslam he’s gonna score a BIG victory.

Jim Ross: Speaking of big, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. We heard from both of these men just moments ago, Christian goes one on one with Ric Flair who has it ALL to lose. Christian wins on Sunday? The Nature Boy’s career goes with it.

The Coach: The stakes are huge come Sunday night. Do or die for Ric Flair and it may break a few hearts out there but it’s time for Ric Flair to get put in his place. It’s time for Captain Charisma to bring to the table what we ALL KNOW he’s capable of!! Christian retires Flair on Sunday and I CAN…NOT WAIT!!

Jim Ross: Legend vs. Legend Killer. At Wrestlemania, Randy Orton could not end the streak, this Sunday he aims to go one step further, he aims to end the career…of The Undertaker.

The Coach: If anybody can do it, it’s gonna be Randy Orton. This man is the future of the WWE and The Undertaker, as legendary as he is, just like Ric Flair he’s gonna get sent packing Sunday night. Randy Orton walks outta Washington with yet another legend on his hitlist baby.

Jim Ross: The WWE Championship will also be decided as John Cena faces perhaps his toughest test to date when he takes on the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle!!

The Coach: Cena’s been dodgin’ this bullet for far too long now and on Sunday he comes face to face with his worst fear. Kurt Angle will take John Cena to school at Summerslam and we’re gonna have a new WWE Champion.

Jim Ross: And the one we’re all waiting for. The World Heavyweight Championship. Batista, the Animal defends against the Big Red Machine, Kane. Shawn Michaels will be the Special Guest Referee and it could all come down to the Heartbreak Kid’s actions this Sunday night.

The Coach: Eric Bischoff wants Shawn Michaels to do the right thing. He wants him to count Batista…down. I got full faith that HBK’s gonna do Eric Bischoff proud Sunday night and I got full faith we’re gonna crown a BRAND NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Jim Ross: Well indeed it promises to be an incredible night as we draw ever closer to Washington D.C, to Summerslam!!

‘Arab America’

And not for the first time tonight we hear this music as out steps the Intercontinental Champion, Muhammad Hassan joined by the behemoth that is The Great Khali as the crowd immediately goes to work on booing the Entity leader.

Jim Ross: And as we just mentioned this man will have just one more challenge to deal with from Shelton Benjamin on Sunday. Hassan has time and again managed to somehow, someway escape from Shelton Benjamin with his title intact, Sunday night could prove to be the night where it all catches up on Muhammad Hassan.

The Coach: Do you know how disrespectful that is J.R? For you to doubt a champion like that, gimme a break. This man has worked DAMN HARD to hold onto that Intercontiental title and you wanna disrespect him like that? You should be ashamed of yourself.

Jim Ross: Well we’ll see just how hard Hassan has worked this Sunday. Can he really do it without the help of this monster of a man? Without the help of Dutt and Daivari?

The Coach: Of course he can! He’s Muhammad Hassan!! He’s the greatest Intercontiental Champion of ALL TIME!!

J.R simply huffs as Hassan awaits the arrival of his opponent…

‘Break the Walls Down’

And it’s a BIG time pop that greets the music of Y2J, Chris Jericho who steps out on stage looking fired up and fresh as he heads into a huge match up come Summerslam with a warm up here tonight.

Jim Ross: Sunday night may be a big night in Muhammad Hassan’s career but it may be an even bigger one for Chris Jericho as a shot at the World title looms large. Jericho takes on Edge for the Money in the Bank contract with Y2J sure to realise just how big an opportunity that contract is.

The Coach: It’s about as big as it comes. A guaranteed, lemme reiterate that, a guaranteed shot at the World title anytime you want right up until Wrestlemania. That is HUGE J.R but Jericho? Please. Jericho doesn’t stand a chance Sunday night. Edge ain’t letting that briefcase go anywhere, that contract is staying in his hands believe me and I’m pretty damn sure that by the time Wrestlemania’s come and gone, Edge will be our World Heavyweight Champion, the man has…it…ALL.

Match Four: Singles Match

Muhammad Hassan vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho dominates the Intercontiental Champion from the get go with Hassan having no answer for Jericho’s solid offense as Y2J takes it to his opponent with big time right hands and some hard hitting clotheslines as Hassan struggles to find his feet. Once that onslaught is over with, Jericho allows Hassan to his feet, the crowd firmly behind the Ayatollah of Rock ‘N Rolla as he NAILS Hassan with a beautiful dropkick! He scurries into the cover, 1...2...kick out from Hassan!! A livewire opening minute or so for Y2J here.

Jericho looks to continue his momentum, smashing Hassan with rights before a boot to the gut, Irish whip from Y2J, Hassan rebounds and he ducks Jericho’s advances. Jericho spins round, thumb to the eye from Hassan!! The I.C. Champion buying himself some time as Jericho stumbles away, Hassan spins him back round and drops him with a swinging neck breaker!! Cover from Hassan, kick out at two from Jericho!! The Entity leader now assuming control after a shaky opening.

Hassan begins to work over the fallen Jericho, a series of elbows dropped across the chest of Jericho with Y2J wincing in pain, Hassan very methodical in his approach as he smashes away with several kicks across the chest before a stinging elbow across the throat with Jericho squealing in discomfort. Hassan then taunts the crowd, arms outstretched as they boo the arrogant Arab American. Hassan then delivers another clubbing stomp across Jericho’s throat, Jericho struggling for breath, perhaps winded and now the throat being targeted before Hassan locks in a vicious sleeper hold here!!

Hassan wrenches the hold in with Jericho clearly struggling for breath, Hassan showing that vicious streak he has inside him as we see the devilish Great Khali watching on ringside, the crowd now willing Y2J back into this thing as the referee makes a check on him. Jericho is throwing his arms around, trying to battle out of this but Hassan has it in tight, Jericho beginning to fade here, his arms that were flapping are now falling and the referee makes another check before he holds Jericho’s right arm up…and it drops!!

Jericho’s in trouble now, the crowd building up a ‘Y2J’ chant as the referee raises Jericho’s arm up high once again…and AGAIN it drops. Jericho’s on the verge here now as Hassan’s determination is evident. The referee goes to Jericho’s arm again, he raises it high and…JERICHO SHOWS SOME FIGHT!! The crowd comes alive as Jericho keeps his arm held high, digging in here as he uses every ounce he’s got to somehow get to his knees, digging away now with elbows to the mid section of Hassan here, the I.C. Champion’s grip is loosening as Jericho breaks free!! Y2J fights out of things and perhaps now the momentum is on his side as he begins an ambush on Hassan!! Stinging right hands from Jericho, Hassan being forced back, Irish whip from Jericho and Hassan smashes into the corner, Jericho comes charging, Hassan though gets a boot up!!

Jericho goes spiralling and Hassan comes sprinting in but Jericho with a boot to the gut, suplex to Hassan!! The I.C Champ is caught as Jericho takes control once more. Cover from Y2J…1...2...kick out at two!! Jericho is quickly up though and he brings Hassan up also, forearms from Jericho here before another Irish whip, Hassan springs into the ropes but he holds on and Jericho charges BUT HASSAN PULLS THE ROPES DOWN!! Jericho lands hard on the outside as Hassan takes a breather before heading right back after Y2J!

Hassan grabs Jericho pulling him up before a big right hand BUT JERICHO FIGHTS BACK WITH A RIGHT HAND OF HIS OWN!! Hassan throws another, Jericho right back and a fist fight ensuing on the outside before Hassan with a knee to the ribs!! Jericho is doubled over and Hassan tosses him like rag doll into the apron!! Jericho’s back smashes off the ring apron and he falls to the outside as Hassan then launches a scathing attack with some vicious kicks to Jericho’s lower back, all the more heat being poured on him as he then drags Jericho upright, tossing him inside the squared circle once again, following in hot pursuit.

Hassan rolls Jericho over into the cover, 1...2...kick out at two as Jericho shows he’s not going down without a fight here. Hassan looks a little frustrated but he picks himself up, bringing Jericho up again with him and he nails a kick to the gut, Hassan now looking to hoist Jericho up high…but Jericho slides down the back of Hassan, spins the I.C Champion round…CODEBREAKER!! Jericho nails Hassan from out of nowhere, the Entity leader stranded here, laid out as Jericho runs the ropes, springboard…LIONSAULT CONNECTS!! Cover by Jericho, 1...2...3...NO!! HASSAN GETS THE SHOULDER UP!! Jericho looks in some pain, his back having taken a beating off the ring apron there. He looks at the official holding three fingers up but he’s told the outcome once again to disappointment.

Y2J picks himself up, a look of determination in his eye as he goes over to Hassan, grabs the legs, WALLS OF JERICHO TIME!! BUT THE GREAT KHALI IS ON THE APRON!! Khali is up, the referee tries to get him down, Jericho breaks the hold, heads over to the giant and DELIVERS A BASEBALL SLIDE INTO THE KNEES OF KHALI, TAKING THE BIG MAN DOWN!!

The crowd roars as Jericho floors the mammoth of a man, heading back to Hassan and he goes for the Walls BUT HASSAN WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE!! 1...2...3...NO!! Jericho kicks out!! Both men are quickly up and JERICHO GRABS THE LEGS, WALLS OF JERICHO LOCKED IN AGAIN!! Hassan has nowhere to go!! He’s crying out in agony, he’s all set to tap here as Y2J ferociously locks it in. The referee checks on Hassan but…Jericho breaks the hold?? Because EDGE is on the apron!! Edge is on the apron with briefcase in hand. Jericho runs the ropes, what the hell? SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK!! JERICHO KICKS THE BRIEFCASE RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF EDGE KNOCKING MR.MITB DOWN!! The crowd goes wild…BUT JERICHO’S ROLLED UP FROM BEHIND!! 1...2...3...HE GOT HIM!! Hassan steals it!!

Winner: Muhammad Hassan(11:14)

Jim Ross: Damn it!! Hassan gets lucky!! Edge did enough to cost Chris Jericho!!

The Coach: Beautiful J.R! Jericho may’ve gotten one over on Edge, he may’ve knocked Edge off the apron but it’s the Rated R Superstar who’s heading to Washington with the last laugh!! Jericho got beat, end of story and it’ll be the EXACT same story in six nights time cowboy!

Jericho sits up, realising that Edge diverting his attention has cost him the match here tonight. He stares up the ramp where we see Edge now, clutching his MITB briefcase, smiling devilishly despite having his face blasted with that briefcase, realising he’s managed to cost Y2J here. We then see Muhammad Hassan who is standing outside, his hand being raised by the official as he pants heavily, out of breath following a hard night’s work here before he gazes at the Intercontiental Championship he’s handed, perhaps for the last time with his scheduled battle Sunday night against Shelton Benjamin. The final shot is of a seething Jericho before that twisted grin of the Rated R Superstar as he watches on.


We return and we are in Eric Bischoff’s office with the GM scribbling away at something as he sits at his desk. There’s no sign of Shawn Michaels however who is set to make his address in mere moments. Bischoff though suddenly looks up, a look of intrigue on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Can I uh, can I help you? I mean, can’t you see I’m just a little bit busy right now?

The camera then pans and we see Mr.Kennedy appear! Kennedy is greeted with a mixture of boos and some cheers thrown in as he chews his gum, sporting his usual cocky smile.

Mr.Kennedy: Oh I can see alright Eric. I can see you’re a very busy man but that? That…is my problem. You’ve become a little too busy, a little too invested in just one thing around this place haven’t ya?

Eric Bischoff: Woah, woah, woah, look where’s this going huh?

Kennedy looks taken aback by Bischoff’s rude approach.

Mr.Kennedy: Well I’m uh, I’m ever so sorry to waste your time Eric but it’s about damn time you started showin’ me some respect around here alright?

Kennedy’s sarcastic approach turns serious quick.

Mr.Kennedy: Now I’ve only been here a few weeks and the reason I came here, the reason I came to this show was because I wanted to make an impact right at the very top. I’ve said it before and I will gladly say it again, I am a game…changer, I can transform this company, transform thisbusiness... like no one before. But…Eric, that’s not what’s happened, that’s not the kind of opportunity that you’ve handed me so far is it?

Kennedy looks at Bischoff with that smirk again, his hands wide apart.

Mr.Kennedy: All I’ve done is take on joke after joke so far. I mean Eugene? Are you freakin’ kiddin’ me? And guess what? (Starts laughing) Guess what? Tonight… I’m not even on the card! THAT…is a huge, huge mistake you’re makin’ Eric. So I wanna know, ah ah ah, I…DEMAND to know just what you’re gonna do about it.

Kennedy crosses his arms, awaiting Bisch’s response as the GM huffs and puffs.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know what? You’re right. Really, you’re right. Maybe I have been too caught up in this whole thing with Shawn, this whole thing with Batista but after Summerslam? That’ll all be over with and I can start focusing on other aspects of this show, other important aspects…like you.

Kennedy starts to smile now as Bischoff joins in.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve seen you in action, I know what you’re capable of and I DEFINITELY agree that you are a game changer. Mark my words, after this Sunday? You’ll start getting what you deserve.

Bischoff offers Kennedy his hand, Kennedy looking at it for a moment.

Mr.Kennedy: It’s not just what I deserve, it’s what you deserve, it’s what the people watching at home deserve, it’s what EVERYBODY deserves. These people wanna see me, they wanna see…greatness and after Summerslam it is what they WILL GET courtesy MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Kennedy then heads off as Bischoff chuckles to himself.

Eric Bischoff: I like that guy. Now…where was I?

Bischoff goes to sit down back at his office, a remote control in hand before…


Bischoff nearly has a heart attack as Kennedy reappears to finish off his little echo there and we head off back to ringside with the crowd getting a little giggle out of that.
‘Sexy Boy’

And it’s a HUGE pop as we hear Shawn Michaels music hit and out comes the Showstopper, not cutting a very happy figure as he makes his way down towards the ring.

Jim Ross: Well folks I think business is about to pick up. Shawn Michaels was left bloodied and battered as Raw went off the air last week at the hands of we believed Kane. However tonight the rumour mill has begun and Kane, alongside Eric Bischoff have accused Batista of being the attacker. Shawn Michaels is all set to address things right about now and with all three of these men inside the ring at the same time, this thing could very well explode Coach.

The Coach: Explode is the exact word J.R. I think Shawn Michaels knows who attacked him last week and I think he’s gonna give ‘em a dose of Sweet Chin Music right here tonight and I think it’s gonna be Batista!!

Jim Ross: I’m still not buyin’ it Coach. Just why would it be Batista? Why?

The Coach: Lets wait and find out.

Michaels takes a microphone from Miss Garcia and awaits his music to die down, a very solemn look still on his face here, his head still patched up. He huffs a little bit before he finds his voice.

Shawn Michaels: Last week was…last week kinda summed up the way things are goin’ for me right now didn’t it?

Michaels paces, trying to laugh off last week but its clear he can't.

Shawn Michaels: Last week I was headin’ out to this very ring and I was gonna show everybody that I’m doin’ my own thing now come Summerslam. That I’m done with takin’ orders and choosin’ sides. I’ve had a lot of problems with Kane, I’ve had a lot of problems with Batista but when all’s said and done I wanted them to know that their match at Summerslam will simply be won… by the better man.

Michaels touches his bandage now, looking down at the mat.

Shawn Michaels: But then…then this happened. I was walkin’ around backstage, all set to come on down here and make my mark. Only…I didn’t make it that far. I didn’t make it down to the ring because I was attacked backstage like…like never before in my career. Last week…I tasted my own blood.

Michaels is almost questioning it here as the crowd boo for the blood Michaels shed last week.

Shawn Michaels: And y’know, I’ve seen the footage from last week, and as Raw went off the air its final shot, its final image was me lying there, helpless, laid out cold. There was blood covering my face, there was blood all around where I lay and then…then there was Kane.

Oh. There’s a bit of a pop there as Michaels seems to be getting down to business.

Shawn Michaels: Kane stood over me as I lay there unconscious and all he could do…was laugh. I know Kane’s been wanting to get his hands on me, I know he’s been wanting payback after I hit him with some Sweet Chin Music and I get that, I do. But attacking a man from behind? That’s not the way to do it, if Kane wanted a piece of me, all he had to do…was ask.

A pretty nice pop greets that as Shawn shows he’s not afraid.

Shawn Michaels: But it’s not as crystal clear as that, it never is around this place. I get here tonight and I’m sittin’ in the back watching as Eric’s out here talkin’ with Kane and then, just when you thought you’d heard it all, Kane goes and says something that…that NOBODY thought could be true.

Michaels huffs again, a look of confusion on his face before he speaks once more.

Shawn Michaels: He says that he didn’t attack me last week. He says that maybe we should look elsewhere, maybe we should look at somebody else who’s got a problem with the Showstopper, maybe we should look…at Dave Batista.

Michaels suddenly displays a stern look across his face.

Shawn Michaels: At that point, suddenly I’m thinking, hold on just a second, could it? Could it really…could it really have been Batista? And well, here we are and right now, I wanna get to the bottom of this. So D…

‘I Walk Alone’

And you don’t even have to ask as out steps the World Champion Batista, marching with authority down the ramp as he has his sights set on Shawn Michaels. The Heartbreak Kid not looking phased as he locks eyes with the champion, the man who’s fate he may very well decide this Sunday.

Jim Ross: Does this mean what I think it means Coach? Does this mean that Shawn Michaels doesn’t know who ambushed him last week? Is the Heartbreak Kid gonna have to play the guessing game both here tonight and as he heads to Washington on Sunday?

The Coach: I think it does…BUT I think we’re about to find out the truth, one way or another, I think Shawn Michaels is gonna know just who took him out last week and in my opinion, it’s this man right here.

Batista takes a microphone, still not taking his eyes off the Showstopper as he gets set to plead his case.

Batista: Really? You really think I woulda done that to you last week Shawn? Yeah I’ve got my issues with you but you are STILL…Shawn Michaels. You are still one of the greatest superstars this business has seen, you’re someone I’ve always looked up to, someone I’ve always admired, ALWAYS respected and I would never do something like that to you…from behind.

Oooooh. Batista snarls here as he and Michaels are face to face. The crowd are split here.

Batista: Cos make no mistake about it Shawn. Face to face, man to man like we are right now, these past few weeks, this past month, I’ve been wanting to tear…your…head off. That admiration, that respect I talked about, a lof of that…has gone. This whole thing with you and Bischoff, it’s left me lookin’ at you in a different light.

Batista is pretty intense here as Michaels listens carefully.

Batista: And if you even think for one SECOND…about screwin’ me over this Sunday then that attack last week Shawn? (Starts chuckling) That attack will be nothing compared to what I do to you. You got a chance to make things right come Summerslam and believe me…you’d better take it.

Michaels hangs his head a touch before looking right back up at Big Dave again.

Shawn Michaels: Like I said earlier Dave, this Sunday I’m gonna call it like I see it, whether it’s what Eric Bischoff wants or not. The better man will win this Sunday…unless…you get in my way.

The tension is rising here, Michaels and Batista now separated by thin air almost.

Shawn Michaels: I know that just like Kane, you were after me last week. You did wanna piece of me and if it comes down to it at Summerslam and you find yourself standin’ exactly where you are right now and you got just one shot, just one opportunity at getting that payback on me, you’re gonna take it aren’t ya?

Batista turns his head, now not looking at HBK.

Shawn Michaels: Well I got news for ya, if that’s what you’re planning, if that’s what you’ve got in store on Sunday then I have got absolutely no problem…in kickin’ your teeth straight…down…your…throat.

Pop for this, the crowd behind Michaels, a few boos thrown in though. Both men seemingly being cheered for everything they say. The two now look at boiling point, face to face, extremely steely looks on both men’s faces, this thing may be about to explode…


‘Slow Chemical’

Before that’s exactly what it does as Kane’s music hits and the Big Red Machine strides down, a smirk on his face, Batista turning round to face his opponent on Sunday, Michaels switching his sights between both men.

Jim Ross: An EXTREMELY heated situation here Coach and I think things are about to get even hotter!

The Coach: This is the one time I didn’t wanna see Kane!! These two were about to tear each other apart!!

Kane steps over the top rope, still smirking as he looks first at Batista, then at Michaels, a microphone in hand.

Kane: Sorry to interrupt but I believe this was supposed to involve all three of us here tonight, and I believe... it was supposed to see just who attacked you last week Shawn, be revealed. Well here we are and there is still no great reveal about the truth, there is still no confession about the truth. So Dave, I’m out here to force…that confession out of you. Ha ha.

Boos ring around for the Big Red Machine here as he laughs to himself in that deranged manner of his.

Batista: You wanna force a confession outta me?

Batista then takes his shirt off.

Batista: Take your best damn shot.

It’s game on here as Kane drops his microphone, Batista drops his. The two men come together, Kane still smirking and BAM!! Batista throws the first right, Kane the next and these two bulls are going at it!!

Jim Ross: The fight is on!! Batista and Kane!! Summerslam has come early here in New York!!

The Coach: Kane’s gonna get that confession outta the World Champion and he’s gonna do it in style!!

Batista goes for an Irish whip, Shawn Michaels is simply watching on here as the chaos ensues. Kane comes back off the ropes, Batista swings, Kane ducks it!! Batista spins back round, Kane now facing him, Batista charges, CLOTHESLINE!! Kane ducks it and BATISTA TAKES SHAWN MICHAELS DOWN!!

The Coach: Just like last week J.R!! Batista takes Shawn Michaels out!! I knew it was him!!

Batista looks down at the damage down, he’s taken Shawn Michaels out here as he then turns back around, GOOZLE!! CHOKESLAM TIME!! NO!! BATISTA SLIDES OUT OF IT!! He spins Kane around, kick to the gut, BATISTABOMB INCOMING!! KANE GOES UP HIGH!! BATISTABOMB….CONNECTS!!

Jim Ross: Statement made from the World Champion!! A Batistabomb to Kane!! Will this be the scene come Sunday?! Will Batista stand tall in our nation’s capital, will Batista stand tall on his return home? Wi…OH GOOD GOD!!

BAM!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO BATISTA!! Michaels just stuck it to the World Champion with a DEVASTATING DOSE OF SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!


The Coach: Get a good look, cos this is the scene on Sunday, Batista taken out and Shawn Michaels doing…his…job.

Michaels stands over a fallen Batista, a sinister look in his eye, not removing Batista from his sights as the Heartbreak Kid looks ominously motivated right now.

Jim Ross: Washington D.C, August 21st, it’s Summerslam!! It’s Batista one on one with Kane, the World Heavyweight Championship, Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee. A BLOCKBUSTER SHOWDOWN THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!! WHO’S FATE WILL SHAWN MICHAELS DECIDE, WILL THE HEARTBREAK KID DO THE RIGHT THING OR WILL HE SELL HIS SOUL…TO THE DEVIL?!!?

That same image of Michaels standing over Batista is shown, Kane is then shown totally laid out following the Batistabomb before a shot of a lifeless World Champion is displayed. We then suddenly cut backstage where we see Eric Bischoff watching on a monitor in his office, a smirk on his face as he is applauding what he’s witnessing. Bischoff then turns and faces the camera, that smile still fixed on his face.

Eric Bischoff: I told you all that this would happen, that Shawn Michaels would finally see the light. All of you watching this at home are now starting to see what I already knew was gonna happen!! See I know for a FACT…that it was Kane who attacked Shawn last week on Raw, what? You REALLY thought i didn't know? Please. But guess what? The mind? Its a powerful thing and when you’ve got all kinds of thoughts runnin’ through your head, you don’t know what to believe anymore.

Bischoff chuckles to himself.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, Shawn Michaels? He didn’t know what to believe. He didn’t know what was true so you know what he did? He went with his gut, he went with his instinct and his instinct…told him Batista. This Sunday his instinct is gonna be the exact same. When he has a choice to make on Sunday and he can only pick one…of those two men to hit with some Sweet Chin Music, he’s gonna choose Batista and when he does?

Bischoff can’t help but laugh to himself before that smile comes across again.

Eric Bischoff: When he does, the Animal will at long last…be put down and Monday Night Raw will finally…finally become Eric Bischoff’s…again.

Bischoff then shuffles a couple of papers before tossing them onto his desk and laughing to himself before we return to a shot of inside the ring where we see Michaels completely unmoved as he stands over Batista, however he then turns and looks at Kane, no emotion whatsoever before turning back to Batista and we then fade…to…black.

Date: 21st August 2005
Location: Washington DC

World Heavyweight Championship:
Special Guest Referee
: Shawn Michaels
Batista(c) vs Kane

WWE Championship:
John Cena(c) vs Kurt Angle

If Ric Flair loses, he must retire:
Christian w/Tomko vs Ric Flair

Randy Orton vs The Undertaker

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Muhammad Hassan(c) vs Shelton Benjamin

Money in the Bank Contract:
Edge vs Chris Jericho

WWE United States Championship:
Matt Hardy(c) vs Carlito

8 Man Tag Team Match:
The Dudley Boyz and The Basham Brothers vs Ken Doane and Nick Nemeth; The Platform to Perfection and Sonjay Dutt and Daivari; The Arabian Entity

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Bobby Lashley

No Holds Barred Match:
Mark Jindrak w/William Regal vs Big Show

WWE Women's Championship:
Victoria(c) vs Lita

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