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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Jae Jae View Post
Good to see some familiar names here and there. DC, Szumi, hello hello it's been years.
You. Get back here, you.

Originally Posted by KOB View Post
Has anyone ever done an efed style BTB, as in using a mix of wrestlers from various eras and companies, dead or alive with realism and wrestlers traditional place on the card being more or less thrown out the window? I'm getting more into the idea of throwing 30 wrestlers i love together and booking regardless of time periods, do you think this would be something people would like or would they just not be able to look past the huge lack of realism?

I'm not even 100% sure if this is what you're looking for, but he wrote everyone on the roster like they were in their prime, even if they were from different generations. The main event of his first ever show was Randy Savage taking on Brock Lesnar. The main event of his Wrestlemania was Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair. So even if it's not exactly what you might be looking for, it's the only good point of reference I can think of as a jumping off point for something like that that was successful here. And wasn't that thread the longest running created BTB ever? And the way I see it, it's unrealistic for one of us to be writing a wrestling company anyway. Have fun with it.

On the topic of recaps v. full or whathaveyou, it doesn't matter to me how its done so long as you can grip a reader and tell the story and portray the characters in a good manner. Full matches/shows do that much better, of course, but if someone can do it in recap form, more power to them. Some people aren't writers and would rather focus on the booking aspect, while others wish to do both. Whatever you think you can do well, do it. Unless it's write matches in commentary form. Those are terrible.


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