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Default Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Originally Posted by JoeRulz View Post
Random re-watch:

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries (TNA, Sacrifice 2012)

Story. Characters. Structure. Mind games. This match had all of those elements in high quantity, combine it with some great and stiff action, and you get a MOTYC, easily. This was perfect for 13 minutes only, and it's a shame their feud ended here, because with 4-5 more minutes, these two could reach five stars, IMO. Both guys played their characters to perfection. This is TNA's MOTY so far, it's slightly better than Angle/Hardy from Victory Road.
Rating: ****
Ok, so I watched this for the 3rd time last night, and I love it even more now, I'm bumping this to ****1/2. What an epic match! Remember, pro wrestling is all about storytelling, and this match had a shitload of it. There was a fantastic character-work, Aries took helluva beating, and you'll have to struggle really fucking hard to find such an effective Big Guy vs. Small Guy awesomeness of storytelling like in this one. This clash is a must-see material for all of you who appreciate small things and details in matches. When I watch this, I really want to see them wrestling again at BFG for the title, if they decide to make Storm/Roode non-title, of course. Anyway, this match is epic, it's in Top 3 in the world in 2012, and of the best matches in TNA history.

Originally Posted by ryanbrian View Post
TV shows are the best entertainment programmes like wrestling. My favourite TV show is RAW and SMACK DOWN. I specially like fight of Rey mysterio and Randy Ortan. It was very amazing fight with lots of stunt.
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