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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread


I do the Deadlifts on leg days and work my pull-days around the various Rows and pull-ups. I work my legs really heavy on leg days that I can't do deadlifts properly on any other day. On the other hand, deadlifting on leg days and then working the shoulder some day after could overtrain the shoulder. It's important to balance out the routine so that everything gets hit strong and hard without over-exerting anything.

Pull: Deadlifts, Pull-ups/Chins, Barbell Rows, Cable Rows, Curls
Push: Incline/Flat Bench Press, Barbell/Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Dips
Legs: Leg-Presses, Squats (try the different kinds), Stiff-leg Deadlifts, Calf-Raises (if needed)

Throw abs in there somewhere, and rotate with enough rest. Feel free to research more exercises and incorporate them into the routine if you get bored.

Do cardio on off-days. Rest one or two days if you want to. Eat maintenance on work-out days and below on cardio/rest days.

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