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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Finished watching War of the Wire II yesterday.

1. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Trik Davis - *** (Jacobs is fantastic, loved how he changed up his moveset as a heel)
2. Davey Richards & Jerrelle Clark vs. Jimmy Rave & Sal Rinuaro - **3/4 (Rinauro/Rave are tons of fun, which is a word Davey didn't seem to understand even six years ago)
3. Nigel McGuinness vs. Colt Cabana - **3/4 (solid in parts, but never really got going, finish was lame)
4. Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Sydal - ****1/2 (fucking amazing)
6. Austin Aries beat Bryan Danielson, Homicide, & Delirious in a non title Four Corner Survival when Aries pinned Danielson - ***1/2 (went too long, kind of a one-note thing, but still fun times)
7. Jay & Mark Briscoe beat Roderick Strong & Jack Evans - ***1/2 (ehhhh, didn't really dig this, their BITW match was better)
8. BJ Whitmer defeated Necro Butcher in a No Rope Barbed Wire Match - **3/4 (kinda sucked)

and here's some long reviews for Daniels/Sydal and Whitmer/Necro:

Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Sydal, ROH War of the Wire II (7/28/06)

Okay so I've literally never heard anyone say anything about this match so I had no idea what to expect. Which might be why I was so blown away by it. The opening is fairly straightforward, they set up the story of Sydal needing to win the big one because Daniels has beaten him three times, with three different moves, and now Sydal's back from Dragon Gate and his first match is Daniels. Sydal does a really good job at getting over the urgency, there's no posing, no wasted motion, he always tries to follow up a move with another move. But it doesn't always work, because Daniels is the crafty veteran and he can usually stop Sydal's momentum. There's a really nifty subplot with Daniels working the neck too. That isn't out of the ordinary, Daniels usually works the neck, it sets up for three of his finishers, but they play on it later in a big way. That's how I like body part work to be: a subplot, something you'd expect guys to do, rather than the whole focus of the match. The story should be about the struggle to maintain offense, the offense should follow a consistent strategy. They did that really well here.

So the finishing stretch starts with an absolutely sick STO from Daniels that Sydal bumps crazily for, and then Daniels hits the BME, and you think there's no way it can be the end, and you're right, Sydal kicks out. And then Sydal hits a super pretty springboard DDT and Daniels kicks out and the look on Sydal's face is perfect. The "aw, I thought I had it" facial expression is the most overused one in wrestling, but here somehow it's done way better than just about anywhere else. You really get the sense Sydal feels like he needs to beat Daniels, and he needs to do it now, and he thinks he just missed his best chance. And then he goes for a shooting star, but Daniels rolls out of the way, and Sydal lands on his feet, and for once that spot doesn't look super-choreographed, it looks like Sydal actually saw Daniels move and started flipping faster to get his feet under him.

I can't remember the exact sequence and I don't want to spoil it, but the finishing stretch is phenomenal. They work off the neck work Daniels did, and they had me believing every single nearfall. It ended exactly where it should have, too. They built to a major crescendo and then ended at the highest point. The crowd had been split about 50/50 for most of the match, but at the end, every single person was on their feet cheering for Sydal. The postmatch is brilliant too, and you really get the sense that this meant a whole lot to Sydal, both the character and the wrestler.

An incredibly emotional match, with great performances from both guys. A career-making match for Sydal, and something I'm definitely voting for.

BJ Whitmer vs. Necro Butcher (No Ropes Barbed Wire), War of the Wire II

so let me start by saying that I fucking love NRBW matches. the stip is kinda wacky but it almost always creates instant tension and a super easy story that's usually some fun. get a couple guys who can work holds well and pull off awesome facial expressions and you've got an instant recipe for a fun 15-minute match. I love the shit out of the Homicide/Corino match because Homicide was the absolute greatest at selling the barbed wire like it was going to actually kill him.

I'll talk about that one another time though. this one... kinda sucked, to be honest. like I just said, I love this stip, but it's contingent on having two guys who don't completely suck, and fuck it, Necro completely sucks. He does nothing for me at all. apparently this is his good period, and I've watched a good deal of stuff from him and haven't liked him in any of it. he takes godawful bumps, has sloppy offense, never does anything interesting character-wise, or anything at all apart from that chest-slapping thing he does when he's winning, he's slow and shitty at doing anything approaching standard wrestling, he relies on kickouts almost exclusively to build tension, and have I mentioned how awful he is at taking bumps?

Whitmer wasn't horrible, he certainly wasn't Homicide, but if he'd been in there with Homicide I probably could have dug this. but he was saddled with a guy who just dragged the whole thing down. whenever Whitmer would try and do an Irish whip, Necro would just take a couple steps and stop. it was the polar opposite of Homicide going full speed and then trying desperately to stop himself. it looked horrible and killed the early portion of the match for me. and then he never ever seemed like he was scared of the wire. I mean, I get it kinda, Necro's a monster and all, but fuck, put over the stip first and then yourself. and then there was a point where he was supposed to put a chair around Whitmer's neck but he fucked it up and then walked away so Whitmer had to hold it in place which just looked awful.

and then the worst part was that this went like 30 minutes. fuck. there's only so much you should be doing in a NRBW match and the barbed wire should be most of it. there's no need to get fucking ladders and tables and shit involved, the point of a NRBW match is that every single move is supposed to be huge. that's what makes it fun to watch, what makes it different and unique from every other gimmick match. and here they just kinda forgot that, and the wire stopped seeming like a big deal fifteen minutes in because they'd gone into it so many times. and Necro did his thing where he kicked out of everything and aaaauugghhhhh

sorry for the rant, this match just massively disappointed me and I'm bored and in a rambly writing mood.

tl;dr this match isn't very good and it's mostly because Necro sucks, fuck Necro

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