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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Random rewatches , mostly Joe.

Samoa Joe vs Chris Sabin No Surrender 2005

A great little gem here that more often than not gets overlooked a lot. By far and away my favourite single match from Sabin. It was a great subtle subtle squash but Sabin looked very impressive in his comeback and really made his offence matter. Announcers really did a great job putting over both wrestlers and put over Sabin's comebacks perfect pointing out how nobody was able to sustain any serious offence on Joe. Joe , as all of his early TNA run looked like a fucking monster. Match served it's purpose exactly . Joe looked dominant as hell but Sabin managed to come out looking great despite his limited offence. A great match from overall a great show.


Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles Turning point 2005

These two hat a scorcher of a match in the Super X cup Final at Sacrifice 2005 but this topped it. My favourite AJ match ever and to me is TNA's best match ever. Just simply superb. Was a lot more heated since the backstory was AJ wanted revenge after Joe viciously taking out Daniels. AJ comes out like a house on fire and the match is alot more centred around brawling then a lot of their encounters. It's the first time in Joe's TNA career where Joe is fighting not just to block AJ's offence but fights desperately to not suffer his first loss.

Joe's offence here was as brutal as I've ever seen. Numerous cringe moments from just vicious stiff kicks and strikes, AJ sold everything perfect and Samoa Joe showing desperation for the first time(the finish being a perfect example) was excellent. Awesome match with an electric crowd leads to a TNA classic. Love everything about this match and was very tempted to give it the full five and even holds up after numerous rewatches. To hell I'm gonna go the distance. For what it was to me it was pretty damn perfect.


Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels Final Resolution 2006

Commentators putting over that Daniel's mightn't be a 100% due to concussions suffered from a vicious beating previous from Joe. They put over Joe as he enters who is now 7 months into his undefeated streak and wearing the towel stained with Daniel's blood but put over Daniel's as the longest reigning X champ ever. Crowd has that big match feel as their hot from the get go but I recall correctly this was a great show up to this. Daniels uses his speed and experience to gain upper hand
in the opening dodgeing Joe's strikes. Daniels tries to continue this stragedy but to no avail. Joe goes onto to destroy Daniels with Daniels trying to protect his head. Back and fourth for a while but kicks into gear when Daniel's hits a sick running DVD. Wow.

Joe really lives up to his Submission Machine name as he counters Daniel's desperation offence into brutal submissions. Mark out moment as Joe hits a rana and turns him inside out with a clothesline. Match spills to the outside where Joe gains upperhand and drills Daniel's with an OLE OLE kick with Joe busting him open and going after the wound with the commentators putting over the concussions again. Daniels is hurt as Joe continues his array of strikes.

Daniels counters out of desperation for Angle wings but is too hurt and falls and Joe hits a sick running kick and knee in the corner and hits the muscle buster. Rear naked choke to follow but Daniels somehow reaches the ropes. Daniels is badly hurt . Mike Tenay made mention that if Daniels continues, he’s going to suffer from a similar situation as Bret Hart back in WCW after a concussion that followed with more concussions as he continued wrestling thereafter. AJ Styles now came down with concern for Daniels. Christopher couldn’t even stand anymore, this was very serious as Joe now brought Daniels into the Muscle Buster position and hit it off on the steal chair followed with vicious stiff kicks to the head. He rentlessly continues with soccer kicks to the head . Daniels is out cold as Joe is killing him with knees . AJ throws in the towel to finally end this. Really great drama and Joe continues to look like the most dominant wrestler in TNA. Daniels took a hell of a beating to his credit. The stoppage ending was perfect here. Great stuff.


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