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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Fourth week of March, 12th show of the promotion and of 1989. Fourth show being booked on here.

Pre-show opening and we see footage from last week, as we see the six-man match/brawl with Dusty, Slater and Mulligan vs. Humperdink’s army.

Opening footage now includes the Fantastics who recently won the FCW World tag title belts.

Gordon Solie is at the podium as the show begins and starts to list the four big tournament matches on the show today, each part of the Florida heavyweight title tournament, but is interrupted by FCW president Buddy Colt. Colt says he knows the action awaits but he wants Barry Windham to come out.

Windham gets a slightly less than 100 percent approval as the fans have gotten tired of his complaining recently. “You don’t want Dusty to come out” yells one fan and Windham gives the fan the eye.

Colt says he knows Barry has been frustrated in recent weeks, not only because of not getting a shot at the FCW world title but also not being entered in the Florida title tournament. Barry says he’s tired of it but Colt says he has good news for him-he will get a shot at the Battle of the Belts spectacular against AWA champion Larry Zbyszko.

Windham is surprised but excited, as are the fans. Colt says he apologizes for stringing Barry along in recent weeks but negotiations with the AWA and Zbyszko had to remain secret, and Barry says he understands how the business works. Barry gives an apology to the fans for “acting like a spoiled brat”, and says he still owes Zbyszko a beating from a couple years back. He’ll give him one and take his AWA title, too.

We go right to the ring and Eddie Gilbert’s “Hot Stuff” theme starts up. Gilbert stops by the podium for a second and says he’s gonna show Bad News Allan what tough is all about. Gilbert gets a huge round of boos, to be in a 150-seat studio (the “sportatorium”)

Bad News Allan is out next and gets a face’s cheers though he doesn’t acknowledge them in the least. He turns to Doug Gilbert, seconding Eddie, and tells him if he gets involved in the match he’s going to the hospital, and yells at Gordon Solie to have “9-1-1” on the speed dial. Allan is ready to fight and attacks Eddie before the bell to the delight of the fans, as Eddie is talking to valet Missy Hyatt (similar to what Eddie mocked the Junkyard Dog for in a recent match)

Gilbert runs outside the ring and Gordon reminds us it’s a 10-minute time limit. If the match is a draw, neither man advances. BNA is aware of this and chases Eddie around the ring. Doug, of course, tries to get involved and is promptly tossed into the ring post to Missy’s horror, and Eddie is a little puzzled by her reaction. Missy helps a badly injured Doug to the back and she comes back moments letter with Lou and Al Perez while Eddie is being pummeled.

Eddie continues to be beaten badly, and Al jumps onto the ring apron to distract the referee Bill Alfonso. Lou Perez tries to get to BNA but instead gets a kick to the jaw and is sent flying to the floor. Crowd is going wild and is really behind Allan now. Missy takes off a heel and nails BNA in the back of the head but he turns around as it’s not affected him at all.

BNA grabs Missy by her blond hair and threatens to pummel her too. Crowd naturally is imploring him to nail her but BNA shows some mercy and lets her run out of the ring. By now Eddie has recovered and gives a shoulder block to the back of the leg, followed up with a hot shot (whip to the ropes, catch and drop onto the top rope). He gets the three-count and advances into the next round of the tournament, at the Battle of the Belts.

Before the commercials begin we get a run down of the “Battle of the Belts” card at the stadium in Orlando, Florida. Dusty Rhodes will defend the FCW World title against Bam Bam Bigelow. The Fantastics and Nasty Boys will fight for the FCW world tag titles. Barry Windham will challenge Larry Zbyszko for the AWA world title, and the team of Wildside-Chris Champion and Mark Starr-face Wayne Bloom and Mike Enos, the Destruction Crew for the AWA tag titles. Tyree Pride defends the FCW television title against Buzz Sawyer, Al and Lou Perez defend the FCW tag titles against Dustin Rhodes and Kendall Windham. The Great Muta, the "Japan heavyweight champion", defends against Doug Gilbert. And we have the semifinals and finals in the Florida championship tournament.

Back from the break and Scott Hall comes out to the ring to good applause. Hall has been out with a shoulder injury, Gordon explains and today should get a good test in rugged Bobby Jaggers. Jaggers does give Hall a solid match, showing his ring presence by working on the shoulder as much as he can. Hall comes back with a clothesline with his uninjured arm, and wins the match after a suplex and big leg drop.

Hall stops by the podium briefly and says he’s glad to be back. He says he will work his way back up the ladder and will be a contender for any Florida Championship Wrestling title with the help of the fans. Out comes Eddie Gilbert to commentate the rest of the show and Gilbert can’t help but remind Hall that he was the cause of his injury. Hall lets him know it took four to beat him down, after he cleanly pinned Gilbert. Gilbert slaps Hall and then gets roughed up before Al and Lou Perez come out for the triple-team. Hall gets help from the Junkyard Dog, who’s happy to come to the rescue after being double and triple teamed lately.

JYD helps Hall to the back and Gilbert asks where’s Doug. The Perez boys are all to eager to let him know Doug took Missy back to the hotel since she wasn’t “feeling well” after nearly getting beaten down by Bad News Allan. Eddie tells Gordon he will have to find somebody else to do color commentary this week and charges out of the studio and the crowd mocks him.

We come back from the break, and Gordon introduces a taped interview with Larry Zbyszko. He gives his usual lines about putting Bruno Sammartino out of wrestling, forcing Verne Gagne into retirement and the like, and says he’ll be happy to put Barry Windham out of the sport before he has a chance to earn legend status. He adds anyone else who wants to challenge for the title, they can call his lawyers and maybe they can work something out in a few months.

Gordon informs us qualifying matches for the Florida tournament were held earlier this week, with Frankie Lancaster advancing by upsetting Kendall Windham due to outside interference by Kevin Sullivan. Sullivan comes out to the podium for commentary the rest of the show. Lancaster’s opponent is one of Sullivan’s men, Cactus Jack Manson. After being helped to the ring and given some instruction, Jack proceeds to annihilate Lancaster with the usual kicks and punches while Sullivan has come back to the podium.

Lancaster gets a brief offense after Jack misses an elbow drop but is eventually thrown outside the ring, thrown into the ring post and is counted out. Cactus Jack advances to the semifinals at Battle of the Belts, Gordon tells us.

We go straight into show announcements for this weekend, with headlining matches including Dusty Rhodes vs. Dory Funk and the Fantastics vs. Tony Anthony and Ron Bass.

Back from the break and Gordon tells us Dusty Rhodes was able to defend his title in a hard fought match with Harley Race recently. That sets up Dusty defending against Bam Bam Bigelow. Dusty is not in the Sportatorium this week but a taped hotel interview lets us know his thoughts on Bigelow, Humperdink and defending the world title. Dusty, Gordon says, is in Japan battling the best stars in the Orient (actually is in the back helping coordinate a very busy show today).

Sullivan begins a rant as the tape ends and tells Gordon he’s decrypted the ancient scrolls, and Dusty Rhodes will not survive until the summer if he somehow manages to get past Bam Bam Bigelow. Dusty can’t change his destiny, Sullivan promises. Gordon is very disturbed by these statements and Sullivan takes over, laughing, saying the next match is about to start while Gordon gets his bearings back.

Next match in the Florida tournament and Kareem Muhammad, a tournament qualifier over Brian Blair, is facing former champion Dick Slater. Slater gets a big reaction and KM, with Humperdink and Teijo Khan with him, gets booed heavily.

The match breaks down into a brawl within a couple of minutes and with Slater about to get the pin, Khan and Humperdink fly into the ring drawing a disqualification. Sullivan tells Gordon Humperdink must have learned some things during their partnership several years ago, if you can’t win the match at least hurt the man and try to put him out of the sport. Gordon is disgusted by this philosophy.

Muhammad is recovered by now and it’s a three on one until Blackjack Mulligan and Barry Windham are out to the rescue. Humperdink and his men take off, as quickly as Muhammad and Humperdink can at least. Barry, Mulligan and Slater head to the back, with Mulligan giving a quick warning to Sullivan for interfering in Kendall’s qualifying match. Sullivan tells Gordon he knows how close Blackjack Mulligan and his sons are, and knew Mulligan and Barry wouldn’t care about Frankie Lancaster, but they’d have been out there for Kendall. Gordon asks Sullivan if he has everything planned out always and Sullivan laughs and says, yes, as a matter of fact he does. Just wait.

We go to the break and there’s one more rundown for the Battle of the Belts show. Back from the break and Black Bart is waiting in the ring for the Junkyard Dog, and the crowd explodes when “Another One Bites the Dust” starts to play. This is the final opening match in the Florida heavyweight title tournament, Gordon says.

The JYD gets quick control over the brawling but outmatched Bart, and as usual, here come his buddies Ron Bass and Tony Anthony to ringside. Gordon says the JYD has told us there will be a surprise this week. Sullivan laughs and says he loves surprises and he hopes the Florida fans love them too.

JYD continues to overpower Bart until Bass trips him on a run into the ropes. More interference on the floor with Anthony punching him from behind with Alfonso distracted, until out come the debuting Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson! Sullivan says, okay, now this is a pretty big surprise. Atlas and Johnson are in perfect condition and they quickly run Bass and the Dirty White Boy to the back.

With no more interference, the JYD has hit the running power slam for the easy 3 count. Atlas and Johnson come back out to the podium with the Dog who says it took one phone call to his friends Atlas and Johnson, and they were on an airplane to Tampa the next day. Johnson says he’s seen the dog being cheated for months and he and Tony just wanted to equal things out. Gordon says they did indeed and while Sullivan has backed off the podium a bit while the faces talk.

The shows nears its ends and Sulivan comes back to the podium. He tells the Dog that was a great win and Gordon says the Dog will meet Cactus Jack next week in the tournament, at the Battle of the Belts. Sullivan says that would be a good matchup and says oh yeah, here’s that surprise as he throws fire into the face of the Junkyard Dog! Crowd goes wild, in a negative way, as Atlas and Johnson do their best to help the severely injured JYD and other faces race out, too. Show ends with no more announcing by Gordon as it’s chaos, and Sullivan has fled.
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