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Re: Big Brother US 14

Originally Posted by JeffHardyFanatic88 View Post
I'm sorry Alim, I would agree with you but Wil was so friggen idiotic that if he gets evicted I won't be sad. Who the hell goes up to the HOH and pretty much says "I think there is a hidden alliance going on" to the HOH and his friend....you're just asking to be nominated especially when you talk to Mike seeing as he always makes secret alliances to get him further, its so ridiculous. This week I want Wil or Danielle to go....Shane too but he isn't high on my list cause he plays the game well but as a player I would see him as a big threat and want him gone

Yeah but the difference between Danielle and Shane is Shane makes his own choices in nominations, Danielle acts like a sheep and follows her shepherd
I would not want to see Wil go. I enjoy his diary room sessions seeing as how he's quite funny. However I agree that was not smart on his part. If I was Frank I'd be thinking about how he is not a threat (which he isn't, at the time being) and would rather go after someone who is (Danielle or Shane). That way you can get on the good side of the other side of the house (Ashley, Joe, Jenn, Wil) while also trying to bring along someone from the current alliance (Ian for sure because he loves Frank and Boogie). That way you have the numbers and have a number of people playing in the HOH comp.


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