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Re: Wrestlers who ruined their own legacy

Originally Posted by dxbender View Post
Just cause they return alot, doesn't mean their legacy is ruined.

If anything, returning alot has made someone like Piper, more popular.
Were you watching wrestling when Piper was popular? This is not meant to be codescending at all, I only ask because I agree and disagree. While I do agree that not all wrestlers who return allot taint their legacy, I belive Piper is one who has.

His return with Sean O'Hair in a "manager/wrestler" role was bad. His ring work was a pale shadow of who he was and his only offensive move seemed to be the eye poke. On top of that he just looked bad. Since then his telelvision appearences are largley based on his ability to do quality mic work, which he has not done since he retired. His infamous TNA rant being the most glarring exhibit.

A lot of these guys have sacrificed their reps becuase the WWE in their infinate wisdom brings them back as comedy acts 90% of the time. It's not Piper and the other legends fault...who would turn down a paycheck? To me at least this taints what they were, and guys who grew up in the 90's have no memory of how truly great some of these guys were. Instead their first exposure to guys like Piper are what they see now, which is a poor shadow of who they were.

In the 70's and 80's for the most part when legends returned they were treated with reverence. They were treated like champions. They were still pushed as if they were on top of their game. For example the WWE in my opinion, in their recent Heath Slater Raw storyline treated some of those guys like Vader, Sid, and Animal with respect. This was not how they have treated guys like Piper for the most part.

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