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Wrestlers who ruined their own legacy

All the Lawler bashing (which I think is ridiculous) on the boards has led to this question...

Who are some wrestlers (aside from Lawler) who ruined their own legacy after their career had pretty much ended? Maybe they have hung on too long? Needed another paycheck? Whatever...

1. Hacksaw Duggan, well I guess the arguement could be made that the WWF killed his legacy by "tooning" him up just like the Sheepherders, Koko Ware, and plenty of other stars. Every time he appears it is just sad. Hacksaw in the old Mid-South/Louisianna area...that guy was good.

2. Roddy Piper , so he has not completely "ruined" his legacy and some of his returns have not been horrible. But starting with his "Piper's Pit" with Morton Downey Jr. I just don't think people should give Piper a live mic anymore. When he stepped away after his fued with Adrian Adonis, Piper was on fire and his mic skills were second to none. He could have left us with that legacy. But instead he has year after year returned and they keep letting him go without a script...the results have not been good. He gets free reign based on about a ten year stretch of classic interviews. That time has passed.

3. Sgt. Slaughter...This one hurts, the Sarge is one of my all time favorites. However they keep rolling him out there in his 60's to compete. Unlike Lawler, and Steamboat who can still put together a decent match...Sarge "does not still got it". They have also put Sarge in so many horrible gimmicks and situations that they have ruined the benifit of any sort of pop they get when his music hits.

Anymore come to mind?
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