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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

TNA Hardcore Justice 2012

-Opening Intro was good,really makes you expect craziness.

1.Chavo and Hernandez vs Gunner and Kid Kash

Decent opener.nothing special.But good enough for an opener.


2.RVD vs Anderson vs Magnus vs Pope
Was getting good but ended prematurely,other than that it was a good match with some nice work,wish Pope would have been in



-Madison Rayne Promo:She plays the role well,its COMPLETELY idiotic to even consider Earl as the Ref,but im almost certain

TNA will make him the ref.Stupid.In all actuallity he wouldnt be anywhere near that match in all fairness.

3.KAZ vs Devon(c)-TV Title

Kaz bumped like crazy for Devon,another match that was picking up then ended,hopefully this mean the main events will get a

lot of time.


4.Madison Rayne vs Tessmacher(c)-KO Title

Match was good but short and ruined by the idiotic booking.


-Bully Ray Promo:Ray is amazing.Great shape now too.Give him the strap!!!

5.Ray vs Hardy vs Robbie E vs Storm

Best macth so far. Good match and some good storytelling and spots.Ray may be legit hurt.He should be champ.Robbie is awesome



-Aries Promo-Aries is always good.Aries carries himself wether he is a heel or a face he carries himself perfectly.

6.Kenny King vs Zima Ion(c)-X Title

Very Good match. King has so much potential.Future WORLD champ.Great match that had nice spots and athleticsm.


Joe promo-Joe is always great,and lately he seems to be much more motivated.

7.Angle vs Joe vs AJ vs Daniels

Great Match.Lots of spots and sick moves and athleticsm.although considering these 4 i was expecting even MORE.but that may

be being selfish.Also i think a regular 4 way would have been beter than a ladder match.Still great.Daniels was bump man and

he did the job damn well.


-Roode promo-Roode is always great on the mic,and he is easily the most hatable character in TNA now next to Ray.

8.Aries(c) vs Roode-TNA Title

Great match,a step down from last month especially with crazy overbooking,but still great stuff.Aries works as a great great

underdog little man champion.


OVERALL-a good ppv,a step down from last month,but still a good enough show that i say at least watch the last 3 matches.
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