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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

JAM's Review

The Cutting Edge is always a great way to open up any wrestling show and with Edge's guests, it was sure to be a great segment. I did like that Edge started off the show but I think he could've said more instead of getting down to business right away. Just seems like Edge would say something goofy and warm up the crowd before shifting the focus to Bryan and Christian. Bryan was pretty good here. I like his confidence in him winning his match with Christian. That line from Edge about his killer instinct taking over was a great line as it plants some seeds as to if Bryan will really cash his briefcase in at Wrestlemania. The segment really picked up when Christian came out in his aggressive nature. I've always liked Christian as a heel since he just plays it so well. “Saviour of Smackdown” is a nice little nickname you got going for Christian there. Definitely interested in seeing this match more than ever now, great opening segment.

Nice tag match here. Big fan of Regal so it was good to see him get some time in the midcard. Sin Cara is a good opponent for Cody here and their match at NoC should be a good one. Not sure about Cody leaving Ted like that. Like I said in some earlier feedback, I think Ted will likely be the one who takes the title off of Cody and then they'll have a long and personal feud which I don't mind seeing. Book it!

Really great promo here by Barrett. I do agree with CP that maybe this would've been better as an interview backstage or a pre-recorded video. Maybe you could've even had Barrett come out after a match and just shoo them out of the ring, would've been good. But anyway, what Barrett had to say here was interesting. You really did well with the whole snake symbolism. You've built him up nicely and I hope that he stays in the main event scene because he's just that good. You follow this up with another nice promo by Mark Henry. Everything he said was spot on as well and the little run-in he had with Sheamus was good. Glad that they didn't get physical as I'd much rather see that later on tonight. Poor Matt Striker :P

Standard wins for Bryan and Gabriel here. I'm interested to see what you're building up Gabriel to do. He's gotta get on the mic pretty soon after all of these wins. Curtis and Bateman were funny as hell after they marked like little girls when they saw Edge But hmm, Teddy Long being all serious? Hopefully it's to give Edge a role on Smackdown! Liking this attitude from Kelly but why she getting emotional all of us sudden when she feels super confident in the end? Lol. Kind of awkward for me but I like that you're giving the Divas Division something to work with. And another standard win for Christian here. Cloverleaf as his submission? I like it but maybe we'll see something different from him come NoC.

What a main event, everything about it was good. The rivals in this match got some revenge on each other and it was just something good to read. I don't agree with Orton pinning Barrett though maybe it should've been Khali. It kind of gives away the ending to their match at NoC. I now think that Orton is retaining his belt which isn't a bad thing. After the match was great as well with Orton making no friends and giving an RKO to Morrison. It was just fun to read all around.

Overall, I think it was a really good Smackdown despite what you think. You advanced each storyline which was good. Christian/Bryan was the highlight of the first half of the show but towards the end, it shifted back to the World Title which is excellent. A lot of good things going for you here man. NoC should be a good one, can't wait for it!

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