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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

JAM's Review

Opening the show with Rhodes was definitely not what I expected but it was a pretty good opening with Hurricane being back. This is Booking 101 here to slowly turn Rhodes vicious after a silly mistake and a lost to someone like Hurricane. I'm thinking Rhodes ditches this Dashing gimmick and he slowly transitions into a darker, more aggressive person, which I don't mind seeing. Good opener here. Oh no, Simon Dean that was too funny. I could just imagine the looks on Brodus and Rikishi's faces after being interrupted by Simon Dean. Was a funny character he was

Sad to see that Rey vs. Bourne wasn't written in full, that would've been a fun match to write. But we didn't get a clean finish anyway with Mr. S intervening. Interesting that you have Mr. S already in contact with the Board of Directors having this anonymity clause, must mean that Mr. S will be something big. And what, no more CW's after this? Hopefully they'll be brought back soon, please! The tag match was good too with Dolph trying to prove that he could handle this match on his own but I think that when Kane was tagged in, he would've immediately tagged in Christian, but that' just me. I do think that both men will keep their titles with them when they eventually put it on the line in a match. Don't have them lose it too fast now.

I thought that HHH/Lesnar would end the show, seeing how big of a much it was, but that's not the case here. After the double countout, I was thinking that Punk would face them both in a Triple Threat Match which I would've liked to see but instead JBL gives us another stipulation. I know we talked about this before, where you asked me if it was confusing but it was rather simple. I do wonder how JBL would say this in full dialouge though, it would be pretty confusing imo. But anyway, next week's match between the three should be good.

So a big push for Hurricane is in order huh? And with this new gimmick change from Sin Cara, it seems, I'm looking forward to the CW Division even more. Bring in more guys!

So this was how you would bring Orton into the World Title Match, poor Ricardo Well anyway, that was rather quick for Del Rio to lose his title so maybe that tarnishes his reign a little but I don't mind Orton as the champion, love it actually. These three will probably be the guys that you have vy over the World Title for a few times, yeah? Unless you take out Jericho and have him put over something young, which is what he's doing IRL with Ziggler btw.

Overall, it was a good read. I just realized that with the end, you had it more like it was written in the view of your head writer, which is something very different. That's how I would describe your thread, DIFFERENT. Which is what we need in the section. Everything advanced storyline-wise but I would've loved to see some matches written like Rey vs. Bourne and even that tag team match, but nonetheless, was a good showing, good job!

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