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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Hey guys. My computer is fixed, but I'm still gonna need to write recaps to catch up with the next two weeks going into Summerslam. Thinking about the future, I may be writing extended recaps for all RAW programs, and writing my PPV's in full, depending on time allowance and everything. I had this show all written out in full, and it was my most proud piece, but of course, computer issues would ruin everything for me... blah. No worries though. Here's the results for the second edition of RAW.


KingRo™ Presents:
▪ EDITION #2 ▪

“Rise of the Contenders”


The program started off as usual, with a grand pyrotechnic display and such, and surprisingly, Cody Rhodes kicked off the night. He stated that his number one contender’s match for the Intercontinental Championship against Kane last week was ‘unfair’ and that he would prove his fighting worth tonight. He put Kane and Christian on notice, saying that he would show that he’s not only a ‘damn good looking face’, but also a ‘damn dangerous competitor.’ His challenge of redemption would be answered by the returning Hurricane, who got a standing ovation from the Richmond crowd. Rhodes held his ground in the contest, but would make one crucial mistake of going for a diving cross body twice in one match – the second time, Hurricane reversed the momentum and rolled Rhodes into a pin, picking up a victory for his re-debut.

We were then taken backstage to the interviewing grounds where Matt Striker was with Triple H, who simply stated that Brock Lesnar was in for a fight tonight, and that Punk was next afterwards. It was a very short and to-the-point promo that led into the next promo in the ring – a well-awaited dance contest between Brodus Clay and Rikishi.

The crowd was actually very responsive to the prospect of the contest. Both superstars got enormous pops during their entrances. Jerry Lawler was the master of ceremony. He stated that the winner of the contest would not only be declared the WWE’s undisputed King of Dance, but they would also win a lifetime supply of JR’s barbecue sauce. (Shameless plug, much?) Before the contest could even begin, it was interrupted by the tracksuit-wearing, segway-riding fitness guru Simon Dean, who was making his return to the WWE! Much to the crowd’s dismay, Dean would insult Clay and Rikishi, claiming that it would be a ‘disgrace’ to start off RAW programming with such a showcase. He would go on to offer them a free trial of the Simon System, which they declined, and it turned into a match challenge. Dean said he would find a partner to take on Rikishi and Brodus Clay in a tag team next week on RAW. The oversized dancing machines accepted and the match was set for next week. We were then taken to a commercial break.

Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne was an extraordinary exhibition, but ended in a no contest due to interference by the masked monster only known as “Mr. S.” The two cruiserweights made a valiant attempt to thwart the attack, but failed, and were destroyed by the towering assailant. During his silent victory, a fuming JBL was shown backstage talking to his assistant Jillian Hall. (Welcome back to her, by the way. Great to see the E’ is bringing in some divas.) Layfield went on a rant, threatening to have Mr. S arrested, and demanded to know his identity. After last week’s attack on the Usos and the OrienTalian Exchange, Jillian stated that she had contacted the Board of Directors several times in attempt to reveal the man’s identity, with no luck. It was revealed that Mr. S had an “Anonymity Clause” written into his contract, which allowed him to conceal his identity so long as he did not breach his contract—which he had not. Temporarily beaten but never defeated, JBL ensured that he would show Mr. S who was ‘in charge’ and booked him in a match for next week’s RAW against the Punjabi Warrior, The Great Khali. His next order of business was to postpone his cruiserweight showcase, in which he ordered Jillian to call Hurricane into his office. (Could this be an underlying sign of a push for Helms?)

The next match of the night was a Champions versus Contenders match, featuring United States and Intercontinental Champions Dolph Ziggler and Christian vs. their respective contenders Shelton Benjamin and Kane. During the match, the “Show Off” Dolph Ziggler was doing what he did best – refusing to tag in Christian and ‘taking care of the match’ by himself. For a while, it was actually working for him as he slowly started wearing down Benjamin. But when Shelton tagged in the Big Red Machine, things quickly changed. After a while of toying with Ziggler, Kane demanded that he tag in Christian – Dolph once again refused. For his disobedience, Kane choke slammed Ziggler, and allowed Benjamin to come in for the cover. The contenders picked up the win, and the commentators hinted that Kane’s Intercontinental Championship match would take place next week on RAW. They failed to mention the United Stated Championship match, however, and we were off to commercial.

Coming back from commercial, we went straight into Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar. It was as brutal as expected, with both superstars sparing no strike or tackle. The fight spilled to ringside, and then into the audience as the two went back and forth exchanging fierce blows. The referee had no choice but to initiate a countout, to which Lesnar responded with a blatantly disrespectful middle finger! It was obvious that this fight was going to remain out of control, and the referee made it to ten… making this match end in a double count out! Neither Lesnar nor Hunter showed any concern with the call as they continued to brawl it out at ringside. Towards the end of the fight, Lesnar searched under the ring, and removed a sledgehammer! Before he could strike with it, uniformed security stormed to the ringside area and broke up the fight accompanied by JBL. John insisted that the two cease the chaos, and despite being given ‘the chance to do things right’, they still could not control themselves. He stated that he had considered firing them both on the spot, but as a businessman, he would take the high road and place them in another match – this one being their last chance to do things right. Layfield quoted WWE Champion CM Punk in saying he would “take both men on”… and he said that it would happen next week in the main event on RAW. CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar and Triple H in a handicap match! He then proceeded to lay down the stipulation: If either superstar pinned CM Punk, they would get their championship match next week on RAW, and the remaining of the two superstars would challenge the winner at Summerslam. However, if CM Punk won, then the superstar HE pinned would be removed from the equation altogether and the remaining superstar would challenge Punk at Summerslam. It was declared as a ‘win-win’ scenario for Lesnar and HHH if they could manage to work together for one night. He then ordered both superstars to head home for the night, and if they caused any trouble on the way out, they would both be suspended and could kiss their championship hopes goodbye.

Coming back from commercial break, JBL was backstage in his office again, this time on the phone with security, who confirmed that both men had been removed from the building. After ending the conversation, John instructed Jillian to fetch him a copy of the roster, stating that if Lesnar or HHH couldn’t control themselves, he would need to find a new contender for Punk’s WWE Championship. The Hurricane then swooshed into Layfield’s office, and accepted the role of ‘the face of the cruiserweight division’ if he could defeat his opponent next week. When Helms asked who his opponent would be, JBL replied “the new and improved SIN.” He then ensured that all questions would be addressed next week on RAW. (My guess is that it’s a reference to Sin Cara. Perhaps a gimmick change?) We were then taken back to ringside, where it was time for our main event.

Alberto Del Rio made his way to the ring in his usual flamboyant fashion along with his ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez, but would be interrupted by an appearance by General Manager Layfield’s assistant Jillian Hall. Hall stated that she had a message from the GM for Rodriguez; claiming that the General Manager had a very strict ‘no tolerance’ rule in effect for interrupting any contender’s or championship contest. (Of course, referring to Rodriguez’s interference in the Battle Royal last week at Orton’s expense.) She added that the punishment for violation included fine, suspension, or termination. However, because the rule was just instated, Ricardo would be given ‘grace’ tonight, and a chance to “restore the integrity that he tarnished with his actions” by competing in a match against The Viper, Randy Orton! There was, of course, an added stipulation: If Ricardo managed to defeat Orton, the Jericho vs. Del Rio World Championship match would take place as scheduled. However, if Randy picked up the victory, the match would turn into a Triple Threat match, with Orton being the third man. Orton made his way to the ring, and despite Rodriguez’s begging and pleading, The Viper made quick work out of the ring announcer and proceeded to the main event.

Jericho made his way to the ring, and he came to a quick agreement with Del Rio to double-team Orton throughout the Triple Threat match. The temporary team proved to be a large task for the Viper, as Orton was taken down despite his efforts to fend the two off. Things would break down between Y2J and the Mexican Aristocrat though, as neither superstar would allow the other to pin Orton. The two began to fight each other, and Jericho would later get the upper hand after a devastating Codebreaker. Before he could get the pin, he was surprised by a recovered Orton with an RKO and pinned – Randy Orton became the new World Heavyweight Champion. We then ended the broadcast with Orton holding his new championship high, and a massive reaction from the fans.

Overall, it was solid program. The Richmond, VA crowd really helped set the atmosphere, but a small bit of concern regarding the card for Summerslam. NO matches have been announced as of this moment, but you can be sure that we’ll know much more going into and coming out of the final RAW before the PPV. Your quick results are listed below:


The Hurricane def. Cody Rhodes
Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne (No Contest)
Kane & Shelton Benjamin def. Dolph Ziggler & Christian
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (Double Countout)
Randy Orton def. Ricardo Rodriguez
Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio & Chris Jericho

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