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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Punked Up View Post
Diet I hear you should eat 5-6 small meals a day, what is the ideal size/content?
Don't worry about it. Meal timing (pertaining to workouts/results) & meal frequency are myths. I eat 5-6 times because it stops me being hungry for long periods and it's easier to manage macros, but it doesn't matter if you eat one huge meal or lots of small ones throughout the day. As for content, I generally try to have protein/fat/cabs in each meal I have, only avoiding fats post-workout.

Originally Posted by Punked Up View Post
Can someone give me a few examples for what to eat for morning/night/afternoon meals? What time is ideal to eat if any? Also, I've started to workout lately, I've lost 16 pounds and want to lose 12 more and get toned and defined, I have a pretty good base of muscle already, I've worked out on and off before. Again, looking to slim down fat, and get toned/build a bit of muscle.
Lean meats. Good carbs like rice, pasta, oats. Lots of green veg. Some fruit (no need to overload on this). Generally as long as it hits your macros (40/20/20 split for protein/carbs/fats) then you're good to go (and obviously as long as you're hitting a caloric eficit which you obv are given results). Keep doing what you're doing if you're happy, but don't expect to gain any muscle whilst you're cutting like this.

Originally Posted by Punked Up View Post
**Everyday, I run 1-3 miles depending on what I plan to workout that day (on legs days, I'll do a short run)**

Monday: Run, LEGS: 2 sets 10-15 squats, I could probably eek out 20 with the weight I use, but yeah. 2 sets 15 weighted lunges, 2 sets of like 50 calf raises with light weight. Also, I'll do leg extensions sometimes and than I'll wallsit for as long as I can. ABS: 50 situps, 50 crunches to the side, leg extensions, flutter kicks, etc. (about 8 sets of 50 or so reps in total)

Tuesday: Run, ARMS:3x10 bicep curl with each arm, 3x20 dips with little weight, 5 sets of pushups (the first four are 25, but I'm building that and the 5th is the maximum), tricep extensions, and I plan to add Pullups: 3xFailure once I get a pullup bar (other one broke). ABS:Same as Monday, but a little less.

Wednesday: Long Run. That's it.

Thursday: Repeat day 1

Friday: Repeat day 2

Saturday/Sunday: Long run each day, abs if I want, and I'dd just do some pushups, squats, situps etc. to keep lose.

So as you may see I'm a novice to working out, and I'm sure some of you hardcore lifters are facepalming looking at this plan. So, HELP PLZ.
Is your goal strength and long term mass building? If so, you're lifting too light and too often, and you're badly missing core compound lifts. Bang in some Deadlifts, Bench Press, Push Press, Squats and go heavy. 3x6, 3x8 or maybe 5x5 if you want some endurance too. Going heavy will maintain your muscle mass whilst you're cutting as well as give you a strong core for when you eventually want to bulk (start adding mass)

Your cardio looks good. You'll be able to cut like a motherfucker doing that amount, just be warned that you'll be losing muscle as your workout stands.

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