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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Punked Up View Post
Could someone help me out w/ diet/workout?

Diet I hear you should eat 5-6 small meals a day, what is the ideal size/content?
You don't have to eat 5-6 small meals. 3 well portioned meals can do the trick too. Just track your calories. It's a lot easier to lose fat when you can quantitatively ascertain the calories going in and out. You don't need to measure every single unit of energy but a good idea will help a lot.

Can someone give me a few examples for what to eat for morning/night/afternoon meals?
A good variety of food. If you're cutting, you'll do good to eat various types of foods to account for all micros. General rule of thumb is, avoid anything fried, oily, sugary, desserts etc. You know, the usual unhealthy stuff.

Give a sample meal pattern and I'll tell you how to tweak it?

What time is ideal to eat if any?
Eat in the morning. Eat after workout.

**Everyday, I run 1-3 miles depending on what I plan to workout that day (on legs days, I'll do a short run)**
Do your cardio after weights imo. Don't do cardio on leg days.

Monday: Run, LEGS: 2 sets 10-15 squats, I could probably eek out 20 with the weight I use, but yeah. 2 sets 15 weighted lunges, 2 sets of like 50 calf raises with light weight. Also, I'll do leg extensions sometimes and than I'll wallsit for as long as I can. ABS: 50 situps, 50 crunches to the side, leg extensions, flutter kicks, etc. (about 8 sets of 50 or so reps in total)
Reduce reps, add another set. 3 sets of 8-12 squats. Repeat for lunges. Calf raises is fine, but why are you using light weights? Go heavier even if you can only go like 20.

Tuesday: Run, ARMS:3x10 bicep curl with each arm, 3x20 dips with little weight, 5 sets of pushups (the first four are 25, but I'm building that and the 5th is the maximum), tricep extensions, and I plan to add Pullups: 3xFailure once I get a pullup bar (other one broke). ABS:Same as Monday, but a little less.
Definitely add pull-ups. Don't keep doing abs all the time. You can probably cut the abs out of the legs day and do it this day.

Wednesday: Long Run. That's it.

Thursday: Repeat day 1
Too soon imo. Legs won't have had enough time to recover. If they have, you probably didn't use enough intensity. Once a week for legs is enough.

Friday: Repeat day 2
You should dedicate days for your chest, back and shoulders instead of repeating arms and legs.

Saturday/Sunday: Long run each day, abs if I want, and I'dd just do some pushups, squats, situps etc. to keep lose.

General advice:
-count your calories. Find your maintenance calories and reduce intake.
-dedicate weight training days for chest, back, legs and shoulders. Cardio on the remaining days. Arms and abs you can incorporate into those days.
-good luck

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