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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Could someone help me out w/ diet/workout? Diet I hear you should eat 5-6 small meals a day, what is the ideal size/content? Can someone give me a few examples for what to eat for morning/night/afternoon meals? What time is ideal to eat if any? Also, I've started to workout lately, I'm at a decent weight now but would like to put on some muscle, I think my goal will be too lose a few more pounds and then build from there, I have a pretty good base of muscle already, I've worked out on and off before. Again, looking to slim down fat, and get toned/build a bit of muscle.

**Everyday, I run 1-3 miles depending on what I plan to workout that day (on legs days, I'll do a short run)**

Monday: Run, LEGS: 2 sets 10-15 squats, I could probably eek out 20 with the weight I use, but yeah. 2 sets 15 weighted lunges, 2 sets of like 50 calf raises with light weight. Also, I'll do leg extensions sometimes and than I'll wallsit for as long as I can. ABS: 50 situps, 50 crunches to the side, leg extensions, flutter kicks, etc. (about 8 sets of 50 or so reps in total)

Tuesday: Run, ARMS:3x10 bicep curl with each arm, 3x20 dips with little weight, 5 sets of pushups (the first four are 25, but I'm building that and the 5th is the maximum), tricep extensions, and I plan to add Pullups: 3xFailure once I get a pullup bar (other one broke). ABS:Same as Monday, but a little less.

Wednesday: Long Run. That's it.

Thursday: Repeat day 1

Friday: Repeat day 2

Saturday/Sunday: Long run each day, abs if I want, and I'dd just do some pushups, squats, situps etc. to keep lose.

So as you may see I'm a novice to working out, and I'm sure some of you hardcore lifters are facepalming looking at this plan. So, HELP PLZ.

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