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Re: Unpopular TV and Film Opinions

Originally Posted by asdf0501 View Post

In first place, why is the reason at a structurally or formal level for the movie being black and white? nothing. just because it's looks more beautiful and "serious", and to introduce a character in color. One of the bad things in movies is pointing at you what to look in a scene, making the spectator brainless and incapable of deciding what is important in a image, and this is specially worse in this case when the director is trying so hard of imposing a "serious" posture and a "beautiful moral lesson" at pointing.

Also, has all the flaws of the Spielberg filmography, ridicously good characters who always do the good thing and doesn't have any ambiguity making the moral of the stories enterely idiotic and affected. This is specially bad in the case of a so important matter like the Holocaust.

The work of Spielberg with the material he has doesn't even came close of others like Resnais's "Nuit et Broulliard" or Lanzmann's "Shoa"
Fully agreed. Schindler's List is emotional manipulation of the highest calibre. Respect to the guy for helping to make students and young people realise the importance of a tragic historic event but the film itself handles the majority of the scenes in a pathetically, simplistic manner.

Jaws, Raiders, Duel, Jurassic Park, Minority Report are all immense though. Spielberg plus big budget and high concept usually equals greatness.

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