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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship-WM29 Main Event Discussion

Originally Posted by Obis View Post
It's more that people (Rock marks) don't want Rock to put over Punk, and they think it would be a waste.

I personally don't care one way or the other. Punk vs. Rock is all I want to see. Who wins is irrelevant to me as Punk benefits either way.

As much as I love that idea, it sends Punk back to no-man's land. While I know you don't have an issue with that, can't say I'd fully support this idea unless Punk was facing either Austin or HHH at WM29. If that was the case, this could work out. I suppose this card would work:

Rock vs. Brock WWE Title
Undertaker vs. Cena
Punk vs. HHH/Austin
Mysterio vs. Sin Cara
Sheamus vs. Orton World Title

Even not considering Punk in this at all, I'm not sold on Rock and Brock competing for the WWE Title. I'd rather that be Taker/Cena, because at least Taker would maybe be around to lose the title back to Punk or somebody at the following PPV (though that I can put a mark on the Taker/Rock match). I wouldn't be sold on that either though if Taker won and just vacated the title the night after. That leaves Punk/HHH or Austin for the WWE Title, which would be a main event tier match indisputably even if it's still the third biggest match on the card like this year's WWE Title match. If it's Punk/Austin for the title it could be the biggest match on the card potentially. But in any event, it would be three top level money making matches happening on one Mania, which might rob the possibility of Taker/Cena main eventing later on. Same thing with Punk/Austin.
The reality is Rock v Brock for the title really isn't even a plausible scenario. You just can't have a championship that's built once every other week, not have the championship being defended at Elimination Chamber, and have both competitors leave right after the match is over with.

I love the idea of Taker Cena and Rock Lesnar 2 but like you I agree it's gotta to be Cena v Taker for the Championship.

I have a hard time buying that the stars will align for Austin Punk. Ultimately this comes down to money and I don't see Vince paying Austin what he would for his return match when Rock and Brock are already on the card.

I'm really thinking it's Triple H v Punk at Mania and I think that's just fine for Punk.
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