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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
And no, I don't hate Vince, I'm a fan of Vince as a performer, I'm even a fan of Vince's overall vision for the company, because I value entertainment over straight wrestling, but he does hold people down over trivial shit like certain prejudices he has, which is why we've also never had a black WWE Champion.
I'm not going to argue about your opinions as Vince as a performer. No one can. One of the greatest villains of all time. But you agree w/ his overall vision of the company? Aren't you the same person that called him a senile mental patient? The same guy who said his ideals were moronic? In fact, here is the quote:

No, it revolves around the moronic ideals of an angry, senile mental patient who thinks his company revolves around a perennial fuck up who's bound to get his third strike by the end of the year.
Please. BS.

Originally Posted by True Heel View Post
Not it's fact because Steve Austin never ripped anyone off anyone,The Rock never did too and any great from the past they did not rip anyone off.You can't be successful completely ripping off Ledger's Iconic character.
OK, first off, Ambrose has never said that he inspired his character from Heath Ledger. In fact, none of us know, what inspired his crazy gimmick. That Joker/Ambrose comparisons were created from the internet, not Ambrose. Second, I could really care less if you don't like Ambrose. Everyone has their own opinion. But seriously, you lost all credibility when you said Bo freaking Dallas had better mic skills than Ambrose. The only thing Dallas is better at than Ambrose is being a better natural athlete. That's about it.

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