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i will continue on with the storylines.


It opems with Stephanie explaining that was just a storyline and it shows how serious Raw wants to get ratings over her superior Smackdown. She leaves saying that the main event will be the returning Rock vs The Big Show.

Rey Mysterio vs Tajiri

They make this a very good match and has Mysterio win with the West Coast Pop. Mysterio walks off limping.

The mysterious camera person returns with footage of Stephanie Office with Vince and Eric. Steph slaps Eric and says

Steph: You call that funny you could land the WWE in the shithole. We are not suppose to show flaws in our company. You shouldn't had mention the cancelling of Heat and now Velocity. You screwed up Eric.

Vince: You think its funny messing with our fans.

Eric: I swear I didn't know I had no clue who recorded that.

Vince: Eric you better watch your ass.

Next up is Billy Kidman vs. Noble in a rematch for the title Kidman retains with the shooting star press.

Back to the locker
Vince: Eric listen you know that the ratings are the lowest in years and the WWE is dying. But you don't to scare the fans.

RVD walks in.

RVD: (in a serious tone) You guys have got to talk to Triple H. He doesn't want to job to me after I beat Micheals in the Rumble.

Vince: RVD Triple H is right you should job cause HHH is the only reason why the ratings are staying up. And for standing up to me YOUR FIRED.

RVD: What the Hell Vince

Vince: Get out now.

Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie wins with a Frog Splash

Beniot vs. Angle #1 Contenders Match
Beniot wins with a Cross face.

Back to the locker Room.

Bishoff: Why the hell would you fire RVD.

Vince: You want out too Pretty Boy.

Steph:: Calm down everyone please.


Steph: Listen i am out. I hope your stupid company dies.

Now its time for the Chavo vs. Funaki

Funaki wins with a suprise roll up.

Now its time for the main event

Rock vs. Big Show

Rock wins with a Rock Bottom.

Rock grabs the title and asks for the camera to be back on.

Vince and Eric appears on screen.

Rock: Is this some sort of joke. Cause I ain't laughing. Our ratings our lower then ever even with me back. You guys say the WWE is dying. Well the Rock does not want to sink with this ship. I don't see a future here anymore.

Vince: Rock you can't quit.

Rock: Well you should check the camera it has film and it was recording the fans heard everything again. And no the Rock ain't quitting. Dwayne Johnson is quitting.

He spits on the belts and throws in the corner.

Rock: Vince I didn't set up the camera but you certainly have some explaining to do with the fans next week without ME.

The Show ends with Vince speechless.

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