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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Smackdown Feedback

Really liked this opening here. Was a different approach to go and having these three talk up why they should be number one contender was more unique than Coach simply saying I need to see more of you in action tonight. Edge was fantastic here, character spot on and what he had to say spot on also. Estrada was pretty short and sweet, I think Umagaís actions last week spoke louder than words though. Kennedy, much like Edge was on the money, his line about a Cuban cigar just screamed Kennedy to me. All very well worked stuff there. Teddy Long coming out shocked me, to be honest Iíd forgotten all about him. Standard speech from T-Lo here, bringing up Benoit was the smart thing to do as he should obviously be out there. The whole corruption and bribery was another nice point brought up too. Wow, big time main event right there, canít call it to be fair although didnít Kennedy take Long out? Why hasnít Teddy made anything of that and instead given him a chance at earning a title shot? Umagaís suspension however is certainly disappointing but with Long back in the fold, more than expected. End of the segment was a downer for me cos Coach is THE MAN so for him to be fired doesnít sit well with moi, however I fully understand what with Long calling the shots again and Iím hopeful you find a way of bringing him back in some capacity, be it on Raw or SD. On the whole, really good job with this.

Nice continuation from the opening here, good way of knowing Umaga is officially out of the arena and just another way of ridiculing Coach again.

Danielson/Noble is always gonna be a good match, whether itís two minutes, twenty minutes or in this case, six minutes and this was no different. Nice showcase for both men and of course the right call in having Danielson get the victory.

Aftermath was what was important though here and I absolutely loved Helms last week with the whole retiring the title routine and this was no different, excellent job. Helms talking himself up as the longest reigning champion in the company is a great little boost for him and will make Danielsonís victory when it comes mean all the more. The petition is here!! JBL, absolutely superb, the picture taking, his words, the man is a god. Danielson showing no fear though here, awesome suicide dive and a great way to build him up even more with taking it to JBL. A one night return to the ring for Mr.Layfield soon? Wouldnít mind at all. Excellent segment again.

Run of the mill stuff from Tista here but you couldnít do any more. Done its job here.

Santino versusÖKane. Goodnight Santino. Really hope Kane finds some direction soon.

Much like Batista, pretty standard stuff from Chavo here. Ending was a bit random with Chavo challenging Funaki but I guess weíll get a nice Guerrero squash tonight to build him for Reyís return. Funaki as an interviewer though is gold.

Interesting encounter here between Benoit and Big Dave. Glad you kept it pretty short and to the point, especially Benoit. To be honest I wouldíve scrapped Batistaís interview earlier and just gone with this, better to see the two interact and Tista gave near enough the same thoughts. Really curious about the main event now as youíve made it almost TOO obvious itíll be Tista-Benoit for next week.

Solid win here for Hardy and the Hooliganz. A match that served its purpose nicely, particularly enjoyed the use of Miz. He may only have been watching on but it gets him some attention and plays up the fact heís gunning for Hardy. Attack afterwards from Finlay was nicely done and it looks like Hardyís got his hands full with challengers right now.

Much better from Chavo here. Felt a lot more passion in what he was saying and a lot of truth to it also. Much like with Batistaís two appearances speaking tonight, I think youíd have just been better served having this than the interview earlier. Got more out of it although I guess you had to set up the match somehow. Match itself, I was surprised Funaki got any moves in at all and it was somewhat easy for Chavo, made his mark ahead of Reyís return.

Nice exchange between Long and the New Breed here. Typical Teddy with him hammering them for their actions but I liked Burkeís comeback to it all. Interested in who Longís gonna line them up against next week, another new team would be great.

Good stuff between Booker and MVP here, always love the way Booker tries to stay in character but just loses it at times with his words or in this case expressions. Booker not accepting MVPís offer surprised me, I fully expected him to take it and for them to fall apart so this has me excited as to where you go. A feud between the two would be nice somewhere down the line, Iím guessing Booker would turn face but who knows.

Nice additions to the tournament thus far. Should be a classic.

Very enjoyable main event, some nice action throughout here. Really liked the fact that you had Edge once again done over by the fact there was no referee. I fully expect him to play that up next week. Benoit winning was a tad predictable and Iím disappointed that AGAIN it was Kennedy with the loss. Two on the trot after such a huge win has derailed him a touch I think, though Iím sure it wonít last long. Ending was awesome, really good stuff. Batista making the save only for Edge to just tear shit up, loved it. The con-chair-to to Benoit was brutal, couldíve easily done it to Batista but he knows what heís doing, he wants Benoit out next week. Clever stuff to cap off another very strong show.

Like I said another solid show here iMac. I probably didnít enjoy it as much as last weekís Smackdown but it was always gonna be tough to top. This though developed things even further and we now have a huge title match next week scheduled while Edge looked sadistic coming out of this. Build to King of the Ring is also developing nicely under the radar while Helms/Danielson keeps on flourishing. Good job mate, keep the goods coming.
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