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Question For John Cena Fans

A serious thread, and there's a reason I avoided teh WWE section full of morons and retards (not like this place is much better, but whatever) to put the thread here...

Anyway, the question - why do you like JOHN CENAH? I'm talking about John Cena the character, the pro wrestler, not John Cena the person. And please don't try to sell me that "But he's busting his ass off for the company, he's making kids happy, he's a nice guy, etc." crap. I'm talking about your weekly dose of what you see on your fucking TV. What in the world attracts you on John Cena?

I mean, he just screams FAKE, he's an upper mid-class white rapper who thinks he knows shit about hard knock life and ghettos. His music sucks, his promos suck, he's a boring mic worker and talker, he's not all that great wrestler either, he's tailor made for fucking KIDS and BABIES, not for grown men.

I mean, Jesus Christ, look at him. His presence is simply cringeworthy. Again, he screams FAKE. It's really sad to see all those grown men wearing his merch, it's embarassing. If you're a Cena fan, what does it tell about you? Maybe you're insecure so you're rooting for a top dog no matter what, maybe you're afraid to root for "jobbers" and "hacks", or you're a blind sheep easy to fool, or whatever...

I'm not exactly a John Cena hater, I just can't see what the fucking deal is. John Cena the character is a TOTAL MORON.
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