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Re: Classic Wrestling General Discussion & Review Thread

Might as well post this here.

This is my first time trying to review a match in depth like this so I don’t think it will be that good, but I hope you enjoy the read anyway.

Harley Race vs. Jerry Lawler NWA World Heavyweight Title match from A Night of Champions 1977


With Jerry Lawler being a commentator for as long as he has been, I think a lot of people forget just how good of a wrestler he is. Lawler controlled match with a series of headlock takeovers and scoop slams, as well as hitting his well known diving fist drop from the second rope onto Race, which he did twice in the first 25 minutes of this match, the second time Race got his foot onto the rope for the kick out.

Race managed to get a little rest when he throws Lawler out of the ring in the 25th minute, before Race himself fell out of the ring, when Lawler went to the outside to get Race, Race throw him into the ring post. Back in the ring Race tries to hit a suplex, which Lawler reverses. Lawler missed a headbutt before Race went for a Piledriver, which was once again revered by Lawler. Another scoop slam by Lawler followed by a pin where Race kicked out at 1. Lawler gets the head lock on Race,

Lawler knocked Race out of the ring again with a body block, Lawler hit his 3rd first drop of the match and once again Race gets his feet up on the ropes. Race puts Lawler down with a right hand followed by a knee drop into his head goes for the cover and Lawer kicks out at 2, before a back breaker followed by another kick out at 2 by Lawler.

Lawer hits a backdrop on race at the 30 minute mark before getting Race in a abdominal stretche. After Race gets out of the abdominal stretche he puts Lawler down with a body shot flowed buy a headbutt, Race misses a diving headbutt from the second rope. Lawler sends Race into the ropes and drops him with a big boot.

With both men down, Lawler hits Race with a number of right hands to the head, before putting him in a reeves face lock. Lets Race out and hits him with a knee to the head, and a few more right hands to put race down again.

Race throws Lawler out the ring again, and race goes after him drops a knee to the head on Lawler on the outside, before Lawler send Race into the table, Race gets back into the ring at the count of 9, Lawler goes right for the pin but Race kicks out at 2,

Race is bleeding at this point as Lawler send him down with 3 right hands to the head.

For the 3rd time in the match Race sends Lawler to the outside, where Lawler hits a scoop slam onto the floor, count of 9 race is back in the ring, Irish whip into the corner by Lawler sends race flying over the top rope onto the outside.

Back in the ring Lawler hits a standing suplex before going for a splash where race gets his knees up before dropping a knee into Lawlers head, Miss eblow drop by Lawler and both men are down,

Missed knee drop by Race and Lawler is back up and gets Race in a toehold, Irish wipe followed by another big boot.

Race hit a small package Lawer kicks out at 2 and puts Race into a sleeper hold. Race sends Lawler to the outside again, Lawler gets another sleeper on race but race gets out of this one, and Lawler locks in another right after.

Lawler hits the knew drop, goes for a pin and race gets his feet on the ropes. Lawler thinks he has the win but doesn’t see Races feet on the ropes.

Both men sends right hands back and froth, race back body drops Lawler before hitting a leg drop. Lawler kicks out at 2. One last fist drop by Lawler who goes for the pin and race kicks out again at 2. The time runs out on this match, it ends in a 60 minute Broadway.

This was an amazing match by Lawler and he unlucky not to walk away with the title, the time limit was the only thing that Saved Race in this match.



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