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Re: Big Brother US 14

Originally Posted by Alim View Post
Danielle is in the running to be the worst HOH of all time. I've never seen someone get manipulated so much like she has by Dan
I totally would do what Danielle is doing and align myself with someone. HOWEVER I 100% agree she is going overboard. I think she made a foolish choice nominating who she did because she not only broke her word (which will probably bite her in the ass) but she is not thinking for herself. If Danielle wants to be loyal to Dan then fine, its good for someone to have your back....but she needs to start thinking for herself and be more tactful with her nominations. If she had just nominated Mike and Frank then she would have people mad at her who is already not liking her as it is, but nominating Wil just adds to the list of people who could not just nominate her, but also vote her out....plus she could be really screwed if any of them wins the veto if she is nominated. Even if she gives her word to Wil that she would have his back if she needed the veto, I wouldn't blame him for not believing a word she says because as he mentioned, her promises mean Jack Shit.

Danielle needs to realize that it doesn't matter if Wil is just a pawn, she broke her word...plus HELLO!!! has she not seen this show? The pawn is usually screwed over one way or another. She definitely didn't think about her nominations very well because if she had, she would of seen the possible repercussions of her choices. Now she has Frank, Mike and Wil gunning for her where as if she just nominated Mike and Frank, she would of not added an enemy to her list....and if either of them won the veto she wouldn't be in trouble with the replacement nominee because she would have no choice. So I definitely agree, she needs to get her head out of the Shane stars, her ears away from Dan and make her own desicions that are smarter for her gameplay and for her future in the game. If she keeps screwing over people she won't have jury votes.

One could argue that its a game and promises are made to be broken with some people, that's absolutely true...but its the fact that she is adding enemies to her list that's the problem and making it so no one who trusted her can trust her. So in the long run it will greatly hurt her gameplay and possibly her Jury Vote if she makes it that far.

If she had to nominate someone besides Mike then Nominate Ashley, she is so far in space that I think she would of loved a nomination from Barney

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