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Re: This November, Skyfall is coming.

Originally Posted by ratedR3:16 View Post
ralph fiennes has the potential to be the best bond villain in history
Nah, I've got a feeling Ralph Fiennes is just in the series as a recurring ally or (Not spoilers but a deduction that I feel will be right based on news):

Spoiler for bah:
He's gonna be the new M since Judi Dench is retiring from acting thanks to severe cataracts

Oh and if any non-Javier guy is gonna be the baddy then by law it must be Albert Finney.

Die Another Day is.... awful, but awful in the worst way, because there are slight signs of a decent, not great, movie buried underneath all the CGI and Halle Berry. Kinda wish they'd gone for the supposed original idea (Retconning Roger Moore and Sean Connery's tributes to... fuck I've forgotten her name, Dianna Rigg in OHMSS, then revealing that strange theory about different actors being actual different people using the Bond codename and having Connery and Brosnan team up for the 40th anniversary)... I mean it would still have most likely been bad but it would have been... interesting at least.

They have built a good platform Nick, I'm just hoping the movies reach Goldeneye or Dalton levels of (Semi) realism and leave it there, because that was a perfect tone for Bond I thought (Fact that in the trailer you see him jumping through the roof of a train as the back half of the carriage falls off a mountain and the first thing he does is adjust his cufflinks tells me that sort of Bond is back... hopefully)

Hades*Inserts numbers*: Pretty sure the Quantum storyline is dead and buried, blame the writers strike for ruining Quantum Of Solace, they've said they might go back to it at some point after this movie and maybe tie Quantum into a new SPECTRE.

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