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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Huganomics View Post
Anyway, I'm sure the actual rumble match will be in the middle of the card again like it was in '06 and this match will main event instead, since I'm sure Vince would consider it a travesty if Rock didn't main event.
It IS a travesty kid. Why? Because every time Rock is there, it's his show, hell, it was his show from 2001 when he chose his opponents, he wanted to work with Flair, Eddie, Lesnar, Booker, RVD etc and wrestled all of them, TV or PPV. He can choose to push Curt Hawkins, a guy he knows and trained with and he will main event the PPV with him over anything. I don't think some people understand the power of being bigger than the entire industry, the power when your talent is more recognized than an entire stigma of a business like wrestling. Always funny to see comments like "Vince this, Vince that" when it comes to Rock, like he's some worker there, Vince is answering to Rock, not the other way around and is doing it for over 10 years, he works around Rock's schedule.

Originally Posted by Huganomics View Post
No, Austin is a bigger star than Rock, and Austin hasn't wrestled since '03. Austin is also more of a natural fit for Punk to feud with than Rock is. The only thing I'm dealing with is facts.
Austin was never a bigger star than Rock from July of 99 with the gap astronomically growing every year. That's 13 years ago, probably your age. The moment Rock started the momentum train as a babyface in 99, nothing and nobody could touch him, not the horrible booking, not the politics, not the position. He had the biggest year for any wrestler in history in 2000, bigger than Austin, Hogan, Bruno etc. He destroyed the entire industry by a huge gap from 99 until the day he left to bigger things because he was too big to be tied in the borders of the wrestling industry. So no, the only way you're going to see Austin/Punk is in the video games because there's no money in it. Austin himself knows it, that match will never happen anyway and in fantasy booking if it does, the entire selling on that kind of match will be a megastar like Austin's return to the ring, just like if his opponent is Punk(who is not drawing, no matter who is opponent, proved with HHH and Cena last year when he bombed with them on PPV), the entire selling point on Rock's Rumble match is him wrestling for the WWE title in over 10 years.

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