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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Week 3 Third week of March

Pre-Show and we have footage of the Fantastics vs. Terry and Dory Funk for the FCW World tag titles, during a sold-out arena show in Tallahassee. Crowd is going wild as the Fantastics have the Funks on the run. A bloodied Bobby Fulton, already struck with the branding iron earlier in the match, ducks Terry’s clothesline and makes the quick tag. Tommy Rogers comes off the top rope with the drop kick, hitting an unsuspecting Funk for the three-count and the tag titles. (This is Terry’s last match in FCW before going on to the WCW to feud with Ric Flair)

Opening credits include footage with the just mentioned tag title change.

We open the show and Gordon Solie begins to talk about the Fantastics and another big show this week before he’s interrupted by a furious Eddie Gilbert. Gilbert is still distraught after being upset for the Florida title by Bill Mulkey, who received more than a little help from previous champ Dick Slater.

Gilbert says he had heard through the grapevine Mulkey was injured in a match and won’t be able to defend his title so he demands the belt be returned to him. He says it’s bad enough he had Dick Slater cheating him (as if Gilbert never cheats) plus the entire crowd and the people in power in FCW against him (an inside joke as Gilbert is a main booker).

FCW President Buddy Colt comes out and says he will be brief as he knows there is an exciting hour of in the ring action still to come. He says Bill Mulkey was not injured in a match, he was jumped and beaten by several men wearing wrestling masks and he couldn’t identify them. Gilbert says Colt needs to go to the back, find the Mighty Yankees and the Star Riders and fire them from FCW because that’s who it had to be.

Colt says Gilbert has a big mouth and he couldn’t have known Mulkey was injured without being involved, and nobody was told it was four men jumping him either. Even with that, Colt says he can’t prove Gilbert was involved. Gilbert expects the belt but Colt tells him he’s not going to reward him either. He announces an eight-man tournament with four matches next week with the semifinals and finals coming at the major “Battle of the Belts” arena show in Orlando in two weeks. Gilbert of course throws a tantrum but quiets down when Colt lets him know he can easily replace him in the tournament.

Crowd is jubilant as they really, really hate Gilbert. Gordon says on that note let’s go to the ring and the familiar “Another One Bites the Dust” song starts up and the Junkyard Dog enters the Sportatorium.

Gilbert badmouths the Dog for being too friendly with the fans when he is about to have a tough match, and in comes Cowboy Ron Bass to the boos. Bass gets the early advantage while JYD’s back is turned while talking to fans, in effect proving Gilbert right. JYD fights back with power moves and a head butt sends Bass out the ring to regroup.

Gilbert is demanding to know who his opponent for next week’s tournament start-up and Gordon says he doesn’t know, they’ll be announced later today. JYD continues to get the best of Bass who by now has Black Bart and Dirty White Boy Tony Anthony out for moral support. Bass takes advantage of the distraction again, hitting the JYD from behind then using the tights during the roll-up for the three count. 5:00.

Bass and his buddies celebrate like they’d won the World Series while a distraught JYD walks toward the podium. He growls to Gordon he’s tired of being double and triple teamed and he’s about to change it. Gilbert calls him retarded (not very PC) and nearly starts a brawl before we go to the break.

Two more sets of arena shows tonight are hyped, Saturday night, again in different areas. In Savannah Georgia, Dick Slater faces Kevin Sullivan, the Fantastics defend the world tag titles against Ron Bass and Black Bart and Dusty Rhodes squares off with Harley Race with the world title on the line. In Daytona Beach, the Junkyard Dog will battle Bam Bam Bigelow, the Nasty Boys challenge Al and Lou Perez for the Florida tag titles and Eddie Gilbert meets Brian Blair, among other big matches.

Back from the break, and out come Sir Oliver Humperdink, Bam Bam Bigelow, Kareem Muhammad and new to the House of Humperdink, Teijo Khan. Missing is the Big Steel Man. Oliver is furious at the turn of events last week when BSM challenged Dusty Rhodes for the world title, and Gordon says we have that arena footage and asks the tape to start.

We hear the crowd going wild as Dusty Rhodes, again and again, drops the elbow on the knee of the BSM. Kareem Muhammad is battling Blackjack Mulligan outside the ring and Gordon says BBB has brawled his way to the back and is trying to fight the entire locker room to get back to ringside. Oliver jumps on the apron and tries to enter the ring but is sent flying by a Dusty elbow. The match has long been thrown out as we hear the bell ringing but Dusty puts Big Steel Man in the figure-four for over a minute before releasing him.

Oliver says the BSM has been put out of wrestling by Dusty Rhodes (actually BSM is going to the WWF as face Tugboat) but BBB, Muhammad and his new man Teijo Khan will take him out. We again hear the Sportatorium crowd go wild as Dusty comes out along with Mulligan and Dick Slater. Dusty says he’s “tired of the bullcrap flyin’ outta yo’ mouth, tired of gettin’ busted open and if you sons o’ bitches wanna end it right here and now then by God, get ya asses in the ring!” (Dusty could really make with the drama and push the language limits).

]All six men rush into the ring as well as referee Bill Alfonso as we have an unscheduled tag team match. A wild brawl, of course starts all over the Sportatorium and after several minutes Dusty elbows BBB out of the ring where he joins him teammates in fleeing. (no-contest, arena footage, interview and match, 11:30) We go straight into the break.

Back from the break and Gilbert is still pressing Gordon for the Florida tournament brackets. Gordon says he actually has just gotten them and to Gilbert’s dismay, his first round opponent next week is none other than Bad News Allan. Gilbert looks like he is going to be sick then “mans up” and says it doesn’t matter who he faces. Other men in the tournament will be Dick Slater, Kareem Muhammad, Brian Blair, Cactus Jack Manson, the Junkyard Dog, Black Bart, Kendall Windham and Frankie Lancaster.

Gordon also announces the main event for the “Battle of the Belts” spectacular, which will Dusty Rhodes defending the world title against Bam Bam Bigelow. Champions from other leagues will also be involved, Gordon says, as AWA champion Larry Zbysko will defend his title as well.

This leads straight into a pre-taped interview from Harley Race on his arena match tonight. Race says he may have lost a step but he hasn’t lost his determination or his skill and tonight he will take home the title. Gordon says if Race wins, he will defend against BBB at Battle of the Belts. (bracket and main event announcement, Race interview, 4:00)

We go right back to the ring and hear Janet Jackson’s “Nasty” and of course it’s Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags, the Nasty Boys. They are booked as faces but receive lukewarm cheers as the crowd is worn down over the previous segment’s brawl. The Nasties make quick work of enhancement talent Rick Diamond and Jeff James, finishing with Knobbs clothes lining Diamond from the second rope. (2:30 including entrances).

Knobbs and Saggs come to the podium and are agitated, and begin insulting the fans for not cheering them on. “What do you people want” Saggs yells and the general response of the audience is “not you!” Knobbs says they came down to Florida and tried to be good guys, not breaking rules, not breaking skulls, but maybe it’s time to change things around and what better time to do it when there’s easy picking for the world tag team title belts.

Out come Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton who try to not be provoking but the Nasty Boys keep on with the insults. Fulton head is heavily bandaged. Fulton and Rogers inadvertently insult the Nasties by saying they need to win some more matches against tougher competition, setting them off. Cheap shots and chair shots follow, with Fulton again being busted open. Fans are now booing heavily and Gilbert says now we’re seeing the real Nasty Boys and everybody better look out. Commercial break.

Back from the break and we’re in the back as Bobby Fulton is getting medical attention. He removes the towel and looks straight into the camera, telling the Nasty Boys if they want a tag title shot, they’ve got one at the Battle of the Belts. Gilbert laughs and says he knew Fulton’s bleach had gotten to him as he just saved the Nasty Boys another two months of battling up the ladder. Gordon can’t disagree but says he can’t blame Fulton for wanting the match.

Back in the ring and the sinister-sounding opening music of Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” can only mean Kevin Sullivan is on his way to the ring. (No specific devil references especially compared to his early to mid 80s Florida run, but mysticism and occult are implied, still). Smoke fills the air as he comes to the ring and he’s in full white face paint , evil attitude today, grinning and laughing like a maniac.

Gilbert wonders how they can keep finding guys to face Sullivan and today’s unlucky opponent is The Italian Stallion, a good talent but overwhelmed in this brief match. Sullivan bites and kicks, throws the Stallion outside where he’s beaten more by Buzz Sawyer, Cactus Jack Manson and Maniac Mark Lewin. Stallion is thrown back in and Sullivan ends it the “stomach buster” a simple but effective hop onto Stallion’s gut. Gilbert says he hopes the Stallion skipped his spaghetti lunch, an inside joke about the Stallion’s competitive eating of pasta. (3:30 counting entrance).

Sullivan can’t pass the opportunity to come to the podium and rambles on about all the stars aligning, before talking about how Dusty Rhodes is doomed. Gordon thinks he’s talking about Bam Bam Bigelow and Sullivan suddenly becomes coherent, and asks Bigelow, who said anything about Bigelow before laughing his butt off and exiting with his flunkies.

Final break and we’re back with the main event of Bad News Allan vs. Brickhouse Brown. Allan is not cheered as much as last week, at the start, as Brown is a rising, athletic talent with plenty of charisma himself. Less than five minutes to go in the show. Gilbert is badmouthing Allan, approaching what could be called racist remarks. After a brief offense by Brickhouse, Allan finishes him with the kick to the back of the head and the three count. After the match he starts to help Brickhouse up but looks at Gilbert and gives Brickhouse another head kick. “That’s what you’re gonna get next week” Allan warns Gilbert.

We go back to the podium for the closing minute and out comes Barry Windham. Gilbert starts to mouth and Windham shuts up him, reminding him of the pinfall victory at an arena show last week. Windham is angry for Harley Race getting a title shot tonight, Bam Bam Bigelow getting a shot at the Battle of the Belts and even mentions Kendall Windham getting into the Florida title tournament. Gordon is surprised at the jealousy over Kendall and Barry backtracks a little, saying he is happy for Kendall but things still aren’t fair around here as we end the show.

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