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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

As for my whole thoughts.

Rock winning is not a big issue attendance wise for him. He can easily hold the championship. Have a contendership match at Elimination Chamber, and give the Rumble to a Smackdown star. He can easily fly in and out to make each RAW. As for house shows, Cena/Punk can easily carry that weight and not have the championship there. Currently Punk was on Smackdown to cover for the loss of Orton while no Championship was defended at house shows.

Now, as for the whole feud. Punk/Rock would be great. Although as others have said, a hot potato to Cena randomly before then would damage all parties there. The Reign of Punk right now is all about getting the full spotlight. He needs to get through Cena again and run with the spotlight to increase his status as a top star even further. Have him as a calculated power hungry heel. Heck, have him run through Cena at SummerSlam and NOC, then at HIAC have him go through Orton. Survivor Series have him defeat Undertaker with help from Lesnar(Thus setting up a feud). Then at TLC have a triple threat with two faces.

Going into the Royal Rumble this will add so much hype. Punk will be one of the longest reigning champions in years. The Rock will want his first championship in years.
Doubt can be put in peoples minds due to the length of Punk's reign with correct build-up. I DEFIANTLY want to see CM Punk VS The Rock just go all out in promos and see how they fare. But please, not "Phil" VS "Dwanye" we need "CM Punk" VS "The Rock". Rock winning will put Punk over massively too. Remember, you dont have to win to help add creditability/overness.

For Rock moving on he would obviously face Cena in a rematch, passing the title to him. As for Punk, he could face HHH or Austin. And I would love for them to build the feud into Punk having to deliver a coup de gras to either man, helping Punk transition more into a face role again post mania.

That all said. I am under 100% belief Punk will drop the title at NOC 2012. It is just all pointing towards another Cena moment WWE want to force on us.

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