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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Another random re-watch session:

- Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley (DGUSA, Untouchable 2010) Street Fight ****
- Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jon Moxley (DGUSA, Bushido: Code of the Warrior 2010) "I Quit" Match ****1/4

Two great grudge encounters from the awesome feud. These two hardcore matches felt like good old slugfests from the 80s, because these were not the weapons spotfests, the key element was telling a simple and effective story about their violent feud, and the weapons usage was kept to logical minimum. Both matches showcased and reflected the bloody nature of the violent rivarly pretty damn good, and they had a tremendous storyline backup with Jacobs coming in DGUSA to grapple for the titles, but was forced to enter into one last blood feud, against Jon Moxley. Anyway, I really, really love these matches, this is how hardcore matches need to be booked.

Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki (ROH, Glory By Honor I)

10 years later, this match still stands as one of the most brutal matches in America. Hard-hitting, tactical war between two stiff fuckers. The storytelling about Joe being the first one in ROH who can make Low Ki his own bitch was great. This was also the first Fight Without Honor, and tbh, I don't know what they meant with that gimmick, because all the ''dishonor'' they did was the lack of handshake, otherwise it was a regular wrestling match. That minor grip aside, this encounter is epic.
Rating: ****1/4

Samoa Joe vs. Bryan Danielson (ROH, 1 Year Anniversary Show)

Great match, old school innovative ROH style slugfest with a ton of smart wrestling and great character playing where the emphasis is on wrestlers' game plans and strategies, there are stories told about their ambitions, arsenals, strengths and weaknesses. I miss this old school, strong style from ROH where wrestling seemed so natural, legit and was batshit entertaining.
Rating: ****

Samoa Joe vs. Bryan Danielson (ROH, Midnight Express Reunion)

Another excellent old school ROH match, it was a strategic and psychological war. The most simple and effective storytelling there is you have two guys playing their roles to perfection, telling a story about their personalities, game plans, tactics, strengths and weaknesses. Just awesome. The selling of every damn thing was brilliant, and the commentary was fantastic, it was like listening to two legit sports experts. Small things and details matter.
Rating: ****1/4

The American Wolves vs. Bryan Danielson & Tyler Black (ROH, Tag Title Classic)

An excellent showcase of great tag team action and fantastic athleticism, this is truly a tag team classic. I miss the heel Wolves, they were very entertaining back then, especially Richards, he was such a vicious midget prick, he's so natural asshole heel. They used plenty of psychology by trying to get into their opponents' heads. Anyway, the storytelling was great in this one, the Wolves had the advantage throughout the match, because their tag team experience was more important than Dragon's and Black's singles qualities, of course. Also, the Wolves' strategies were awesome, especially after they smelled blood in Dragon's injured leg. The selling was top notch here. This match could've been even more awesome with better presentation, because the booking failed to create more effective time limit drama, and, of course, there is this stupid idiotic ref Todd Sinclair, I cringe every time when I see him officiating a match, his presence makes everything shittier and it ruins things for me sometimes, and this match was a perfect example. He's even worse that Earl Hebner in TNA.
Rating: ****1/4

AJ Styles vs. Paul London (ROH, Night of the Grudges)

I hope people did not forget this epic match. This was almost perfect, with few more minutes it would enter the ***** territory, no doubt about it. Another old school ROH strong style classic. There was a shitload of smart, innovative wrestling, mind games and the selling was great too. The storytelling was off the charts, you could feel the tensions boiling between them, step by step. I loved the finish, it played out so well after everything that happened in the match. Hot crowd, awesome atmosphere, great commentary. One of my favorite ROH matches.
Rating: ****1/2

Originally Posted by EmbassyForever View Post
What is your opinion about Shingo vs Richards? i heard great stuff about this match and never seen it...
Incredible match, easily Top 3 in DGUSA.
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