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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

JAM's Review

Excellent opening segment here giving the guys in the ring a chance to plead their case to be the #1 Contender. I was quite impressed with Kennedy's speech but knew he wasn't gonna get it for some reason. Was wondering why Benoit wasn't in the ring as well but that was addressed later on. Teddy Long's arrival could only spell bad things for Coach and I like how you wrote Long here at some parts. He sounded a bit too smart for my liking but he sets up a great main event match and suspends Umaga?! Don't think this is the last that we see of him tonight though. All in all, a good opening segment to highlight the main event guys but I think it could've used Benoit speaking in this segment, giving him a chance to work the stick, but it was still fine.

Been lovin' this feud with Helms and Danielson, it's just been great. The match Bryan had was definitely something different to read. Instead of all those high flying moves, the match was pretty technical which I enjoyed a whole lot. The petition angle you have going is very interesting in that I can see a new side of Bryan Danielson being unleashed here due to him being very pissed off. After this whole attack, I can see JBL returning to the ring, which I wouldn't mind. He's a good commentator, but he'll be great in the ring. Although bringin' him back to help with the Crusierweights may not be the best idea, but it's a good start then have him move on to better things.

That's a really well thought out Judgment Day video package, really good. at JBL's line about Santino lucky to be wearin' black pants. As for Batista's interview, it put over Benoit well here. The main event scene is sure seeing a lot of people in it and I guess with Kennedy and Edge already having a shot, it'd be nice to see Benoit get a shot for the title.

I'm loving the whole United States Championship scene going on at the moment, it really seems like a very prestigious title. Hardy's a great champion while you have guys like Miz and Finlay to fill out as challengers. Interesting enough that you had both Miz and Finlay somehow involved in this match. Those little details like Miz watching from the back with McCool was great while the beatdown from Finlay was definitely brutal. Big fan of Finlay here. Would even love to see him in the World Title picture if ever you wanted to elevate someone.

Really thought that Funaki would score the upset here. Also, you made a mistake by declaring Funaki the winner at the end there but it's fine. This feud between Chavo and Rey could be something special, you could turn it personal and they could have some awesome matches since both guys are pretty solid in the ring. I like that you're keeping Vickie with him, since she's a heat magnet. Jimmy Wang Yang and Funaki, ha, what a tag team that would be!

Ha, hope that King Booker dies....the gimmick I mean. While it's pretty funny to me, I think the real Booker T is way better and could be a tool to put over MVP. Which I think is totally fine, if that's what you're going for. Excited for the KOTR Pay-Per-View, never really read one that was published in a BTB so that's something to look forward to.

Really happy that Benoit won here but the aftermath was where things really picked up. Everytime these things occur with Edge, it's just sickening to me but it makes for a great storyline. I do think that Kennedy was kind of lost in the mix here, looks like we know who's getting a really big push in the main event. But I agree with you that maybe one more major feud for Kennedy would really boost him up the card, so kudos to you for being patient with Kennedy.

Overall, the show was pretty awesome. The World Title picture has really been great here and I'm enjoying everything about it. The Crusierweights have also caught my attention, with brining JBL into the mix. Everything flowed really nice, can't wait for what next week's episodes hold with the suspensions and stuff. Good stuff here iMac

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