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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Show #2, second week of March, 60 minutes.

Prior to the show opening, a minute of arena footage from the house show in Jacksonville earlier in the week, with Eddie Gilbert pulling a chain out of his tights and nailing Dick Slater to retain the Florida belt.

Show opening with same music and highlights as the previous week and Gordon Solie welcomes everyone back to another edition of Florida Championship Wrestling. Gordon talks about the exciting main event of the Big Steel Man vs. Wahoo McDaniel and color commentator Eddie Gilbert breaks in with even more exciting news, he will be giving everyone a treat today by defending the Florida title against a top contender. Gordon is surprised and can’t wait to see that as we go to the ring with our first match. Gilbert also brags about his vast scientific skills overcoming Slater's brawling in the segment pre-opening, Gordon doesn't even try and argue the point.

Brett Sawyer comes out to a good amount of applause as Gilbert says they better cheer now as he doesn’t expect much from Sawyer in this match. Out comes Sir Oliver Humperdink leading massive Bam Bam Bigelow who doesn’t look like he’s in a good mood at all. “War Machine” by KISS roars through the Sportatorium as Bigelow attacks Sawyer and Sir Oliver doesn’t even bother to stay at ringside instead joining the commentary.

Oliver rambles on about how Dusty Rhodes “stole” the belt from the Big Steel Man, though he can’t give any specifics when pressed by Gordon. He talks about how Bad News Allan made the mistake of his life by refusing to join the House of Humperdink and how Dusty Rhodes was unfairly made world champion, while the Steel Man was only the FCW champion until the belt changed hands. Gilbert says he isn’t the only one thinking that and is admonished by Gordon for “trying to start trouble.”

Back in the ring, Bigelow’s speed is far more than a big man should have and he never allows Sawyer to generate much offense. He throws Sawyer out of the ring and near the podium and when asked what he is wanting by Gordon he replies he wants the world title. Thrown back into the ring Sawyer gets a brief offense as Bigelow misses a clothesline. Kick to the gut by Sawyer hurts BBB but a punch to the top of that hard tattooed head does no good. Headbutt and Sawyer is down then a head butt off the top rope.

BBB has Sawyer beaten but pulls him up at the 2-count, crowd is infuriated as the likable Sawyer is being punished. Gordon asks Sir Oliver if he’s risking some retaliation by Brett’s brother, Buzz and Kevin Sullivan and Gilbert gets on Gordon for now “causing trouble”. Humperdink says he and Sullivan have an understanding due to their past associations and stay out of each other’s way. If not FCW would be destroyed and Gordon can’t disagree. Another top rope head butt and another two-count pick up by BBB and referee Bill Alfonso has had enough, stopping the match (6:30, Sawyer unable to continue). Gilbert says after the break, the second best brother combination in the world will be in action.

Promos for two sets of shows and stars as FCW has enough for tours in separate parts of the state at the same time. Rundown for tonight’s show in Tallahassee: Dusty Rhodes vs. the Big Steel Man for the world title, the
Fantastics vs. the Funks, Junkyard Dog vs. Kareem Muhammed, Wahoo McDaniel vs. Ron Bass and many other matches. Miami/South Florida tour includes Barry Windham vs. Eddie Gilbert, The Perez brothers vs. Steve Keirn and Mike Graham, Scott Hall vs. Cactus Jack Manson and other exciting matches and stars.

After the break and Florida tag champs Al and Lou Perez come to the ring to the booming beats of a 2 Live Crew instrumental, as no lyrics would be good for televised broadcast. Al and Lou are cooler than cool with the sunglasses and matching jackets. They mostly get boos but get a few cheers from the females and the cameras pick up on a few lovely ladies (plants/rats).

The Perez brothers are facing Luis Estea and Rick Diamond, who Gordon and Gilbert agree might be one of the toughest men in FCW. The match is non-title and the champs toy with the preliminary wrestlers, throwing them out the ring and back in, talking with the ladies during the match, and Al even goes down and gets a plant’s phone number. Some of the crowd is amused and this gets a laugh, some boo him. Estea and Diamond get no offense and the match is ended on a double DDT. The Perezes bring Diamond into the ring and give him one too then threaten to give one mouthy fan the same treatment. Gordon wonders if Diamond will be back next week, and Gilbert, a booker, says he knows he will be showing one of the enhancement boys some respect.

Perezes get to the podium and give some generic heel badmouthing of their current top contenders, the Nasty Boys, Mike Graham, Steve Keirn, then get to the statement made about them being the second best brother tag team in the world. Al isn’t too upset but Lou is a little annoyed and asks who is first, the Funks, Barry and Kendall, who, and Gilbert says he meant himself and Doug Gilbert. Gordon is sensing some tension and asks everyone to take a step back and Lou says there’s no reason, he and Al have the Florida belts so they’re the best. By this time out comes Doug Gilbert with Missy Hyatt. Doug says Missy told him to look at the monitor and says Lou is getting a little full of himself. Eddie says he was just joking, they’re both great tag teams really backtracking now. Lou says what has Doug ever done besides get pinned in two minutes by rookie Dustin Rhodes and Al gives a look at Missy and says I know something else he’s been doing which raises the tension to say the least. Then he adds “I’m just joking” with a big smile but clearly he is not. Finally things cool down and they all go to the back. Eddie clearly is not amused. Match and talking (10:45). Commercial.

Back in the ring and Gilbert is still not too happy but now he goes to the ring to his familiar “Hot Stuff” music by disco queen Donna Summer. Missy is in his corner. Gordon says he’s not sure the top contender, is guessing Scott Hall or Barry Windham, but out to no music comes Bill Mulkey, most famous for he and his brother Randy’s “upset” win a couple years prior in WCW (look it up, lol)

Gilbert is all over the clearly outmatched Mulkey despite this being a “championship” match, Al Perez's comments obviously hitting home. The crowd is letting him have it and Missy is cheering him on. Guest commentator Al Perez is having a good time, bringing up Randy and Bill’s success and saying that’s another brother combination better than Eddie and Doug. Gordon questions Al and Lou’s friendship with the Gilberts and Al says it’s not about friendship, it’s about making money and their alliance makes them money and gets them the girls. Gordon doesn’t know what to make of that.

Back in the ring Gilbert is slapping around Mulkey and making a mockery of a championship match. At the 5:00 mark Missy is going wild and Al runs to the ring apron too as Dick Slater has come out! Slater begins encouraging Mulkey as the crowd is fired up too. Mulkey unfortunately is still pitiful and is still being hammered. Slater sees his chance and tells the ref to check on Missy “trying to give Gilbert something", pun clearly intended. Alfonso does so and Slater nails Gilbert with a chain, just like he’d been given recently. Mulkey doesn’t know what to do with Gilbert down on the mat but Slater pushes him over and finally Mulkey makes the 3 count for one of the biggest roars ever at the Sportatorium. Lou Perez, Al Perez and Doug corner Slater and the new champ Mulkey in the ring but Slater nails Doug with the chain and the Perez brothers retreat. Match and post match, 7:00. Gordon is stunned as we go to the break.

Same promo giving the north and south state tours and after more commercials, we’re back. Crowd is still in shock and we have a “cool down” match before the main event. Teijo Khan wipes out the big man Tony Suber, getting the 300 pounder in an impressive power slam to end the match. 2:30.

This leads right into an interview with Eddie Gilbert, returning to the podium. Gilbert says he will get the best lawyers in Florida, he’ll get Matlock, he’ll get anybody to overturn this travesty of justice. Mulkey wasn’t on the contender list and didn’t deserve a shot, Dick Slater cheated, the referee was paid off, the fans were against him, all of it, and he’ll sue if he doesn’t get his Florida belt back. Commercial break.

We’re back for the last 12:00 of the show with Wahoo McDaniel facing the massive Big Steel Man. Humperdink orders BSM to attack and he goes right after Wahoo but a duck and chop sends the big man out of the ring. After regrouping BSM slows his attack and eventually gets the upper hand, pushing Wahoo into the corner. Big elbows and forearms send Wahoo to the mat but a splash misses and Wahoo is back up. Three straight chops send BSM crashing down. Humperdink is on the ring apron and he gets a chop too to the fans’ delight. He signals and waves for help and sure enough Bam Bam Bigelow and Kareem Muhammad hit the ring for a 3 on 1.

Humperdink also gets his shots in before the calvary of Dusty Rhodes, Scott Hall and Blackjack Mulligan clear them out. BBB pushes BSM and Muhammad aside, jumps back into the ring and dares Dusty inside. Dusty of course does not refuse but is stomped while going through the ropes and is beaten badly while the brawl picks up again with the other men outside. Eventually more wrestlers come into the ring and help clear everything, including Barry Windham who helps his uninjured dad Blackjack Mulligan while Dusty lies on the floor bloodied and beaten. Mulligan asks Barry why he wasn’t out here helping Dusty and Barry just shakes his head and walks off as the show ends.

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