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Re: Unpopular TV and Film Opinions

Unpopular Sequel Opinions!

I like Spider-Man 3. Flawed? Sure, but considering how much they tried to cram into that fucker, I'd say it turned out better than I expected. Fantastic action scenes, and I loved the stuff with Sandman. I wish they had left Venom out and just let it be his movie. The stuff with Peter & Harry was pretty good too, though it could have been handled a little more smoothly (I hope that butler got fired, ha ha).

X-Men 3 > X-Men 1. X1 to me felt like a Saturday morning cartoon stretched out for 2 hours and with no heart. X3, while having some heavy flaws, at least did some things that captured my attention.

I like Ghostbusters 2. It falls into the same trap that a lot of sequels do as they try too hard to recreate the first successful film by keeping it too familiar rather than raising the stakes. That said, I thought the interactions between these great characters was enough to keep me from hating it.

I liked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull more than Temple of Doom. ToD has some of the same problems, is far more unpleasant at points, far too annoying at points (Willie Scott & Short Round make Mutt Williams delightful by comparison). When people say KotCS was nowhere near as good as the original three, I always ask "Did you see Temple of Doom?". As for KotCS, it was a fun return for Indy and nothing more. It wasn't as good as Raiders or Last Crusade, but I didn't expect it to be.

I liked The Karate Kid Part II. OK seriously, this movie has a 5.6 on IMDB. Why is that? Has anyone seen this movie? To me, in a lot of ways, it is a good example of how to do a sequel right. It puts the characters more story & enhances their relationships, a great change of setting (Okinawa), raises the stakes from the previous film ("This not tournament...this for real"), and has a great climax. My two knocks on it are that alot of the stuff with Daniel & his new girlfriend being bullied by Chozen is a little too similar to the first film and the way they wrote off Alli was very lazy (apparently she wrecked his car & cheated on him with a Football player...bitch). No high school romance lasts forever, sure, but couldn't they have just used going to different colleges as the cause for their break up? Anyways, I liked this film a lot because it uncovered a lot of the mystery with Miyagi. In the first film, we knew almost nothing about him, and here, the door is wide open to explore his past and his homeland. And in the first film, Daniel is fighting for self respect. Here, he becomes a selfless hero as he is put in a more extreme situation where his life is on the line. Again, they raised the stakes. To me, this movie deserves a lot more than a 5.6. I know most 80s sequels are poor imitations of the original, but this one broke out of that mold in my eyes.


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