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Re: WWE: The Cult's Way

JAM's Review

Pretty decent opening here with Kelly now as an established heel, good job in doing that by the way. I like the order of keeping Cena away from the WWE but we all know he's bound to appear at sometime, maybe not on this episode but in the future for sure. Punk's interruption was good here saying that the WWE Title should be focused on more and during his reign, the prestige of the title has definitely gone up. The little banter between Punk and Kelly was decent as well while having Miz come out was good too, setting up the main event for tonight. Another dick-ish move by Kelly here.

Whoa, good win here for Rey/Cara, they're definitely becoming more of a team now and I love it. That move at the end was a helluva move with the La Mistica followed by the Springboard Legdrop, definitely a finisher that's devastating and brings the crowd more into the match. Your match writing has improved a lot man, keep it up.

A decent divas match? Well that's a first. I definitely think that the divas have some talent so it was cool to see these two ladies slug it out. Kaitlyn showed something here as she did take Beth further than I thought she would. Good job selling the effects caused by Kaitlyn to Beth here, making Kaitlyn look even more like a threat. But we all knew Beth was coming out the winner in this one, continue to build this up good man, can't wait to read more matches like these for the divas.

Plan backfires here for ADR, but Kane looks like a badass after taking out someone like Khali. Hopefully we don't see more of Khali, one night is enough here. I do like it that you're using Del Rio's money here to his advantage, definitely would be a good storyline if WWE ever did this. Wonder who ADR will hire next.

I did think that Tyson Kidd looked really weak here but you made Barrett look like a million bucks here. His submission is really going over well but I did think you could've had Kidd come out with the upperhand in this exchange. Maybe you have Kidd fight back and get out of the submission after Barrett inflicted a lot of damage on him already. And whoa, definitely an interesting segment here with Daniel Bryan and Randy here. Orton needs to appear really soon so that there will be more bad blood between the two. The feud has been great but I think an Orton appearance would make it even better.

Miz is looking really good here, but I don't think he'll win the title. Kinda hard to believe that Miz called it down the entire time except in the end, would've thought he would play with his opponents more. But anyway, with Punk losing to both Sheamus and Miz, he's gotta get some momentum pretty soon, interested to see how you make him do that.

The attack from Henry was something I could see happening, making AW's faction look even stronger. I believe Kofi will turn and join up with AW, can't wait to see how you book heel Kofi. As for Jericho, I understand that you wanted him to make a statement just how Barrett did earlier but this does nothing for Ziggler and Kidd who were both demolished. You could've had Barrett cost Jericho the match, or something simple like playing Barrett's music or having him at ringside leading to Jericho losing would've been great.

Hmm, Pedigree on the steel steps? I'm trying to imagine that, lol. Nonetheless, HHH did good here and I like how you had the commentary team say that HHH needs to perform like he did tonight to get the win against Cena. The burning of the flag kind of confused me here. Isn't Cena furious at Kelly? Not the WWE? But anyway, Cena should appear pretty soon to make sense of all of this.

Overall, a decent show. Some things could've been changed but there were a lot of positives here. I'm liking the feud with Barrett/Jericho but again, that was something I would've changed tonight while the feud with Kelly has been interesting. Keep writing man, onto the next show!

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