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Re: Florida Championship Wrestling 89

Show #1, first week of March, 60 minutes

Prior to the opening, one minute of footage from last Saturday night’s arena show in Miami. Dusty Rhodes, two weeks after his FCW debut, knocks off the Big Steel Man in a cage match to win the FCW title. Among those going into the cage to congratulate Dusty are Blackjack Mulligan, Dick Slater, Wahoo McDaniel and even longtime rival Harley Race who gives Dusty a surprising handshake but also a long stare. Conspicuous by his absence is Barry Windham, who Dusty had feuded with the previous year in WCW and is one of the league's biggest stars since its January start-up.

Opening one-minute theme and footage includes the song “Flirtin’ with Disaster” by southern rock band Molly Hatchet, scenes from around Florida-beaches, swamps, cities, small towns-and quick highlights from the promotion’s top stars including recently added footage of Dusty Rhodes.

Long time announcer Gordon Solie welcomes everyone to another exciting edition of Florida Championship Wrestling from the Sportatorium in Tampa (actually a studio, around 150 in attendance despite being packed). Gordon reminds everyone how the league has been growing and growing since starting up in January and will only be better now. Solie briefly tells about the big title change last week in Miami in front of 15,000 fans then gives the rundown on the stars on this week’s show: Barry Windham, Bad News Allan, Tyree Pride and Cactus Jack Manson plus the main event of the Fantastics vs. Terry and Dory Funk for the FCW tag titles. He also brings in color commentator Eddie Gilbert, the Florida heavyweight champion (and also a member of the booking team).

Opening match, Barry Windham vs. Tony Anthony.
Anthony comes out to the theme of “Dirty White Boy” by Foreigner to a round of boos, Windham’s fan reaction nearly blows the roof off the studio. Windham has a large bandage on his forehead. Anthony is seconded by Black Bart, as he, Bart and Ron Bass are currently allied.

Windham starts out strong, out brawling the rugged Anthony. Gilbert picks up immediately how aggressive Windham is being. Gordon remarks how Windham knows it will take that kind of style to put Anthony down but Gilbert says it looks like something has made Windham mad.

Windham even goes outside the ring to knock out Bart before he can even think of interfering. He catches a dazed Anthony with the running lariat, winning a surprising squash in only 1:45 seconds.

Windham stops at the podium to talk to Gordon Solie and has barely worked up a sweat. Gordon asks Windham about the excitement over Dusty Rhodes returning to Florida and winning the FCW title and Windham doesn’t care too much about it. He sarcastically says someone getting a title shot after two weeks, yeah that’s a great accomplishment, when others have been in the new league for months. Gordon doesn’t know how to respond to that one while Gilbert chuckles and understands the reason for Windham’s anger.

Commercial break

Back from the commercial, and before the next match Gilbert says it’s time for the “world debut” of his video with Hot Stuff Inc, with current members Eddie and Doug Gilbert, Lou and Al Perez. The 90 second video with music of Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” features the group barhopping and at the beaches, talking with the ladies. Gordon says that’s 90 seconds he will never get back and the fans aren’t impressed either, giving Gilbert their boos. Gilbert says they don’t have these kind of women in the video in Georgia, a dig at WCW where he briefly appeared previously after WCW bought out the UWF.

Next match, it’s Bad News Allan (AKA Bad News Brown during his WWF run) vs. Englishman Scott McGhee, who Gordon says had a good run in Florida in the mid part of the decade. McGhee and Allan both come to the ring without music. McGhee gets good applause and Allan is mostly booed but gets a few cheers from males who like his rough no-nonsense style.

Evenly fought match as Allan’s brawling and martial arts are countered by McGhee’s quickness and scientific skills. McGhee makes a late mistake, missing Allan while attempting a dropkick off the second rope and Allan’s kick to the back of the head finishes it in 8:00. Allan, while still booed, gets even more cheers than during his entrance.

Allan makes his way to the podium and Gilbert offers him a hand, Allan slaps it away to Gilbert’s surprise. Watch it, Gilbert advises and Allan just answers anytime you’re ready. Gordon starts to talk about the match when out comes Sir Oliver Humperdink, who had been out watching Allan’s matches the last few weeks. He is holding what appears to be a contract.

Bad News, my boy, I mean my friend, Sir Oliver begins, catching his own "boy" comment. I know you’ve had time to think it over and now here’s my final offer, I take 75 percent but when I get you the gold you’re gonna be making twice what you are now!

Allan asks Sir Oliver if he thinks he stupid, Oliver thinks for a second then answers no of course not but being his manager would help them both out. Allan says he needs nobody’s help to win the FCW title and slaps the contract out of Oliver’s hand, then slaps Oliver across the face after being told he’s an idiot. Out come Oliver’s men-Bam Bam Bigelow, Big Steel Man and Kareem Muhammad who do a number on Allan, kicking him and beating him, splashing him in the ring and finishing with Bam Bam’ s top rope head butt. Preliminary wrestlers come in to try and help as Allan has no friends among the stars and they’re all dealt with quickly too. Finally the group leaves as Allan is helped to the back, and Gilbert remarks how Allan must not have been ready as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Gordon says we’re now about to have an interview with one of the top young stars but out comes Dusty Rhodes instead. Again the Sportatorium explodes. Dusty is at his best, jiving and talking about his love for Florida and the fans and how he is proud to win the belt. FCW president Buddy Colt comes out to the podium and announces since the FCW title will be defended in the U.S., in Mexico, in South America and in the Orient, he is elevating the title to “World title” status. The fans go wild, Gordon is excited, Dusty is excited despite being reminded of Big Steel Man, Harley Race and others who will want the belt, and Gilbert says he knows somebody in particular who won’t like this at all.

Next match, television champion Tyree Pride vs. Mark Starr. Face vs. Face match as the two speedy competitors give the fans a great match. Both show their high flying skills and Pride wins with a cross body block off the top rope and the men shake hands after. 5:30 seconds.

Back at the podium, Gilbert starts to talk about his Florida title win recently over Dick Slater, forgetting to mention how interference from his brother and the Perez brothers helped, of course. Gordon brings it up and Gilbert tells him the video must have been edited. Interrupting is Missy Hyatt’s, Gilbert’s wife. Gilbert asks what she is doing back from vacation in the Caribbean as she had another week, and she says she missed Gilbert but she saw the video with all the womanizing. Gilbert says that wasn’t really him, that was an actor and Missy believes it to Gordon’s amazement. Gordon can only shake his head and smile as he goes to the break. "Well, what can you say? We'll be right back."

Next match as we‘re back, Cactus Jack Manson, seconded by Kevin Sullivan vs. Rick Diamond. Diamond has already been roughed up this hour by Humperdink’s men, trying to help Bad News Allan, Gordon reminds us, and Gilbert says it’s about to get worse. He’s right, as Manson kicks, punches, gouges, eye rakes and beats the youngster all over the Sportatorium. Kevin Sullivan also gets in his licks while referee Bill Alfonso is distracted. Jack finally puts away Diamond, after a running knee into the corner, while Diamond is in the upside down “tree of woe” position. 4:30 match

To the podium are Sullivan, Manson, Buzz Sawyer and Mark Lewis. Abdullah is out on a quest, Sullivan says, and Gordon says he does not want to know. The three flunkies pace, bark and are just wild as Sullivan gleefully carries on about Dusty Rhodes being back in Florida. Gordon and Gilbert are surprised but Sullivan says this is the chance to finish him permanently as he wasn’t allowed to touch him the last couple of years but maybe they can collect an eye (another inside reference to WCW, which fired Dusty after a confrontation with the Road Warriors was judged too violent, spike to the eye). The crew finally head on and Gordon immediately gets to the next match, TV time remaining, the Fantastics vs. the Funks.

Next match, the Fantastics vs. the Funks. Gordon lets everyone know just as Dusty’s title was elevated to world status, so was the Funks’ tag belts. About five minutes left in the broadcast so the action is quick from the outset. The Fantastics bedazzle the Funks with their quickness and quick tags before Dory pulls down the rope and Tommy Rogers flies over the top, with Terry distracting the ref.Crowd is extremely hot over this and Terry taunts them.

Double team brawling by the Funks with Bobby Fulton only making it worse, trying to get in and the referee having to stop him. Gilbert remarks how the bleach in his hair made him dumber than he already was, getting some criticism from Gordon. More rule breaking including the branding iron to the gut and Fulton has had enough. He throws Alfonso aside and leaps into the Funks, giving Rogers time to recover and a wild brawl ensues. Gilbert gives the Fantastics their due, saying he’s seen them brawl with the best of them including some from New Zealand before they became cartoon characters (a Sheepherders/Bushwhackers reference) and the Fantastics are getting the best of the Funks as the action goes to the back. 4:30, no contest

A cameraman follows the four to the back and things are finally in control but he hears an argument and points the camera that direction. It’s Barry Windham, arguing with his father Blackjack Mulligan and brother Kendall Windham. Barry says he was back in the locker room getting stitches from his match with Ron Bass during the celebration. Mulligan is heard to tell Barry you’ll get your chance and Barry says it’s gonna be the same way it was, before they see the cameraman and slam the locker room door shut. Show ends on that note.

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