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Re: Your 5 Star Match Lists

Jumbo Tsuruta & Tenryu Genichiro vs. Choshu Riki & Yatsu Yoshiaki (AJPW; 1986-01-28)
***** Yep. That 700mph Tenryu lariat. <3 One of Yatsu’s finest performances. Choshu looking vulnerable for the first time in All Japan makes this a treat. He’s Choshu, he’s not an idiot, so he knows to take it easy and play strategy over power for the most part. As such, he picks his spots and makes those spots special. They beat the piss out of Jumbo and his face while Tenryu kills Choshu, entertainingly breaks up tags and is otherwise a treat to watch. His Choshu trolling is remarkable and puts this over the top for me. Tenryu really outclasses Jumbo and even Choshu overall here. What it really comes down to are the seconds': Yatsu performing at such a high consistency throughout (as a babyface, surprisingly) and Tenryu debuting his soon-to-be infamous, grumpy Tenryu self (from what I’ve seen from this set of matches at least), treating everyone to a highlight reel performance. The Choshu rib injury adds whatever amount of electricity that the title match originally forgot about and the finishing stretch is the first to that point in time causing me to foot stomp. So many little added bits of psych that keep this intense and highly entertaining from start to finish. The best part is that it’s really only a setup for the rematch the following week!

★★★★★ & 92%

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