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Re: WWE: The Cult's Way

Raw Feedback

Iím never keen on having random owners come in and just take over, I donít think McMahon would ever sell to be honest but Iíll simply overlook it for this. This Kelly authority figure is seemingly a menacing heel youíre going for and to be honest thatís how the boss should be. Pretty standard stuff regarding Cena here and a nice announcement for the main event later on.

Punk coming out was surprising but connecting the two main storylines is something I like to see so kudos there. Pretty standard stuff again here with punk and then Miz, itís hard to really comment as thereís not a ton of detail but it got the point across. Another big match for later on now set.

Del Rio finally using his cash? Good to see, wish WWE would do this, makes sense for him to hire Khali.

Seemed a pretty nice opening contest here and I like the idea of Mysterio and Cara teaming. Two flashy guys who to be honest arenít gonna set the world alight in singles competition so why not pair them up? Good win for them in the hunt for gold.

Anything done in BTB is better than real life revolving the Divas and a tournament is a great idea. Big win for Beth but as expected to be honest, never thought Kaitlyn would pose any threat. Hopefully itís Layla in the final for her.

Standard interview from AW here, the whole Kofi turning situation intrigued me, Iíd love to see it in real life tbh so here would be good too.

Didnít particularly like this with Kane and Khali. Probably because anything involving Khali is useless boring lol. Just the whole chokeslamming him through a food table was a bit cheesy though makes Kane look legit. The line after from Kane was also justÖthere. Nothing really to it. Del Rio/Kane over the I.C. title is refreshing though, two solid guys going to battle there.

This was the highlight of the show thus far for me. Barrett imitating Jericho was great and the match afterwards was a really strong statement from him. Excellent stuff heading into their match at Judgment Day, though this doesnít do a lot for Kidd.

Squash match territory here for Bryan, resounding win which is a bit disappointing for Ryder but hey ho. Aftermath was more important and certainly a unique approach to this feud. Cage match should be epic. Just wasnít so sure about the message on the note, didnít quite make sense to me and then how Bryan got out of the cage, surely Orton wouldíve had it locked?

Enjoyed this match and following segment. Makes Miz look like a total jackass while furthering the whole feud nicely. Big win for Sheamus also, even though it was tainted, gives Punk a real uphill task too. Good job.

Big statement made from AW and Henry here. Sheer dominance from the Worldís Strongest Man and good to see too. Wouldíve liked a bit more from the tag champs but never mind, main thing here was the Kofi/Truth/AW stuff.

Pleased to see Layla get the win here and should be a good contest between her and Beth when they meet.

Main event seemed to be solid and itís a HUGE win for Trips, sending a big message in the process too. Aftermath with Kelly was interesting and the burning of the flag shows just how far Cenaís gone but Iím not the biggest fan of it to be honest. I understand Cena wanting to get his hands on Kelly so bad but not entirely sure why he is targeting the company? After all they pay his cheques lol. Did I miss something maybe? Iím not sure. The whole pitting Trips and Cena against each other though is very clever and a very good dick heel move from the new chairman.

On the whole, a decent show. A few things I felt were a bit off or lacking in something but some of the action was good and most things did get the job done or got the point across well enough. Obviously itís a little hard in recap form and maybe a tiny bit more detail wouldnít go a miss BUT you certainly have potential if you stick with this, your ideas are pretty solid and your presentation is strong also. Keep going with it and Iíve no doubts youíll only further improve.
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