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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Hey CP I see we're edging closer and closer to the big PPV, personally can't wait for it. Anyway here it is Smackdown feedback.

Well I have to say I agree with everyone else by saying it was a ballsy move to start with Carlito and Hardy however I think it was a good move all round. I liked the exchange between both men they should have a good match come Summerslam. Unlike the others Matt calling him Carly didn't really grind on me too much.

Again I'd have to agree with the others and say you really do capture Cena very well, and I also love his intense side instead of the usual happy go lucky Cena. Big win for The Pitbulls here and I like the direction you're taking RVD in, it may be similar to 619's RVD situation but yours is hinting more at a heel turn which could be very intriguing. Again I liked his interview with Kristal showing a side of him which has rarely been seen.

I've never liked Hardcore Holly so I'm glad Jbl got the win over him, again I have to agree with the others don't give Lashley a lot of dialogue! , the amount you gave him here though wasn't too much though.

I like the partnership here with Helms & Chavo, their feud seems to be bubbling nicely with London. LOVE the Cryme Tyme vignettes it is right up their street and I can't wait for them to debut.

Nice to see Booker pick up the victory, I'm wondering what Rhyno meant by I'll finish you next week. Again things develop with MNM/RVD scenario really can't wait for the payoff.

Main Event time! I doubted it would end clean because nobody can afford to lose steam before Summerslam, thought the match was well written and left the big build for the go home show next week!

Overall I enjoyed the read CP, I think things are building up well towards the PPV which I can't wait for. Good job mate!
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