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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

First off, I want to thank everybody for all the predictions. I suppose I'll post a winner by the time I get the preview done, but I was truly flabbergasted at the amount of predics. Never thought I had that many people pay much attention to this thread. With that said, I'm trying to get as much writing done as I can in the next week or so and hopefully catch up with some of you that I owe pretty bad, especially those of you who gave me feed.

And I guess it's confession time - I'm growing envious of all you guys doing stuff while I've been momentarily handcuffed. Time to get back in the game with a little news. Baby steps...

Originally Posted by The Informer
~More behind the scenes details are emerging in regards to the upcoming AOW Offseason. While the presented notion to the public is that it is a revolutionary, never-before-explored concept that will keep bodies fresh (which all is true), the true underlying reason is for one reason – money. Not only is AOW financially in the red, which comes as no surprise for a first-year wrestling promotion and isn’t that urgent, but AOW and FX officials have yet to extend AOW’s television deal into the spring. Reports have said that Heyman had to ‘twist some arms’ to get AOW extended into March to give several storylines proper closure before said offseason. The network was also not happy to have a sudden change in Pay-Per-View date – The Outer Limits was said to not take place until June of this year, but was moved up on them to create urgency to extend AOW for at least another month. The Offseason should be used, behind the scenes anyway, to re-negotiate between the two parties and get AOW back on television, or if FX is that displeased with the ordeal, for AOW to find a whole new network to go to.

~While backstage news on the Offseason is continuing to leak out, new details are arising about how AOW will actually do this never-before-explored idea. While the iCards are designed after many independent circuit Internet shows, the main problems come with what to do with the championships and developing actual feuds, the latter of which can be solved using several videos that have been used the last several months. While there are many ideas bouncing around on how to carry the whole Offseason out, nothing is written in stone, but one of the more prominent ideas is to feature some OVW talents.

~In regards to injury news, three cruiserweights are said to be nearing recovery – Psicosis, who was injured over a month ago, Gregory Helms, who suffered a hairline fracture following World Ablaze, and Rey Mysterio. Helms’ fracture isn’t so much bad as was its timing, coming at a time when the roster was in short-supply anyway, leading officials to be very cautious with the injury. Psicosis coming back will hopefully give he and Super Crazy some direction, while Mysterio’s rehab is evidently ‘far ahead of schedule’. Mysterio was expected back anywhere between three to six months following being written off about two months ago. One word going around is Mysterio probably won’t be back until right before the Offseason, in which case, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility to see Rey come back for one big match before finishing rehabbing/resting in the Offseason.

~The AOW roster looks to continue expanding with the additions of Tyler Black and Kofi Kingston, but they may be joined if AOW has kneejerk reactions to some bad news. Recently dethroned Dynasty Champion Muhammad Hassan is having second thoughts about returning to wrestling. Many may remember in AOW’s inception that Hassan had to be coaxed out of retirement after saying he never wanted to wrestle again. In addition to losing a top midcard heel, two of the top heels in the company right now in Bobby Lashley and Paul “The Great’ Wright might also have a foot out of the door. Lashley is questioning his motivation in the wrestling business as well, in addition to needing shoulder surgery he’s put off since leaving the WWE in the summer. Wight has evidently been approached by the WWE in the last few weeks and there’s no indication the giant isn’t thinking about it. If judging by the latest AOW Newswire, they very may well be on the way to recovering a portion of that after the appearance of a certain Englishman…

~In addition to those potentially disastrous losses, AOW was again turned down by Brock Lesnar in a return to wrestling, the company possibly gearing up for the loss of both of those big main event heels. There’s also still mum on the word on who is the man AOW has snatched from the WWE roster whose name isn’t William Regal, the top suspects still being Matt Hardy or John Morrison.

~In minor AOW development news, a wrestler by the name of Alex Riley has been assigned to OVW under contract with AOW.

Until next time, this has been The Informer...

Originally Posted by aohdybya.com


This week on the post-Very Merry War AOW Newswire, Carlito Colon has a message for his early naysayers, Torrie Wilson will have to pay for her actions, Matt Sydal continues his road back to AOW, and The Mercenaries meet a most intriguing gentleman...

Spoiler for The Bad Apple spit shines some light on his actions:

Steve Romero:
Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, the man who made his debut here in Art of War Wrestling – Carlito Colon.
~Colon enters from offscreen, the towel he had last week around his neck and an apple in one hand before looking at Romero as though he just farted

What are joo still doing here? Dis is Carlito’s time!
~Romero looks back at Carlito

Steve Romero:
Uh…I was told you wanted to say a few words and address your actions against Super Crazy last week –
~CARLITO SPITS APPLE INTO ROMERO’S FACE!! Romero stands stupefied and his face formed in a disgusted expression

Steve Romero:
…I think my mouth was open…

Go wipe yourself off, foo’.
~Carlito throws his towel into Romero’s face before turning towards the camera

Carlito jus’ wanted to say a few words to some of joo people. See, Carlito has been getting e-mails – an’ even snail mail – about Carlito being quote ‘disrespectful’ to Super Crazy las’ week. De only thing dat was disrespectful in dat ring las’ week was Super Crazy!
~Carlito is pointing at the camera very angrily

Carlito is a proud Puerto Rican an’ a proud Latin American. But Super Crazy is a disgrace to Hispanic culture. It’s because of foo’s like him dat Carlito can’t walk down de street without some police officer asking Carlito for legal documents, residency papers, an’ a green card!
~Carlito is furious here…

De proud Latino culture is mocked because of de disgrace dat he brings to dis American audience. He fits every stereotype dat Carlito winds up paying for. Das why Carlito made sure he wiped Carlito’s boots a few weeks ago – because das all he’s good for. He is misrepresenting a proud people. An’ dat…das not cool.
~Carlito finally takes his face out of the camera and takes an angry bite out of his apple, but still stares as we fade away…

Spoiler for The Sydal/Kidman Chronicles III:
We’re introduced to what seems like the same warehouse Sydal and Kidman have been training in for the last few weeks, where we do indeed see the image of Sydal doing pushups close to a set-up ring. The camera soon shifts to Billy Kidman in a chair next to him, his feet crossed and on the back of Sydal, relaxing and Sydal forced to bear more weight.

~Sydal struggles to push back up a bit before doing one last one…

…and 200.
~Sydal breathes heavily, but stays composed, as he rises to his feet, prompting Kidman to remove his feet from the youngster

What’re you doing standing up for? You still owe me one hundred and fifty more crunches. And when you’re done, we still have another hour of ring work.

But I have to go –

Whatever you have to do, it has to wait until after you’re good and tired.
~Sydal pants with his hands on his hips before looking at Kidman with hesitant acceptance

~Kidman stands up now, looking somewhat offended at his pupil

Hey, kid, I like you. I like you a lot. But when I say you need something, I expect you to do it without questioning me, alright? How has your stay in AOW gone so far?
~Sydal stays silent

It hasn’t gone exactly as you planned, has it? Now if you wanna stop getting pushed around by guys, you’ll just listen to me, alright, kid?
~Kidman puts a hand on the shoulder of Sydal

Yes, sir.
~Sydal drops to a sitting position, Sydal beginning his sit ups as we fade away…

Spoiler for Mercs, money, and managers...?:
We return to the scene of A Very Merry War in a backstage hall, where we see The Mercenaries – Paul Burchill and Brent Albright going down it, as we see Burchill still in possession of that briefcase holding the $50,000. The two look very satisfied, but soon they’re approached by a man in a business suit. It looks like…WILLIAM REGAL…?

Evening, gents. That’s a nice catch you’ve got there.

Yeah. What’s it to you?

Nothing, my good man. The name’s William Regal. And you two are…Burchill and Albright, I presume? You two seem like two very engaged men. And I’ve seen your ring work. It’s as impeccable as your appearance would make it seem.

What’s this about, old timer?

Nothing, sunshine. Just wanted to congratulate both of you blokes on your success so far. But if you want to start making more than what you’ve got there…you may be hearing from me again. Good day.
~Regal gives a slight nod to the duo before he walks off with as much mystique as when he popped up, leaving Burchill and Albright to glance at one another with peaked interest…

Spoiler for The Price of Defeat:
We’re brought backstage to A Very Merry War once again, Torrie Wilson seen walking through the halls. She seems very distraught, a very emotive walk, and seemingly on the brink of tears, when she’s suddenly stopped by a familiar face…

The Miz:
Torrie Wilson! It’s been a while, huh, girlfriend? Where’ve you been?
~Miz sounds incredibly taunting as he cuts Wilson’s path off

Miz, please, leave me alone. This is absolutely not the time.

The Miz:
But we need to catch up! I mean, you’ve been gone for so long and then all of a sudden you pop back up at work. How’s that boyfriend of yours, by the way? Still a psychotic piece of wacko?

He’s not my boyfriend and he’s not psychotic. Now Miz, please move.

The Miz:
I can’t do that, Torrie. You’re kind of a wanted woman. As a matter of fact, Paul Heyman wants to see you in his office. Now.
~Wilson pushes the hair out of her face and her frantic pace seems to be significantly slowed before she feels something behind her. She then turns around…to see Paul “The Great” Wright looming over her. Wilson’s face grows frightened as she starts waking away from Miz now, Wright following her, assumingly making sure she goes to Heyman’s office. Miz has a very satisfied grin on his face as we fade away…

Hope all don't crucify me for the potential addition. Actual preview should be up soon once the show has the finishing touches on it.


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
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