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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

JAM's Review

To repeat what TWG and Flux said, trusting Matt and Carlito to open the show is definitely a brave move. However, in doing so, the prestige of the United States Title just went up as two guys are definitely fitting to carry on the title. As of late, I've seen the titles been rather prestigious because of the depth that WWE had in it's roster. Shame that they didn't capitalize on it. Anyway, the exchange between the two was great with Matt having that “never back down” attitude. I didn't like Matt calling Carlito “Carly” though. I know it's his name but I would've stuck with Carlito. These two meeting at Summerslam will definitely be a treat but I didn't like how they just all of sudden made a match. Maybe have it confirmed by having Teddy Long come out or something but yeah, good opening segment here man.

Some strong words here from Cena. I do love it when someone writes Cena's aggressive side, it's always a fun thing to read. You capture him pretty good here, no complaints. I like how he emphasizes how ironic the situation is with Kurt calling him a coward despite having Kurt attack him from behind last week. Good booking here.

Yup, this thing with RVD is definitely getting out of hand. Definitely a heel turn will happen which will be cool to see. I don't think I've seen anyone book RVD as a heel so it may come off unlike RVD at first but I'm sure we'll all get used to it. Nice use of Taz here playing the “I've known him for a long time card” to have him be shocked at RVD's actions as well. And after when Kristal went to get a word with RVD, I like how you have him acting all innocent, making us doubt that maybe he won't turn heel.

Poor Hardcore Holly doing the jobbing here. Anyway, I like that you're keeping JBL strong here, he was definitely one of the biggest heels over at Smackdown. You've now used the attack and escape route twice in the show. I think that should be the maximum but hey, whatever works to get these feuds going. I agree with the two guys who commented that Lashley shouldn't have said as much as he did but I was fine with what he said. Just don't expect Lashley to have more mic time in the future, hopefully I'm right

You're just on fire with the interviews tonight. Loving this Randy Orton, him as a heel was awesome! I like the way that you conducted business as usual with him, showing that he's a no-nonsense guy. But when it came to the question regarding Cena, I do believe you've planted the seeds for a future feud between the two and I don't mind that at all. Both were definitely on fire and it would have made for a hell of a feud.

Another division that has been heating up is the Cruiserweight Division. You definitely got the right guys involved in a feud here. A young guy in London and veterans in Chavo and Helms. I'm thinking London brings back Kendrick or some partner later on down the line to fend off the two veterans but we'll see. Should be great.

I've been laughing this entire time reading this video package. Just imagining these two messin' with golfers is brilliant. You write these two pretty well and it's just hilarious. Hope we see about one or two more video packages before you debut them. Hell, make them have their own show just like how Morrison and Miz had the Dirt Sheet. Definitely can't wait for these two to debut man.

Won't comment too much on the Booker T/Rhyno feud since I'm not really a fan of it. Fast forward to the MNM promo, it was another good one. Good job having Melina as their mouthpiece here, definitely a great heel group. Great gimmick, great in-ring ability, great matches. Have them slug it out with Cryme Tyme!

The main event definitely wasn't getting a clean finish, not a bad idea. You furthered both feuds along nicely having both guys with some heel tactics against Cena and 'Taker. Hopefully it picks up on the go-home show as they're both really big feuds. Definitely think that the faces will get the upperhand at the go-home show, we shall see.

Loving the show man, more than RAW at the moment. Cryme Tyme was definitely the highlight for me here, loving that tag team. Along with you catching Cena and Orton perfectly, everything else flowed nicely, good job with the show man! Get to Summerslam already!

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