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Re: Unpopular Music Opinions

Originally Posted by asdf0501 View Post
Possessed says hello.

- Michael Jackson was a great musician but not worthy of "Greatest Pop Artist of All Times", he was Good on his own but his best work was when he was working with Quincy Jones who help wroting a bunch of the themes and producing the discs, after that he begin to rip other artists (like Prince, who is a better musician) and heavily depend on Gigs and Videoclips to held his own.

- The most Influencial bands of The Century are The Velvet Underground and Black Sabbath (letting aside The Beatles)

- Ozzy, being a great frontman, is a overrated hack who has made a career getting the credit for other's man work (Iommi, Butler, Rhoads, Lee, Daisley, etc)

- Madonna pretty much sucks

- The Rolling Stones die after 1973 (this is probably not really unpopular)
I think what he's trying to say is that Death were the most influential DM band.

on topic:

- Most classic rock and Pink Floyd are insanely boring.
- Rolling Stone produces some of the most god awful "best guitarists" lists. The Edge? What about an innovator like Ron Thal and others that can produce sounds without the use of 37 pedals?
- I don't think that catchiness and corporate status in themselves are bad things, especially in the case of pop music. I think what's bad is lazy compositions and a lack of real creative vision.
- "Playing from the heart" is stupid.

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