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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

First time Iíve given feedback to anything of yours for a while, IIRC, if ever actually. So if Iím unsure of a few things then I do apologise

Opening the show with the US title picture is a brave, but good decision, IMO. Especially given the star power that Smackdown has in the form of Cena, Angle, Orton, Taker etc. What both Carlito and Hardy had to say as pretty generic tbh; nothing groundbreaking but there was nothing to fault, really. I became pretty sick Hardy calling Carlito ďCarlyĒ but that may just have been me? I liked the way Carlito brought up Matt and Jeff; how they were destined for greatness etc. But they havenít exactly reached it. Iím surprised to see Carlito take the first shot, but I liked the way that even though he did take the first shot, he still ended up on the tail-end of things. Interesting enough segment Ė like i said, nothing groundbreaking but nothing to complain about. Solid opening

Very intense from Cena here, but done in character as well. I hope you keep this rather intense Cena around (Iím not sure if youíve already built him like that already) but I just hope he sticks like that. Heís much better like that and the way you write him is a pleasure to read, good enough segment.

Iím not completely sure what this MNM/RVMYSTERIO storyline is all about, but nevertheless, Iíll comment on what I can. Well, it was a huge upset victory for Noble and Kash, which is only a good thing Ė A big fan of both men, singles and as a team. Interesting way to end the match. A possible RVD turn perhaps? I donít know. Thereís obviously a reason behind it, compelling stuff.

Hmm, unsure of RVD here. Yeah, the message he got across was clear, but it didnít sound like Van Dam at all. Maybe that was what you were trying to get at... But I dunno, I just found it realy ahrd to picture Van Dam using those words? Granted, he wasnít really a promo cutter, and when he did they were pretty generic... meh, iím rambling here, but yeah Ė The message was good, the dialogue not so much.

@lmao I love JBL, one of my favourite characters of this time period, and you wrote him well here. The squash was simple enough, and the promo was great tbh. I found myself reading all of it in his voice, which is only a good sign, right? Haha, anyway, I digress. @ Layfield running, typical haha. Even though you kept Lashleyís piece rather short, it wasnít short enough, IMO. I feel a simple enough ďYesĒ or ďYouíre onĒ etc. Would have done the trick. The less Lashley talks, the more intense he seems and the more impressive he looks, IMO. at Johnís last few words as well, lovely.

Legend Killer Orton > Any other Orton, and like a lot of times tonight, you wrote him very well and characterised him well. What he had to say was great, and maybe itís just me or did I see you possibly planting the seeds for Orton/Cena down the line? Good way to promote the main event for tonight and decent enough segment to promote the Summerslam rematch.

ď Michael Cole: Well we know thatís not gonna be a problem for either of íem is it?Ē

;lmao I miss innocent, face Michael Cole sometimes. I like the way you arenít excluding the CWs from the rest of the roster and youíre allowing them to mix it up with the rest of the wrestlers, really adds prestige to the division and makes the wrestlers seem like proper threats to anybody. As soon as I saw Helms and Chavo come down to commentary, I knew theyíd get involved, not that thatís a bad thing though because it made sense. London challenging at Summerslam? I donít know, Summerslam is stacked already, donít see where it could fit in, I donít know.

Intense Angle >

Cryme Tyme, good choice, very good tag team, IMO. Unique gimmick, good chemistry and both decent enough in the ring. It bewilders me how they didnít win the tag team championships at least once during their tenure, but oh well. Hopefully you do well with them. The package was nice, I can imagine it being very fun to create and write them, tbh

Big announcement about the 2/3 falls match next week, smart stuff seeing as I, once again, canít see that fitting on an already stacked SS card. Booker was always going to win here, and I can see him getting the victory next week simply because he has more to gain. Although I am a Rhyno mark and i would love to see a push for him in 2005 WWE, tbh.

Iím still confused about this MNM/ReyRVD storyline, but hey, Iíll get to grips with it eventually. @ Mercury and Nitro being Melinaís bitches, practically. Good stuff.

Iím not normally a fan of ďheel 1 and heel 2 vs. Face 1 and face 2 just because heel 1 hates face 1 and heel 2 hates face 2Ē type thangs, if that makes sense... ... but I wasnít too bothered about this. It developed both feuds well, provided an exciting, star studded main event and created intrigue heading in to the go home show. Solid stuff once again

All in all, mate, the show was solid. Nothing exactly groundbreaking, but there was nothing really to complain about either, and thatís exactly the type of show I want heading in to the go home show. Save it all for then, and then the PPV. You characterised Orton very well, and he and Angle were the highlights of the show, despite not really getting much in the way of mic time etc. JBL was also on form here, which is always a pleasure to read. Keep it up

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