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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Opening segment starting out with these guys does a lot for the prestige of the US Championship, as you have other big rivalries going on that could have kicked off the show. You have Carlito perfect here, and what he says makes a lot of sense and I hope that he does start to move up the ranks on Smackdown in the coming weeks/months. But the unfortunate thing was that I knew that this was going to lead to a match being made at Summerslam, and you're kind of stuck in a hole here, because Hardy has basically only just won the title, and Carlito needs the win after all of this hype he has given himself. So one man loses all of their momentum at Summerslam. Hardy was on point here too, and you characterised him very well as you do with everyone in this BTB. This segment did well to hype up the match and I liked that you gave it a very personal touch with both men getting the other's family involved. The brawl at the end was a good touch, and Hardy getting the better of it was needed after Carly won the war of words. Great start to the show.

Cena being up next was the right move, as he could have well started the show but I'm glad you gave it to Hardy and Carly. Cena calling Kurt out for what went down last week was good because it is typical 2005 Cena. You say I do Cena well but you've got him nailed. You've done well to always get in all of his little mannerisms and the way he speaks down to a T. Solid interview, and a very good John Cena (I can learn a lot from that)

Another solid win for the Pitbulls; two big ones in a row. This one though does a WORLD more than beating the Mexicools last week. But I'll get to the main issue here, and the implosion of RVD & Rey. Mysterio was made to look like a million dollars in this match, and it only makes RVD's desertion seem even more impactful, as he did cost the team the win here against inferior opposition. This whole sotryline you have going on with RVD reminds me a little of what is happening in 619's thread but you definitely have your own spin on it, which is good. His words to Krystal afterwards were very uncharacteristic and you've done great to show the effect that this whole MNM ordeal has had on RVD, and it is great writing.

Hardcore Holly... fun times Standard squash win for Jibbles here, and I liked how he was disgusted with Holly afterwards The promo afterwards was good, but maybe a little of fatigue shown by JBL would have been good, but you were trying to get across that it wasn't any effort for him to beat Holly, so I understand that. As much as I enjoy watching Lashley dominate in the ring... he should not be let anywhere near a microphone. I always cringe whenever I see him being given some dialogue, as it makes me think of him actually saying it. I think given Lashley's poor excuse of mic skills and his whole bad-ass persona, a short "You're on!" would have sufficed here, but I'm glad he didn't get a whole monologue. The closing line from JBL was really well executed,too.

Orton interview was pretty standard for him around this time. He plays up himself for the main event and what he did last week, so nice and simple booking there. The emphasis you give on certain words with Orton is good, because that is how he used to deliver his promos and interviews, so you must have done your homework, so hats off to you. The paragraph at the end was awesome, as you've teased a Cena/Orton feud a few times but I think this is the real hint that Orton is up next for Cena after Angle at Summerslam.

Nice to see you crossing over with the Cruiserweights, with London taking on the much bigger Chris Masters. Masters getting the win because of the distraction isn't as big as getting a clean win, but it is something for him to build on, and maybe introduce himself into the US Title picture after Summerslam. I love Helms, as he is such a good character to have in a BTB, better than Hurricane. Never would have pictured Chris Masters going up to the top rope though!

You've outdone yourself with this video. Trust me mate, this was BRILLIANT. I know you were concerned over how the last one went down but this one was even better than that, and if I am honest this was one of the main things I was looking forward to in this show. Can't wait to see what Cryme Tyme gets up to next!

Glad to see the whole Booker vs Rhyno angle is ending next week on Smackdown; I don't think it is high profile enough to make it onto Summerslam, especially with everything else you have going on. This should have been a routine win for Booker and I'm glad it was, also good to see a more aggressive side of him, too. I thought Rhyno would have made a different kind of impact here, I was sensing a post-match surprise Gore, but I get why you're saving it for next week.

GREAT development in this whole angle now, and the intrigue continues as to what happened at GAB. Expecting a heated argument between Long and RVD next week.

This match was a BLOCKBUSTER, and I knew that with everything going on it wasn't going to end clean. Smart booking not to let the Summerslam opponents getting too much of each other, the brawl between Orton and Taker was good, and I expected something like this to go down. I'm surprised Angle went for this, because I thought he would have taken advantage and hit Cena with an Angle Slam and got the win, but I guess he didn't because then Cena would complain that he got him from behind again. The kick in the nuts is always good to put in a heated rivalry for that shock factor, and you certainly got that here. I noticed the tenseness between Cena and Taker

Another top notch show, and some smart booking decisions included. The RVD situation is really catching my eye, as well as the prospect of JBL vs Lashley at Summerslam. Everything advanced well and a lot of loose ends to tie up next week. Getting closer to the big one!
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