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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

JAM's Review

First of all, I'd like to say thanks for giving me recaps to really get into this properly. Was really trying to get into this thread but it was really hard since you've gone far in it already, so yeah, thanks again. Anyway, onto the review.

Vince was definitely the right person to open RAW here. His alliance with Lashley, Shane, and Brooke is definitely one of the better alliances that I've seen formed here in the BTB section. I like the attitude that Vince has since he's the boss, abusing his power to gain what he wants, and that's Lashley to be champion. However, the interruption for Linda proves otherwise. I hope that she doesn't stick around too long because I'm not too high on her. Will be interesting to finally see these Board of Directors live, and would be rather ironic for Vince to hear those words he always says, “You're Fired!” Definitely looking forward to that. Good opening to the show and a great match to start it off with Cena and probably the superstar with the most momentum on RAW, the IC Champ, Kenny Dykstra.

Dykstra looked really good against Cena despite the loss. Agree with Stojy here that this is a simple booking strategy that isn't used too often. Nonetheless, the kid looked strong against a proven main eventer in Cena, simple as that. Good booking here.

Don't really get the decision by Linda to forbid Orton from using the briefcase as a weapon, didn't really think it was needed. In fact, I think you kind of took away from the whole thing by forbidding that, would've been good to incorporate that in a storyline somewhere. Who knows, Orton isn't really one to comply by the rules. Agree with the feedback that said it was hard to picture Stephanie as a caring person because of her character being heel so much. I did like that she emphasized that HBK has definitely changed because that much is true. Another backstage segment here, maybe it could've been stretched out a little better. But RVD's interview was pretty standard here, he came off as a fighting champion and that is always good to see. As for his thoughts about the board meeting next week, it was probably just another way to hype up the event.

Was quite shocked to see the SES win here, was definitely pulling for The Hart Legacy. SES definitely has an interesting story behind them with Punk curing Dinsmore. But anyway, definitely liking the tag team division on RAW especially with TWGTT leading the way. Another interesting development here as you have them just applaud the team that they're gonna face? Probably all just mind games once again. They'll definitely provide a good match at the Pay-Per-View.

Liking this Carlito interview a lot. Proves that Carlito can one day main event. And with him seemingly having problems with the boss, it can really elevate him up the card. His match with Lashley later on tonight should be a good one. Really liking that the Intercontinental Championship is looking rather valuable as of late especially with guys like Dykstra and Carlito having the kind of feud they're having over it. Brilliant.

This was the highlight of the show for me, even if I didn't read the other parts yet, I can just tell that this was one hell of a segment if it really did happen. I like HHH mentioning the people that he has taken out and that he'd gladly do the same to HBK. But HBK had a great line where he said that HHH is gonna regret doing this because he should've listened to HBK. There were lots of great lines in this exchange between the two, it's definitely a big feud and I don't know if Backlash is a big enough PPV if this feud were to truly end.

Definitely a fan of his ROH days but let's hope that you let him be enjoyable instead of the crap that WWE has him doing at the moment.

Oh man, I thought Carlito would pull out the win in this match. But I do think that Lashley needed this win more because of his recent losing streak in big matches. Especially being Vince's lackey, he needed to look strong. Was kind of surprised that we didn't see Dykstra or Torrie out to cause some kind of distraction though. Nonetheless, a good match here and the right man won. Oh wait, here comes the interaction, definitely better than I thought. JR plays Torrie's new role here quite well calling her a jezebell, haha. Definitely liking this outcome instead of the distraction that they could have caused in Carlito's match earlier on.

I don't like that it seems Victoria is Beth's lackey, she should definitely get a shot at the title as well. The Divas are looking strong with women like Mickie, Victoria, and Beth being in the title picture a lot, I hope you continue to do this. It could even rival TNA's Knockouts Division.

Oh man, Orton vs. RVD was just a great match. The two definitely had some good chemistry in the match, but the aftermath is what really stole the show. Again, not a big fan of Linda so seeing her a lot is gonna take some getting used to. But just when Vince was about to announce what he wanted, Linda comes out and makes her own decision but it's definitely a good one for RAW next week.

Overall, a really enjoyable RAW. It seems that one week, SD out-does RAW then the next week RAW out-does SD, it's just great to see that. HHH/HBK was definitely the highlight of the show for me while seeing good pushes for Dykstra and Carlito was refreshing to see. As for SD, I'm really looking forward to see what happens after a very chaotic scene to end the show last week. Doing great bro, onto the next show!

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