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Re: WWE 2011: Summer of Punk; Seasons Change



San Francisco; California - Cow Palace

THE CHAMP IS HERE, WWE opening hits.

Instead of the theme song, we get a flashback to Summerslam. Christian is shown in the ring before his World Heavyweight Title match.


I promised everybody that I had a very special suprise here tonight, and here he is: my best friend the Rated R Superstar, Edge!

Edge comes down to the ring, and hugs Christian.


When I left, I felt like I had handed the torch off to Christian. I left the door open a crack and you kicked it wide open and became the World Heavyweight Champion, and I was so proud of you.

Christian smirks and nods.


I thought it was unfair that Teddy Long made you defend the title five days after a ladder match.

A clip is then showed of Orton RKOing Christian on the Smackdown after Extreme Rules and subsequently being pinned.


Never have I seen so much joy and so much sorrow in one ring. Orton's title reighn begins while Christian's has already ended.


You didn't think it was fair, and I didn't think it was fair.

Christian nods.


And then you came out and you complained about it the next week.

Christian now appears a bit puzzled.


And the week after that, and the week after that, and the week after that, and the week after that, and the week after that, and the week after that.

The promo now takes a more darker turn. Every time Edge says, "And the week after that" a shot of Christian bitching on the mic is shown.


You whined and you moaned. You asked for oppritunity after oppritunity, rematch after rematch, and you got it. You won back the World heavyweight Championship, two-time World Heavyweight Champion!

Christian now is a bit more comfortable, patting the World title that is around his waist.

Edge(shaking his head):

But ya did it by disqualification?


I did some pretty horrible things in this ring, but I didn't hide behind suits. I didn't hide behind lawyers. I didn't hide behind clipboards.

Christian looks genuinely hurt by Edge's words. As the screen flashes to pictures of Christian's lawyers and contracts.


Somewhere along the line Christian, you became a disgrace to yourslf.

Christian now looks at Edge with very hurt eyes and says, "What are you talking about?"


You're better than that; you know it. I love ya' till the day I die, you're my best friend that's never gonna change, you know that. But you need to hear this from me, because you're not gonna hear this from anybody else. I didn't know my best friend would become a crying, moaning, little bitch.

Edge's last word echoing is all thats heard as Christian is shown obviously feeling the effect of Edge's words. Edge leaves the ring and heads up the ramp as Christian ponders what Edge just said. Randy Orton's music hits and he's ready.


Awww man! Here comes Randy Orton!

The video quickly flashes to highlights from the match.

-Christian hitting Orton with a Kendo stick

-Orton nailing Christian with a Trash can

-Christian back suplexing Orton through a table


Back and forth these two go!

-Now we see Orton setting up for the Punt Kick, Orton runs at Christian, but Christian spears Orton! Christian only gets a two count however.

-Now the video shows Chirstian grabbing two chairs and setting up for the conchairto! Christian tries for it, but Orton moves!

-The finish sees Orton and Christian on paralell ladders, then Orton grabs Christian's head GOING FOR AN RKO OFF THE LADDER!! But, Christian counters and HITS A KILLSWITCH OFF THE LADDER!! Christian covers for the win!


By hook or crook, Christian did it!

The video ends with Christian holding the title in the air on top of the ramp.


We cut to the broadcast table with Josh Mathews, Booker T, and a familiar face.


No ladies and gentlemen, Michael Cole did not suddenly get much more handsome. I'm Matt Striker along with my broadcast partners Josh Mathews and Booker T!


What a show we have for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen! Randy Orton takes on the returning Justin Gabriel!

Booker T:

And Teddy Long will make an announcement concernin' da' World Heavyweight Championship, aww you gotta love it!


The crowd react rather negatively to the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian. Christian is wearing his "Hit The Switch" t-shirt and the World Title around his waist. His face is suprisingly not one of jubilation, but one of sorrow.


Here comes Christian, and to the suprise of many, he is still the World Heavyweight Champion.


I'd be lyin' of I said I thought dat' Christian would still be da' Champ! Especially, after what his boy Edge said to him!


Well, Edge questioned Christian's manhood and in my opinion that lit a fire inside of Christian.

Christian is in the ring now, mic in hand, waiting for the heat to settle.


Sunday night was supposed to be a very, very, happy night for me. I was going to retian my World Heavyweight Championship with my best friend Edge in my corner.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction to this as thier are many Edgeheads in attendence.


And while I retained my World Championship, I left Los Angeles disapointed.

The crowd boos at Christian's mention of retaining the title.


The reason for that was my friend Edge, my very best friend Edge, told me a I had become......

Christian pauses.


A bitch.

The crowd pops at the mention of the word.


At first I was mad. Really mad. Then after I beat Randy Orton-

Christian has to stop as the crowd boos very loudly at his last comment.


After I beat Orton, I walked up the ramp..... and I felt...empty.

Christian pauses, again.


I didn't know why, but it wouldn't go away. This awful, empty, feeling..... it just wouldn't go away. So, while everyone went to the bar, I went back to my room. I lay there, staring at the World Heavyweight Championship, thinking about two things. What Edge said and my path to where I am today.

Christian actually gets a bit choked up before he continues speaking.


I started my career in 1995, with my friend Adam. He was Sexton Hardcastle and I was known as Christian Cage. I had the time of my life! I was living my dream with my best friend. Then we got hired by WWE, and we became known as Edge and Christian.

The crowd cheers the mention of legendary tag team.


We put our bodies on the line each and every night for each and every one of you. And we loved it. We held the WWE Tag Team Championships more than any other team in WWE history!

The crowd cheers again.


Eventually, we had to go our seperate ways, and both he and I pledged to be a World Champion. And credit to him, he did it, he became WWE Champion.

The crowd cheers again for Edge.


I was another story. No matter how hard I tried, how hard I fought, I couldn't do it. I just couldn't become a World Champion. It became extremely frustrating, to the point where I left the WWE in 2005.

Christian pauses again as the crowd says "What?" obnoxiously.


Eventually, it ate at me so much, that I came back, and you people welcomed me back with open arms. However, I came back here because I had unfinished business. I was on my way to a World Title shot when I got hurt by Alberto Del Rio. It was at this point...... that I started contemplating retirement.

The crowd seems pretty shocked at this.


I figured it was never going to happen... I was not meant to be the World Champion. Once more, however, I got a call from a guy who's name you've heard me say a few times, Edge. He told me that the only guy who could stop me was myself. I thought about that for a long time, and decided that no matter what I had to do, no matter how long I had to wait, I was going to be a World Champion!

Another mixed reaction


And so I stood in the corner at Wrestlemania, watching my best friend defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio. Not knowing it would be the last time I would see him wrestle, just knowing how proud I was of my best friend.

Now everyone is cheering.


Eight days later, was a night I'll never forget, for a number of reasons. On RAW, Edge told the whole world that he had to retire from the business he and I loved so much. That night, I probably cried more than he did, and then he told me something I'll never forget.

Christian gets choked up again and now the entire crowd is in his favor.

Christian(Holding back tears):

He told me, "My loss is your gain." I was confused, I asked him what he met, he said, "This is the chance you've been waiting for. The chance to take the ball and run with it." And he was right, I had a chance, and I took it. At Extreme Rules, I defeated Alberto Del Rio in a ladder match! And let me tell you, every bump, every bruise, that I'd suffered over the past decade and a half, when I grabbed that title it seemed to go away in an instant.

The crowd really applauds Christian's efforts now.


Then four nights later, it all ended like that. Every bump, every bruise, every broken bone, every second that I missed with my family, for the past 15 years..... gone in just four days.

Some of the crowd boos while others cheer.


I can't tell you how frustrated I was. I was mad at Teddy Long. I was mad at Randy Orton. And although I didn't want to admit it...... I was mad at...... myself. As the months continued and I complained and complained, I got more and more mad at myself. I didn't realize it, but I was hindering myself. Every time, I had a match with Randy Orton, it was in the back of my head the whole time. The fact that all my years of hard work had been ended in four days by Randy Orton. Every time I lost was a dagger right through my heart. Each time I wondered if I could ever again be World Heavyweight Champion. I wondered if all my years of hard work, all my years of falling off of ladders, all my years of getting my head ented in by chairs, all my years of getting put through table, was worth it.

The crowd is now quiet listening to Christian's story.


Then my frustration turned to despiration, I became almost like an addict. I NEEDED the World Heavyweight Championship. I can't tell you how many sleepless nights I had. Just imagine dedicating your body, your whole life to one purpose, and having it taken from you in less than one week. It changed me into a guy I really didn't like and not many people did.

The crowd still remains silent.


I didn't want to admit it, I didn't want to hear it from anybody who tried to help me..... but, once more my best friend told me exactly what I needed to hear. I didn't want to hear it, but I needed to hear it. Even though, it didn't feel good, it was the kick in the ass I needed. I beat Randy Orton!

Another largely mixed reaction.


But, for the past few days, I've been wondering: how was I able to do it this time? How was I able to beat the man I couldn't beat before? After a very long time I realized what it was. I realized that I wrestled that match not as who I've been for the past 3 months, but I as who I've been for the past 15 years. I was no longer the whiny, sniveling, Christian..... I was Captain Charisma!!

The crowd pops big at this realizing what this means.... Christian is turning face!


That's right! My name is Christian! I am your World Heavyweight Champion and (slaps chest) Captain Charisma! I don't plan on either changing anytime soon!

The crowd is going nuts now and chanting "Christian!" as Christian smiles in the ring.



The crowd somehow gets even louder for "The Apex Predator" Randy Orton! Christian still has a confident smirk on his face in stark contrast to his reaction to Randy in the past few months. Orton enters the ring with his own mic.


Christian.... or Captain Charisma, I don't give a damn who you are. The only thing I care about is that you have MY World Heavyweight Title! So if you are no longer the man who hides behind his lawyers and contracts, the man who thinks his win over me wasn't a fluke, give me a REMATCH!

The crowd pops wanting this to happen big time. Christian continues to smirk.


You want a rematch, Orton? You want me to put your head through the ring again? Anytime. Anywhere.

The crowd cheers loudly again.

Orton(smirking himself):

You don't fool me Christian. You may come out here and act all brave and tough. But when we do have our rematch, I will expose you, for the bitch, you ar-

CHRISTIAN SLAPS ORTON IN THE FACE! The crowd goes pretty nut considering Christian just slapped perhaps the most dangerous man in the WWE. Orton's face is stone cold, his head not moving since being slapped.


You do NOT call me a bitch, you understand, Orton?! I was wrestling while you were going A-Wall in the army! While I was clawing my way to the top, you were riding Triple H's coatails there! I had to wrok my ass off to get where I am today, while you got here because your daddy is a hall of famer! I'm not the bitch Orton, you ar-

ORTON TAKES CHRISTIAN DOWN WITH A DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN AND BEGINS TO HAMMER CHRISTIAN WITH RIGHT HANDS! The crowd is going abosolutley wild as Orton continues to pound Christian's face in! Suddenly, CHRISTIAN TURNS THE TABLES AND GETS ON TOP OF ORTON AND WAILS AWAY AT ORTON!! Several referees and lower card superstars come to break it up! They fill the ring and hold Christian and Orton in opposite corners. Orton is forced out of the ring and Christian remains in. Orton tries to break through at the same time Christian does but, the masses hold them back. Christian yells, "ANYTIME! ANYWHERE! ORTON!"


We come back from the break ready for our opening match.


The Usos
enter to a decent pop as they perform the Siva Tau on top of the ramp. Jimmy Uso then enters the ring as Jey takes his place at ringside.


A decent amount of heat comes the way of Tyson Kidd followed by a decent pop for his uprising accomplice, MICHAEL HAYES! Hayes has the mic as he walks down the ramp with Tyson Kidd.


For the few of you who do not know, my name is Michael "P.S." Hayes. I am in the business of managing future legends and let me tell ya... business is good. This young man here is Tyson Kidd. Whether it's by the old cratchity wrestlers in the dungeon or here in the WWE, he has been overlooked for far, far, too long. However, I see what they don't see. I see a legend in the making. I see a superstar of superstars in young Mr. Kidd. And believe me when I say when Michael Hayes says he sees a star, he sees a star.

Kidd enters the ring smirking, obviously happy with his new manager.


And trust me, these two "savages" are far beneath Tyson Kidd's standards.

The Usos look at each other, obviously offended.

Jimmy Uso w/Jey Uso vs. Tyson Kidd w/Michael Hayes


A really fast paced match between these tow. They're actually given some time to show off thier talet. At one point, Kidd slips out of the ring to speak with his Hall of Fame manager. The crowd boos the obvious excuse to exit the ring. Meanwhile, Jimmy SPRINGBOARDS onto one side of the ring and then to the outside for a TRIANGLE PLANCHA!! Kidd goes right down in front of P.S. Hayes! Jimmy is quick to his feet and rolls Tyson in the ring. Jimmy covers!






Kidd kicks out!

Jimmy picks up Kidd and pulls him toward the middle of the ropes. Jimmy chops Kidd hard, inciting a loud "Ooooo" from the fans (Or perhaps it was "Wooo?"). After this Jimmy whips Kidd into the opposite ropes and awaits Kidd on the rebound...... which never happens as Kidd hooks his arms in the ropes to stop his momentum. Jimmy runs toward Kidd..... who kicks Jimmy in the face and flips on the ring apron, in one fluid motion. KIDD SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE TOP ROPE............ INTO A POWESLAM FROM JIMMY USO!! This impressive move brings the crowd right out of thier seats! Jimmy covers!






No! Kidd kicks out!

Jimmy rises to his feet and does a dance as he waits for Kidd to rise to his feet. When Kidd does, Jimmy nails him with a hard savate kick to the gut. Jimmy then throws Kidd into the corner. Jimmy heads to the opposite corner, and runs toward back at Tyson Kidd for a CORNER SPLASH...... but Kidd moves, and Jimmy hits the corner hard! Jimmy stumbles out of the corner, into the center of the ring, doubled over. Meanwhile, Kidd hits the ropes...... AND NAILS A RUNNING DROPKICK TO THE SIDE OF JIMMY USO'S HEAD! Cover!






No! Jimmy kicks out!

Tyson, obviously frustrated, looks toward Michael Hayes, who yells back, "That's ok! Capitalize! Keep the pressure on 'im!" Kidd nods and grabs the rising Jimmy Uso in a front headlock. Kidd drags Uso towards the corner. Tyson now climbs to the 2nd rope while still holding Jimmy's head. Tyson now twirls his in the air.... AND JUMPS FOR THE TORNADO DDT...... but Jimmy Uso doesn't go down!! Jimmy is carrying Tyson Kidd toward the center of the ring! Jimmy throws Tyson up..... AN CATCHES KIDD WITH A SAMOAN DROP ON THE WAY DOWN!! WOW! The crowd is really impressed with that one! Jimmy covers!





3, NO! Tyson barely pops the shoulder up!

Jimmy is shocked! The crowd is shocked! Jey is shocked! The commentators are shocked! Perhaps the only person in the arena not shocked that Tyson Kidd kicked out is the man formerly known as Doc Hendrix. Hayes claps his hands approvingly. Meanwhile, Kidd is barely recovering and inching toward the corner. Kidd sits in the corner, exhausted. Jimmy looks toward the corner and smiles, realizing what to do next. Jimmy heads toward the opposite corner, and RUNS TOWARD TYSON FOR THE SAMOAN BUTT SMASH....... BUT TYSON COUNTERS WITH A DROPKICK TO THE LOWER BACK OF JIMMY! Kidd then grabs the top turnbuckle from his sitting position, as Jimmy grabs his lower back/butt. Tyson awaits his opponent to turn around, AND LEAPS THROUGH THE AIR............. AND NAILS THE BLOCKBUSTER!! Kidd quickly recovers and rises to his feet. Kidd then goes toward Jimmy's lower body, grabs his legs, AND APPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER! Jimmy tries to hold on





but has no choice but to tap!!!

Tyson Kidd

After the match, Kidd keeps the sharpshooter applied, and Jey Uso enters the ring and shoves Kidd off his submission in order to save his brother. Tyson and Jey get in each other's face as the ref and Hayes get between the two. Hayes yells at Tyson, "He's not worth it! Tyson! He's not worth it!" Tyson cools down and exits the ring as Jey checks on his brother.


Backstage, Teddy Long is shown working. There is a knock at his door.


Come in!

Wade Barrett
walks in the office and you can hear the heat from the crowd outside.


You wanted to see me?


Yes, Wade I just wanted to-


Unless it's concerning me getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, Long, I don't wnat to hear it. I won at Summerslam and I'm the very best superstar you have on the roster. If you have even half a brain, Long, you wouldn't even hesitate to name me the numbah' one contendah'!


Are ya' finished, playa'?

Barrett remains silent.


Good, now at Night of Champions, the World Heavyweight Championship will be defended in a Four Way Championship Scramble match!

The crowd pops as Wade Barrett's face turns sour.


Now Wade, you will have an oppritunity to qualify for that match, playa'. I was going to give you a week to rest after your match at Summerslam, but due to your lack of respect for me, your match will be.... tonight!

The crowd cheers for the announcement as Barrett looks livid.


Toinight? TONIGHT?! This is an absolute joke! W-who's my opponent?

Long pauses.



The crowd cheers as Barrett immediately storms out of the room.


Once again we come back to the ring.

JOBBER ALERT: Johnny Curtis is in the ring, without entrance music.

Ted DiBiase
walks onto the stage to heat with a mic in hand.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is my great pleasure to introduce to you. The NEW, the IMPROVED, the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, Cody Rhodes!


The crowd boos as Cody Rhodes enters but now he doesn't have a protective mask or bag people with him. In thier place is a sleeveless white vest with a hood. One thing that remains constant is the Intercontinental Championship around his waist. Rhodes has a big smile on his face as he goes to the ring with his lackey, Ted DiBiase by his side. Rhodes grabs a mic.


My name is Cody Rhodes, and I am your Intercontinental Champion.

The crowd boos Cody Rhodes.


When I won the title, I realized, I don't need a mask. A mask is used to hide something, and what do I have to hide? I'm better than everybody. I'm better than you people.

The crowd gives Cody heat.


I'm better than Christian. I'm better than John Cena. I'm better than Randy Orton. *snickers* I'm definitely better than Johnny Curtis! What is the point of hiding behind a mask, when there is no one to hide from? You women, mask yourself in makeup, to hide your lack of natural beauty. The so called "men" in this audience, try to mask the fact that thier lives have equated to nothing but a dead end job, eight hours a day, while watching the world pass them by. So I ask again, what do I have to mask? Not only am I the Intercontinental Champion.... but I am better.... than the rest.


WWE Intercontinental Champion
Cody Rhodes w/Ted DiBiase vs. Johnny Curtis


This is the very definition of a squash. Immediately, Rhodes tackles Curtis and begins to pound on his head with hard right hands. Cody then lifts his opponent up and NAILS THE SILVER SPOON DDT! Curtis' head bounces off the mat. Meanwhile, Rhodes rises to his feet and taunts as the crowd boos. Rhodes waits for Curtis to rise to his feet. When he does Rhodes runs and SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES WITH THE DISASTER KICK!!! Curtis goes down, but doesn't stay ther long as Rhodes lifts him up, goes behind, and hits the CROSS RHODES!! Cover!







Cody Rhodes

After the match, Rhodes cockily holds his arm in the air as Ted brings him the Intercontinental Championship.


Gentlemen, I have a very strong feeling that we are looking at the future of not just Smackdown, but all of the WWE.


Teddy is again in his office, it is obvious that he is stressed considering the Orton-Christian situatuion. Teddy goes to grab some papers on his desk and when he turns around, he sees Mark Henry standing behind him. The crowd boos at the sight of the World Strongest Man.


Teddy, I know you're putting me in that match at Night of Champions.


Why would I do that, playa'?


Why? Ask Great Khali, why?! Ask Kane, why?! Ask Big Show, why?!


Well playa', why would I reward you for taken' out my top superstars? Why would I put you in a match with three more of my top guys?

Henry puts his hand on Long's shoulder.


Cuz' what I'm gonna do to ya' boys if I'm in the match, is nothin' compared to what I'm gonna do if I'm not in the match.

Long is obviously very un comfortable.


Take it easy Mark, take it easy, you have a qualifying match, next week.


That's what I like to hear.

Henry turns around........ and finds his Summerslam opponent Sheamus standing in front of him.


You're not the only one hopin' that you're in that Championship Scramble Four Way, fella'. I haven't forgotten whatcha' did ta me at Summerslam. Tonight, I'm gonna beat Wade Barrett, I'm going ta' go on ta' Night o' Champions, and I'm goin' ta' boot jur head in!

Sheamus leaves as Henry now has a scowl on his face.




A shot of every championship is shown as the recognizable voices of many WWE Superstars is heard.

Cena: I will never forget it....

Orton: I will never forget......

Christian: I will never forget.....

Triple H: I will never forget.......

Sheamus: I will neva' forget.......

Now shots of each man winning thier first World title is shown accompinied by thier voice

Orton: It was in Toronto; Canada

Sheamus: San Antonio; Texas

Christian: Tampa; Florida

Triple H: Ames; Iowa

Mysterio: Chicago; Illinois

Miz: Orlando; Florida

Swagger: Las Vegas; Nevada

Cena: Los Angeles; California

Orton: I became the youngest World Champion in history.

Sheamus: I shocked tha' world.

Mysterio: I proved dreams do come true.

Miz: I proved I wasn't just a reality star.

Triple H: I became The Game!

Cena: I ended a historic title reign.

Now a close up of every superstar is shown

Triple: It was the night I became....

Miz: The night I became....

Mysterio: The night I became....

Sheamus: Tha' night I became....

Swagger: I became.....

Orton: I became.......

Cena:.... A champion.

WWE Night Of Champions (poster soon to come)


Back at ringside.


The crowd gives a rather light pop for the repackaged "Cape Town Werewolf" Justin Gabriel enters the cow palace. Gabriel smiles and holds his hand in the air as he comes down the isle.


This is the return of Justin Gabriel who says his return to Cape Town really gave him a new look on both his life and his career.


However, Gabriel has his work cut out for him tonight as he takes on "The Viper" Randy Orton!

Gabriel is in the ring and smiling.


The crowd goes nuts for, once again, Randy Orton. Orton has a scowl on his face as he comes down the isle toward the ring.


Well Randy Orton is understandalby frustrated, not just due to his loss this past Sunday to Christian but also the events at the beginning of Smackdown tonight!



You want a rematch, Orton? You want me to put your head through the ring again? Anytime. Anywhere.

The crowd cheers loudly again.

Orton(smirking himself):

You don't fool me Christian. You may come out here and act all brave and tough. But when we do have our rematch, I will expose you, for the bitch, you ar-

CHRISTIAN SLAPS ORTON IN THE FACE! The crowd goes pretty nut considering Christian just slapped perhaps the most dangerous man in the WWE. Orton's face is stone cold, his head not moving since being slapped.


You do NOT call me a bitch, you understand, Orton?! I was wrestling while you were going A-Wall in the army! While I was clawing my way to the top, you were riding Triple H's coatails there! I had to wrok my ass off to get where I am today, while you got here because your daddy is a hall of famer! I'm not the bitch Orton, you ar-

ORTON TAKES CHRISTIAN DOWN WITH A DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN AND BEGINS TO HAMMER CHRISTIAN WITH RIGHT HANDS! The crowd is going abosolutley wild as Orton continues to pound Christian's face in! Suddenly, CHRISTIAN TURNS THE TABLES AND GETS ON TOP OF ORTON AND WAILS AWAY AT ORTON!! Several referees and lower card superstars come to break it up!

When we come back we see Orton now in the ring, glaring at the titantron. Gabriel goes up to Orton and extends his hand for a handshake. Orton just looks at the extended hand, then glares at Gabriel. Gabriel retracts his hand and shrugs toward the crowd as if to say, "Oh well, I tried."

Randy Orton vs. Justin Gabriel


While Orton controls much of the match thus far, Gabriel gets in some good offense. Orton has Gabriel down in the center of the ring in (-gasp!) a chin lock. Gabriel begins to get to his feet, and elbows out of the painful (somewhat boring) hold. Orton releases the hold and Gabriel hits the ropes...... right into a short arm clothesline from Orton! The crowd begins to buzz as they know what's coming. Gabriel rises to his feet and gets nailed with another clothesline! Gabriel rises to his feet and gets nailed with yet another clothesline from Orton! Gabriel rises and this time runs at Orton, but of course, ORTON CATCHES HIM A SCOOP POWERSLAM............. BUT GABRIEL COUNTERS WITH A SMALL PACKAGE ROLL UP!!






3, No! Orton barely kicks out!

Orton's face is one of surprise as he was nearly pinned by the Werewolf! Orton gets to his feet quickly and runs at Gabriel for a clothesline....

But Gabriel ducks, Orton turns around, and gets hit by a DROPKICK! Orton stumbles into the corner, and Gabriel immediately follows up with a beautiful running FOREARM in the corner that lands Gabriel on the apron and Orton stumbling out of out of the corner, turns around, AND SEES GABRIEL SPRINGBOARDING OFF THE TOP ROPE.......... AND NAILS A CROSSBODY WITH A PIN!!!!






3, NO! Orton barely kicks out again!

Gabriel picks Orton up and elbows him in the head about 4 times, working him toward the ropes. Gabriel the Irish whips Orton...... but Orton holds onto Gabriel's arm, pulls him in, AND HITS THE INVERTED BACKBREAKER! Orton remains on his hands and knees taking a moment to catch his breath. When Orton does rise to his feet, he sees that Gabriel to his. Orton grabs the rising Gabriel and throws him the rising Gabriel and throws him through the ropes and onto the ring apron, AND KEEPS A HOLS OF GABRIEL'S HEAD AND PULLS HIM BY IT INTO THE RING, WITH GABRIEL'S FEET STILL ON THE SECOND ROPE! The crowd begins to buzz realizing what's coming. Orton shows a small smirk........ AND DDT'S GABRIEL RIGHT ON HIS HEAD! Orton turns Gabriel over and hooks the leg!





3, No! Gabriel poips the shoulder up!!

Orton looks pretty surprised as the crowd applauds at the young superstar's tenacity. Orton slithers toward the center of the ring, AND BEGINS TO POUND THE MAT. The crowd really cheers now realizing that Gabriel in trouble. Gabriel rises AND ORTON JUMPS FOR THE RKO.......... BUT GABRIEL SHOVES HIM OFF! Orton stumbles foward and turns around RIGHT INTO A SPIN KICK TO THE FACE FROM GABRIEL! Down goes Orton! Gabriel is still exhausted and stumbles toward the ropes. Gabriel grabs the top rope and takes a second, BEFORE SPRINBOARDING OFF THE THIRD ROPE........ AND HITS A MOONSAULT!!! Gabriel hooks the leg!





No! Orton kicks out!

Gabriel exhaustedly puts two fingers up toward the official to see is it's true. The referee reassures Justin Gabriel that it 'twas not a three count. Orton is still down as Gabriel rises to his feet and realizes what he must do. The Werewolf points to the corner and the crowd cheers knowing what he must do next. Gabriel leaps to the very top rope, and gets his balence, and LEAPS THROUGH THE AIR........ AND HITS THE 450 SPLASH!!


DIRECTLY ON THE KNEES OF ORTON!!!! Gabriel lands hard! Orton rolls onto his stomach and begin to pound the mat! ORTON JUMPS................. AND KITS THE RKO!!!!!! Hooks the leg!






Randy Orton

After the match, Orton has his hand held up by the ref and waits for Gabriel to rise to his feet. Gabriel does slowly, holding his head as he rises to his feet. Orton then extends his hand! Gabriel shakes the hand (rather cautiously), and Orton shakes back! It is by no means a long hand shake, but it is a show of respect nonetheless. Gabriel heads to the back as Orton continues to celebrate.


The crowd goes crazy as here comes the World Champion Christian running down the ramp! Orton exits the ring and meets Christian at the bottom of the ramp and the two begin brawling! Every ref in the back runs down and pulls the two apart as the crowd chant, "Let them fight!" Christian is taken to the back as Orton tries to go after him, but a wall of refs hold them back.


Randy Orton and Christian are tearing Smackdown apart!


I don't know how much longer Teddy Long can hold them apart!


Well stay tuned ta' Smackdown, 'cause still ta' come, ma boy Sheamus goes one-on-one wit' Wade Barrett, and the winner will qualify for a Championship Scramble Four Way match at Night of Champions!







JOBBER ALERT: Heath Slater is in the ring.

Tony Chimmel introduces Slater. Suddenly, Slater takes the mic out of Chimmel's hand.


I'm Heath Slater.... and I'ma One Man Southern Rock Band..... BABAY!!

The crowd really boos Slater.


For too long, I've been held back by guys tryin' to ride ma' coattails to the top, hopin' that some of my talent or musical ability or my sexual appeal would rub off on them. Guys like the Nexus and the Corre, all begged Heath Slater to come join, but all those guys did was weigh down the Slater Train! Now, like Ozzy and Black Sabbath, like Michael and the Jackson 5, like Justin and N'Sync, I'm ready to branch out!

Slater is getting a lot of heat now, mostly from comparing himself to three of the biggest names in music (or maybe there are more N'Sync fans out there than we thought). Slater hears these boos and lets out a laugh that one can only call a cross of a southern hick and Goofy.


Oh and I hear all you boo birds out there, but like I say: Slater haters gonna' Slater hate! Yeah buddy, WOOO!


Let me tell ya' sumtin' 'bout this Slater, kid! I don't know wat' it is, but deres' sumtin about 'im I jus' don' like! He just kinda rubs me da' wrong way!


The crowd gives a loud reaction for the masked sensation Sin Cara. Sin Cara points at Slater and then leaps on his trampoline into the ring. The lights go blue and gold, and here we go.

Sin Cara vs. Heath Slater


Basically a glorified squash match. Slater has Sin Cara in a hammerlock. Cara floats up, grabs Slater's head and hits a snapmare. Slater quickly gets to his feet, Slater runs at Sin Cara and gets hit with a dropkick! Slater rolls out of the ring holding his chest. Sin Cara launches himself over the top rope with a CORKSCREW PLANCHA!! The crowd cheers as Sin Cara raises his hands in the air. Cara sends Slater back into the ring and gets on the ring apron, turns, AND HITS A (sloppt) SPRINGBOARD HURRICANRANA!!

Slater gets up extremely frustrated, and runs at Sin Cara desperately, blindly throwing about three clothesline all that Sin Cara easily avoids with cartwheels and rolls. Slater suddenly stops and yells at the referee, "I can't see with these lights man! How you supposed to wrassle' like this!" Suddenly, in Sin Cara runs in and hits with a RUNNING FRANKENSTEINER!! Slater goes flying! Slater rises by the ropes. Cara hits two elbows then Irish whips Slater across the ring....... But Slater counters and sends Cara into the ropes. On the rebound Slater tries for a sidewalk slam...... BUT SIN CARA COUNTERS INTO LA MISTICA!!! Slater's in trouble!




Sin Cara


Backstage, Teddy Long is (AGAIN!) in his office and he is already talking to (arguing with) Cody Rhodes as Ted just stands there in support of Cody.


Listen Teddy, I'm the very best superstar you have. I HAVE to be in that Four Way Scramble Match!


Well Cody, I would... consider it, but you are already the Intercontinental Champion, playa'.


That's what's so great about it! Imagine! Cody Rhodes, Intercontinental AND World Heavyweight Champion! I'd be undeniably the biggest superstar in all of the WWE! Not only that, but I'd be exclusive...... to Teddy Long's Friday Night Smackdown!

Long is obviously intrigued.


Alright then, Cody Rhodes you will have a qualifying match next week.....

Cody and Ted smile.


Well Teddy-


Against Randy Orton!

The crowd goes wild as Cody's face turns rather grim.



Heat fills the Cow Palace as Wade Barrett enters wearing his long, black coat. Barrett throws down the coat and heads toward the ring. Barrett has a smirk on his face.


We come back from break to find Barrett still in the ring, awaiting the arrival of his opponent.



The crowd pops loud as Sheamus comes through the curtain. Sheamus thumps his chest and yells as he makes his way toward the ring.


Here comes "The Celtic Warrior" but Matt, Sheamus can't be at one hundred percent.


That's for sure Josh, take a look at this!

A replay is shown of the match between Sheamus and Mark Henry at Summerslam:

Both men are on the outside brawling. Henry suddenly GORES SHEAMUS RIGHT THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!! We see the amazing maneuver a few more times.

We cut back to see Sheamus in the ring. Sheamus takes off his shirt to reveal that his ribs are taped up.

Night Of Champions Scramble Qualifying Match

Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett


Pretty good long main event here. Both men despritely want in on that 4-Way Championship Scramble match. Barrett tosses Sheamus onto the ring apron, grabs his hea, and begins to KNEE SHEAMUS IN THE HEAD! Barrett does this 5 times before the ref forces him to stop. Sheamus is groggy on the apron as Barrett hits the opposite ropes AND GETS HIT WITH A LAUNCHING SHOULDER BLOCK FROM SHEAMUS! Barrett crawls to the corner and Sheamus goes on the attack. Sheamus nails Barrett with a couple of stiff headbutts in the corner. Barrett goes down and rolls onto the apron where Sheamus pulls him up to his feet and begins to pound down on his chest and the crowd counts along. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10! The "Bare Knuckle Brawler's" chest begins to redden. Sheamus then hits the opposit ropes......AND KNOCKS BARRETT OFF THE APRON AND CHEST FIRST ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!

Sheamus goes tot he outside and slams Barrett's head off of the announce table! Barrett stumbles toward ring announcer and timekeeper, and Sheamus follows with a big grin on his face. Sheamus grabs Barrett by the wrist as the ref yells at Sheamus to "get it back in the ring!". Sheamus pulls Barrett by the wrist before IRISH WHIPPING BARRETT TOWARD THE STEEL STAIRS....... BUR BARRETT COUNTERS AND SENDS SHEAMUS CAREENING INTO THE STEPS!!!!

A loud bang of Sheamus' knees and the steps getting knocked from their perch insights an "ooooh" from the crowd and a smirk from Wade Barrett. Barrett rolls into the ring to break the count as the ref warns him to stay in the ring. Of course, as soon as he ref turns around, Barrett rolls to the outside. Barrett approaches the still hurt Sheamus (The ref, upon seeing Barrett yells, "Hey whataya doin'!". You know instead of punishing Barrett.) Barrett picks up his opponent and THROWS HIM HEAD FIRST INTO THE RING POST! Barrett then throws Sheamus into the ring, rolls in himself, and covers!





No! Sheamus kicks out!

Barrett begins to pound on Sheamus' back with clummy blows. Barrett then lifts Sheamus off the mat, and throws him into the corner and nails three shoulder thrusts. Sheamsu fals down in the corner into a sitting position. Barrett backs up to the opposite corner and raises his hand to the jeers of the crowd. Barrett then runs towar the sitting Sheamus....... AND HITS THE RUNNING KNEE TOT HE FACE!!! Barrett pulls Sheamus away from the ropes and hooks the leg!





NO! Sheamus pops his shoulder up!'

Barrett briefly glances at the ref angrily, then goes right back to work on Sheamus with hard punches to the skull. Barrett then stands up and takes a second to both rest and assess the current situation. Barrett then exits the ring, goes to the ring apron, and ascends to the top rope! Barrett raises his arm on the top rope to heat. BARRETT LEAPS OFF THE TOP WITH AN ELBOW DROP............ BUT SHEAMUS MOVES!! BARRETT HITS THE MAT HARD! With both men down; the referee begins his count. At about 7, Sheamus rises to his feet using the ropes. Barrett rises to his feet as wellm and Sheamus runs in an hits his running axe handle known as the War Sword! Barrett rises by the ropes, where Sheamus Irish whips him in...... but Barrett reverses and sends Sheamus off the ropes. Barrett bends down to catch Sheamus...... BUT SHEAMUS GETS HIM IN A POWERBOMB POSITION, LOOKING FOR THE HIGH CROSS!! Sheamus goes to lift him up....... BUT WADE BACKDROPS SHEAMUS OUT OF IT!! Sheamus gets up, turns around, RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT BY WADE BARRETT!!! Wade covers!





NO! Sheamus barely kicks out!

Barrett slaps the mat and holds up three fingers toward the ref. Barrett settles himself down and CALLS FOR WASTELAND. The crowd boos as Sheamus slowly rises to his feet and BARRETT SCOOPS SHEAMUS UP ON HIS SHOULDERS....... BUT SHEAMUS ELBOWS BARRETT IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!! Sheamus slips off the back of Barrett, who turns around to see SHEAMUS RUNNING AT HIM WITH THE BROGUE KICK........................... BUT BARRETT DUCKS! Sheamus turns and runs back toward Barrett AND GETS CAUGHT WITH THE WINDS OF CHANGE SIDE SLAM!!! Hook of the leg!






Now Barrett is really mad. He's getting right in the ref's face as the crowd comes out of thier seats, due to the "The Celtic Warrior's" tenacity. Sheamus begins to rise to his feet holding his ribs. Barrett sees this and hits the ropes for a CLOTHESLINE....... BUT GETS CAUGHT WITH AN IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER!!! Sheamus takes a second as he's obviously hurting before going for the pin!





3! No! Barrett kicks out!

Now it's Sheamus' turn to be shocked. Sheamus takes a second and nurtures his ribs before realizing what he must do. Sheamus picks up the rising Wade Barrett and gets him IN POSITISON FOR THE HIGH CROSS! SHEAMUS GETS BARRETT UP...... BUT HE SLIPS OUT THE BACK! Barrett then hooks Sheamus up for a pump handle slam, Barrett lifts Sheamus up...... But Sheamus slips off the back. Barrett turns.....









After the match, Sheamus exhaustedly celebrates.


We may have many questions concerning the World Heavyweight Title picture, but one thing we know for sure is that Sheamus is going to be in the Championship Scramble match! Good night, ladies and gentlemen!

The final image for Smackdown is Sheamus standing strong as we



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