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Re: WWE: The Cult's Way

Monday 14th May 2012 | Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

RAW kicks off with the usual intro package before the pyro fizzles around the stage in front of this capacity crowd. We cross live to our announce team Matt Striker and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler. Who has been absent from commentary for two weeks now, they both tell us that Dylan Kelly is furious after his office was trashed last week and all signs lead to the culprit being John Cena, they tell us that Dylan Kelly has put out the order of Cena not being allowed anywhere near this company until Judgement Day.


The capacity crowd erupts into boos as WWE chairman Dylan Kelly walks out onto the stage with his new theme music Sick by Adeltias Way. Kelly who as usual looks very dapper in his suave suit seems paranoid as he and his company are at threat. After he gets to the ring he asks for a microphone. With real passion and anger in his voice Kelly tells this crowd that John Cena better stay away from him or he will get him thrown in prison. This doesn’t mean that he fears Cena but Cena should fear him if he shows up here. The chairman tells us that later tonight Triple H will face off against Big Show again but this time in a Street Fight! Kelly says that Triple H had to use a weapon to defeat Show last week so this week the odds are evened with weapons legal. And if you thought Show was angry last week he’s even angrier tonight after Hunter cost him a shot at the WWE title last week. Kelly sarcastically tells the crowd to enjoy the show and goes to exit the ring…


What an ovation! CM Punk bursts out onto the stage with his WWE Championship wrapped around his waist. Punk begins to walk down to the ring as Dylan Kelly now stands in the centre of the squared circle, Punk stands on the top turnbuckle with his arms spread out wide with the crowd roaring with appreciation. He climbs down the top before getting a microphone, Kelly clearly isn’t happy to see him but Punk doesn’t seem to be too happy himself. Punk claims that as WWE chairman Kelly needs to forget about him and focus on the main asset in the company the WWE Championship, which provokes a big pop from the crowd as Punk raises the title into the air. Punk says that last week Sheamus cost him a match against The Miz and he wants a piece of the Celtic Warrior tonight! Kelly quickly replies by saying that Punk also cost Sheamus a match against The Miz but the feeling is mutual from Sheamus who came to ask Kelly for a match with Punk a few days ago. Kelly declares that tonight it will be The Celtic Warrior Sheamus taking on the WWE Champion CM Punk tonight!


Much to the disappointment of CM Punk, The Miz saunters out to some big heat from the crowd. Wearing his ‘Danger I’m Awesome’ T-shirt. He has a microphone in hand and starts by saying Really? Miz says that the WWE Championship may as well be handed to him right now as he beat Sheamus two weeks ago and he beat CM Punk last week. Punk abruptly cuts off Miz by saying come back to real world which gets a pop from the crowd as it is the show Miz used to appear on. Punk says he had him beat last week if it wasn’t for Sheamus and Sheamus had him beat two weeks ago if it wasn’t for Punk himself. Punk says that his championship won’t be handed to anyone especially a MTV reject. Clearly that comment didn’t go down well with Miz who goes to speak with anger before Dylan Kelly interrupts claiming he has an idea. Kelly says that tonight it will now be Sheamus vs. CM Punk with The Miz as the special guest referee! The crowd don’t like that and neither does CM Punk but Miz on the other hand now has a huge grin on his face. Kelly’s theme music hits before he exits the ring leaving Punk to stare at Miz who is at the top of the ramp. We fade to commercial with Matt Striker reiterating tonight’s huge match.


We’re back on the air with Alberto Del Rio in the back along with Ricardo Rodriguez who clearly looks worse for wear after last week. Alberto begins talking and says that Ezekiel Jackson couldn’t get the job done last week but Alberto is $100,000 sure that this man can get it done. The camera then pans to The Great Khali who Alberto has brought back to the WWE for one night only. Khali nods his head which makes Alberto a very happy man, he and Ricardo then scamper off as we head to ringside.


A mixed theme song blares through the PA system as the two masked men Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara burst out onto the stage both wearing matching attires. They slap hands with each other before running down to the ring and both catapult themselves in over the top rope. They pose on the top rope before they both stand in the corner deep in conversation with each other.


The crowd erupts with jeers as Vickie Guererro shouts out her famous catchphrase. The cougar then introduces her client…


To some mild heat Vickie’s current client ‘The All American American’ Jack Swagger appears standing alongside Vickie before they begin to walk down the ramp. Swagger doesn’t know who his partner tonight is and he looks to the stage waiting for his arrival.


Swagger and Vickie look impressed with who Swagger has to team with, Drew Mcintyre who walks down the ramp to little reaction from the crowd. Mcintyre enters the ring and shakes hands with Swagger before exiting onto the apron.

Match One
Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Jack Swagger & Drew Mcinytre w/Vickie Guererro

Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger are the two men to start this match off and it is Swagger with the early advantage as he takes Mysterio down displaying his great amateur wrestling ability. Swagger then lifts Mysterio up and takes him into the corner before sending his shoulder right into Rey’s ribcage, forcing the master of the 619 to gasp for breath. Swagger then carries Rey over his shoulder to his teams corner and allows Mcintyre to tag his back, the Scot quickly enters the ring he hooks Mysterio’s arm while he’s on Swaggers back with great strength he carries Mysterio before hitting a suplex, he quickly covers Mysterio. 1…2…Rey kicks out!

Drew springs up onto his feet and then proceeds to bring Rey up too, suddenly the masked superstar breaks apart his grip and hits a nice kick to the leg. He continues his offense by unleashing a series of punches to Drew’s head before running to the ropes and on his return delivers a dropkick to his knees sending Drew into position for the 619! Myserio runs to the ropes and he NO! Mcintyre moves out of the way and then drops Mysterio with a massive clothesline, near beheading him. Drew takes the opportunity to crawl to his corner and tag in Jack Swagger. Swagger charges into the ring with purpose and picks Mysterio up by his waist before hitting a German suplex that sends Mysterio flying onto his neck. Swagger then jumps over Mysterio before jumping up top Swagger Bomb! Swagger nearly crushes Rey, he makes a cover. 1…2…Rey is still alive!

Swagger can’t believe his eyes and he picks Mysterio up before sitting him on the top turnbuckle, he quickly follows Rey up to the top and begins hammering away at his head. Sin Cara is pacing around on the apron trying to bring his partner back into it, Swagger has Rey set for a superplex but he is met with a stiff punch to the ribs, Rey begins using all he has in him to punch away at Swagger and he flips over his head Powerbomb! Sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope! Mysterio makes a cover. 1…2…Swagger kicks out.

Sin Cara wants the tag; he is desperate to get into this match. But Rey ignores him and climbs slowly but surely to the top rope by the time he gets there though Swagger is getting to a standing base, Mysterio leaps through the air but ends up having to land on his feet due to Swagger dodging his attack Swagger then sweeps Mysterio by his legs and grabs his ankle…ANKLE LOCK, Swagger has it locked in and Mysterio is in the centre of the ring screaming in agony. Rey desperately tries to crawl towards the ropes but his attempts of freedom are thwarted by Swagger who drags him back into the centre of the ring. Suddenly Rey uses all of the strength he has left to push Swagger back and into his own partner Drew Mcintyre who falls to the outside. Rey is crawling; he leaps through the air and makes the TAG!

Sin Cara vaults over the ropes and into the action and Jack Swagger turns around from his bump and into a dropkick to the chin from Cara. The masked sensation then runs to the ropes before springboading from them to deliver an elbow to Swaggers face, Jack is reeling and Cara has climbed to the top rope. He soars through the air majestically does Cara but he is met with an unpleasant end as Swagger moves out of the way. Cara crashes to the mat and Swagger is the first to capitalise, he locks his hands around Cara’s gut and picks him up GUTWRENCH POWER-NO! Cara counters it into an arm drag forcing Swagger into the turnbuckle. His partner Drew Mcintyre is back on the apron and makes a blind tag. Sin Cara is unaware and he charges at Swagger he hits La Mistica! Swagger rolls to the outside where Vickie treats his injuries and Drew Mcintyre runs into the fray hitting Cara with a flurry of strikes. Drew throws Cara into the corner before turning around to Rey Mysterio on the apron, he talks trash to Rey but Rey retaliates with a kick to the head. Drew falls to his knees in the centre of the ring, Rey and Cara climb on opposite turnbuckles, they’re going to attempt the move which lead to their downfall at Backlash, and their timing must be perfect. Both men jump and each hits a dropkick on either side of Drew’s head, sandwiching his head with unbelievable force. Drew stays on his knees swaying either way he’s clearly out of it. Rey kicks him across the face forcing him to fall onto the 2nd rope, Rey calls for it while Swagger is still down on the outside.

619! Rey hits a 619, Mcintyre is groggily still standing and Sin Cara charges at him La Mistica into an armbar! These two are the legal men, Rey climbs up top…Legdrop Straight onto the back of Drew’s neck. Sin Cara quickly releases the hold and turns Mcintyre over for a cover while Rey stands guard for Swagger but he’s still down. 1…2…3!

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara via pinfall.

The crowd are delighted and so are Rey and Cara, the masked men embrace each other in the ring before raising their arms in victory. Matt Striker praises the performances of Drew Mcintyre and Jack Swagger, a pair who were put together at random. Jerry Lawler then hypes up two huge matches for tonight right here on RAW. But that’s not all after last week’s Tag match between Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett taking on Tyson Kidd and Chris Jericho. Barrett made Jericho tap out and tonight they’ve been split into two singles matches, Tyson Kidd will take on Wade Barrett and Chris Jericho will take on Dolph Ziggler.



RAW returns with Kaitlyn already in the ring, her Women’s Championship semi-final match is right now against Beth Phoenix.


Here she comes, one of the most dominant divas the WWE has ever seen. Beth walks down the ramp with a purpose to some mild heat from the crowd, Beth enters the ring and gazes into her opponents eyes but she shows no fear.

Match Two
Women’s Championship Semi-Final Tournament Match
Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix

The referee calls for this match to start and these two divas circle each other in the ring. Kaitlyn is the first to attack as she goes for a headlock but Phoenix quickly ducks underneath and puts her in a waist lock. Using impressive strength Beth lifts her up and launches her into the turnbuckle, forcing her to bounce straight off it in devastating fashion. Beth quickly pulls her away from the ropes for a cover. 1…2…Kaitlyn gets her shoulder up!

Beth quickly gets back on the offense and begins to stomp on her opponent driving her foot right into her face. Beth brings Kaitlyn to her feet and hooks her arms for a Glamslam! Sadly for her Kaitlyn wriggles free and hits Beth with a stern elbow to the chin, Beth is reeling and Kaitlyn hits a flying clothesline. Kaitlyn has taken down the Glamazon! Kaityln sits behind Beth grabbing her arms…LOTUS LOCK! She’s got it locked in; the pain Beth must be feeling is unrivalled. Kaitlyn putting all of her might into claiming this huge scalp, Beth forces herself back and she counters the hold into a pin! 1...2…Kaitlyn kicks out!

Beth with a great counter there, she’s still in pain as it is visible when she climbs to her feet, Kaitlyn is now up to her feet too. The pair begins trading blows as the crowd reacts to every punch, Beth takes advantage and whips Kaitlyn into the turnbuckle she charges at her with speed but Kaitlyn uses the ropes to push herself up onto the top turnbuckle. She wraps her legs around Beth’s neck like a Boa Constrictor would to its prey. Beth is gasping for breath as Kaitlyn pulls on the ropes to add more pressure, The Glamazon then pulls away from the corner and Kaitlyn is sat on her shoulders, she falls back…QUEEN SUPLEX! Kaitlyn landed right onto her neck, the cover is made. 1…2…NO! Kaitlyn kicks out again!

Beth is angry and she rags Kaitlyn to her feet and hooks her arms, GLAM SLA-NO! Kaitlyn counters into a small package! 1…2…Beth kicks out! Kaitlyn thought she had it right there, Beth is the first up and she brings Kaitlyn to her feet. She begins hammering away at the first female winner of NXT before going for a clothesline…Kaitlyn ducks and kicks Beth in the gut, DDT! Beth’s head bounces off the canvas. Kaitlyn slowly gets to her feet still clutching her neck, with great strength she carries Beth and sits her on the top rope before climbing up after her, she hits a few blows before turning her back to Phoenix and spreading her arms out wide to the crowds delight…WAIT! Beth grabs her arms, and moves her to the top. Beth leaps, GLAM SLAM FROM THE TOP ROPE! Kaitlyn is out of it and Beth drapes over her dismantled body. 1…2…3!

Winner: Beth Phoenix via pinfall.

At the commentary desk Kaityln receives all the plaudits as she took Beth all the way here tonight, but we now know that it will be Beth Phoenix vs. Eve or Layla for the Women’s Championship at Judgement Day. The camera shows Kaitlyn still down in the ring and Beth walking up the ramp holding her ribs as we go to commercial.


RAW returns with Josh Matthews who welcomes us back to the show and to his guest at this time AW, he stands alone here tonight as Josh Matthews begins to speak, he informs us that at Judgement Day a match has been made Mark Henry and the Prime Time Players will take on Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Evan Bourne with AW and Booker T in their teams respective corners. Matthews asks AW’s thoughts on the match made before the smooth talking AW replies by saying he feels good. He says his clients have been given the night off tonight but he’s still here to scout the opposition. He says he doesn’t even think Kofi and his team stand a chance and that Booker T doesn’t have anything on him. AW then brashly claims that the sooner Kofi comes to his senses and joins them the sooner he will become great, AW then walks off screen.

The camera then pans to show The Great Khali walking through the backstage area; Striker begins to tell us he faces Kane next before out of nowhere the Big Red Machine takes Khali down with his Chains! Kane pummels away at the Punjabi Giant as the crowd's cheers are heard in the background. Production members are seen running away from the pair as Kane picks Khali up to his feet, he proceeds to use unrivalled strength and Chokeslam Khali through a table with food on it! Kane then grabs the camera from the camera man before zooming it at Khali’s lifeless body. Kane says he will capture the Intercontinental Championship from Alberto Del Rio because they have a match at Judgement Day. Kane then turns the camera back to his face and begins laughing manically whilst holding his chains by his face. The camera abruptly becomes fuzzy before we return to a working one at ringside.

Jerry Lawler says that Kane has definitely sent a big message to Alberto here that no matter who he pays off there is no way he will stop the devil’s favourite demon. Lawler says that Kane vs. Khali was the next scheduled match but now we’ll see…


The Pittsburgh crowd erupts as the lights in the arena go off, a light up jacket then appears but suddenly it is flung off as the fireworks explode and this man’s theme hits…


Those cheers heard a few moments ago have now transformed into massive jeers as Wade Barrett was clearly mocking Chris Jericho’s entrance. Wade walks down to the ring all while laughing and claiming he outsmarted everyone. Matt Striker on commentary agrees with this statement on commentary claiming that he may not like Wade but that was brilliant. Wade enters the ring and raises his hand high in the air before turning to face the stage.


Here comes the last graduate of the Hart dungeon, Tyson Kidd to a huge ovation from the crowd. Tyson who is a good friend of Chris Jericho clearly doesn’t agree with what Wade Barrett’s actions here tonight. Tyson vaults over the top rope and stares down his opponent.

Match Three
Wade Barrett vs. Tyson Kidd

The bell sounds and a lets go Tyson chant reverberates around the arena, Barrett and Tyson then lock up in the centre of the ring with Wade easily taking advantage due to his superior size and strength he throws Tyson into the ground and just laughs at the young Canadian who gets up to his feet, he quickly silences Barrett by sweeping his legs and attempting a Sharpshooter but Wade scampers onto the outside of the ring. We will come back to this match after the break.


And we’re back on Monday Night RAW; Wade Barrett is in complete control over Tyson here. Wade has Tyson locked in a leg crab in the centre of the ring. The young Canadian superstar’s screams can be heard as he tries to crawl to the ropes; a ruthless Wade Barrett however isn’t letting him budge as he grips onto his leg. Tyson then begins a fight back, he crawls and crawls and makes it to the bottom rope! Barrett however utilizes the referees 5 count and keeps the hold applied a little after Kidd reaches the ropes.

Wade then brings Tyson to his feet before driving his forearm into the youngsters face, continuing his onslaught Barrett picks Tyson up and onto his shoulder before hitting a powerslam, he then makes a cover. 1…2…Tyson gets his shoulder up! The crowd are doing their best to encourage Tyson back into this match but it doesn’t seem to be working as Barrett is just decimating his opponent. Tyson is still down after that powerslam and Wade is heading to the top rope. He smugly raises his hand in the air and then leaps going for an Elbow drop but Tyson moves out of the way! Wade ends up flying into the canvas, much to the crowds delight. Tyson then quickly takes advantage and attempts a bridge pin. 1…2…Wade powers out! Tyson has a lifeline; he exits onto the apron and waits for Barrett to get to his feet. Wade eventually gets to his feet and Tyson springboards over the top rope…BAM! Wade nails Kidd with a big boot as he flies towards him. Barrett picks up the dead weight of Kidd and hoists him onto his shoulders…WASTELAND! Barrett hits his finisher to great effect and he turns Kidd onto his stomach, he is going to apply the Barrett Clutch. Suddenly Barrett looks as though he’s had an epiphany; the Brit grabs Tyson’s legs and turns him over into a Liontamer! Barrett is using his enemies famous submission move, Tyson faintly begins to…TAP! TAP! TAP!

Winner: Wade Barrett via submission.

Wade Barrett’s performance is being praised here tonight by the commentary team; the fans however still don’t like him. He cockily raises his hand before he again begins to beat down Kidd. He is using the young man as a tool to get to Jericho by beating down his friend. Barrett pummels away at Kidd before sitting on his back, you know what’s coming…BARRETT CLUTCH! Barrett has locked in his submission move, Tyson is frantically tapping out but Wade won’t stop. The youngster begins to fade away as Barrett then releases the hold. This has been a great help for Dolph Ziggler too as he is scheduled to face Kidd in 13 days. Barrett’s theme music hits as he exits the ring and heads up the ramp leaving Tyson down inside the ring.

The commentary team hype up 4 more big matches here tonight, Triple H versus Big Show in a Street Fight, Eve versus Layla in the other Semi-Final of the Women’s Championship Tournament, Chris Jericho versus Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus versus WWE Champion CM Punk with The Miz as the special guest referee. A graphic then appears on screen hyping up Daniel Bryan in action next against Zack Ryder.

We then cut off screen to another vignette for Bray Wyatt. The vignette appears to be the same one which we saw last week. We then go back to the ring where Zack Ryder is posing with his theme sounding out around the arena.


Daniel Bryan then walks out from behind the curtain with AJ to some big heat. The pair appears to be extremely angry after Randy Orton’s recent mind games. Daniel seems to want to take out some of that aggression on his opponent here tonight.

Match Four
Zack Ryder vs. Daniel Bryan

In an aggressive start Daniel takes control of the Long Island Iced Z by taking him into the corner and delivering some kicks to his midsection. Bryan then drags Ryder into the middle of the ring and kneels down behind him before he begins delivering elbows to Zack’s jaw. What aggression from Bryan, Zack may be out cold from those elbows. Bryan after releasing Zack heads up to the top rope before leaping and hitting a head-butt to the heart of Ryder. Zack has been completely decimated here, Daniel has shown aggression of the likes which we have never seen from him. Daniel instead of going for the cover then locks Zack in the YES! Lock immediately forcing him to, TAP! TAP! TAP!

Winner: Daniel Bryan via submission.

Impressive work from Daniel Bryan here tonight, AJ his girlfriend quickly enters the ring and hugs her man. Bryan still has a look of anger on his face as Zack Ryder rolls out onto the outside, suddenly…


Randy Orton’s music hits to a huge pop from the crowd but there is no sign of the Apex Predator. Then from above much to Bryan and AJ’s dismay a Cage begins to slowly lower down, before it covers the ring Bryan and AJ exit to the outside leaving the Cage to enclose the ring. Strangely there appears to be a bag hanging with a piece of white paper attached from the corner of the cage. Daniel walks round to the announcer before taking a microphone. He states that he has had enough of Randy’s games; he says that the aggression he has just shown against Zack Ryder will be a lot worse at Judgement Day. Daniel then noticing the bag inside the Cage, he opens the door and cautiously enters ordering AJ to stay outside. Daniel then takes the bag from the top and it seems to be heavy, he quickly places it on the floor before taking the note off and reading it aloud. “Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. I warned you last week just you in the Cage with the Viper”. Suddenly Bryan shrieks as a LIVE VIPER! Crawls from out of the bag as the crowd pops huge, Daniel however quickly scatters from the ring and out of the Cage to his girlfriend AJ on the outside who is also clearly distraught. They both then start to run up the ramp as the camera pans back to the Snake slithering around in the cage as we go to commercial.



The Consol Energy Center has erupted with jeers for the Awesome One, he casually waltzes out from behind the curtain with his black and white referee shirt on. He seems to be happy about the situation he is in tonight as the power is in his hands. He cockily raises both of his arms in the air waiting for the two competitors in this match.


Here comes Sheamus! He bounds out to the stage beating his chest to a huge ovation; he is ready to get his hands on CM Punk as he quickly enters the ring giving Miz a cold stare.


And another huge ovation as WWE champion CM Punk appears on the ramp; however he quickly throws his title onto the ground and charges to the ring. When he enters he is met by Sheamus, the pair start brawling in the ring and Miz calls for the bell to get us under way.

Match Five
Sheamus vs. CM Punk
Special Guest Referee: The Miz

Both men are trading blows in the centre of the ring much to the delight of The Miz, Sheamus eventually takes control and works Punk into the corner he begins hammering away hitting him several times in the gut. Sheamus is then pulled away from Punk by Miz our referee who seems to be doing his job properly. Sheamus pulls Punk out and then clobbers him with a clothesline, he makes a cover. 1…Punk kicks out!

Straight back to work from the Irishman as he rags Punk up to his feet, he whips the Straightedge superstar to the ropes and as he rebounds towards him hits a-WAIT Punk ducks his clothesline attempt and the hits Sheamus with a spinning heel kick right to the chin. Sheamus quickly reels back up to his feet and falls into the corner, Punk begins the charge…STEP-UP HIGH KNEE connecting to Sheamus and now he rounds it off with a Bulldog. Punk makes a cover. 1…2…Sheamus just manages to kick out!

Punk wants to put Sheamus asleep and he is waiting for the Irishman to get to a vertical base, he does and Punk hoists him up. Sheamus on the other hand is fighting out of it delivering savage elbows to Punk’s chin. Suddenly Miz pulls Sheamus off of Punk’s shoulders leaving Punk extremely angry. He turns around to Miz who begins backing away pointing to his shirt with a huge smile on his face as Punk pulls his hand back to punch Miz he is grabbed and hoisted onto Sheamus’ shoulders…WHITE NOISE! Punk is sent crashing into the mat, Sheamus makes a cover. 1…2…Punk kicks out!

Miz has a deranged look on his face and he exits the ring to the outside, he picks up a Steel Chair and brings it back in the ring ordering Sheamus to use it. Sheamus stares at the chair contemplating what to do before Punk gets to his feet and kicks Sheamus in the side of the head forcing him to fall into Miz taking him out, Punk then picks up the rebounding Sheamus and hits a GO TO SLEEP! Punk has this thing won but Miz is down. Punk tries waking Miz up and eventually does, the Awesome One is clearly unhappy with Sheamus as he begins a fast count. 1…2…SHEAMUS KICKS OUT!

How did he kick out!? A fast count from Miz and he still kicks out. Punk holding onto his ribs then slowly heads for the top rope; he raises his hands high in homage to Randy Savage and leaps from the top ELBOW DROP! Punk hits it and hooks the leg. 1…2…3!? WAIT MIZ STOPPED COUNTING AT 2, HE IS STARING PUNK IN THE EYE! Punk is furious and he gets to his feet, he stalks Miz around the ring following him to each and every corner. Suddenly Miz throws a punch at Punk but it is blocked, Punk picks Miz up onto his shoulders! He’s going to hit the referee with a G.T.S, Punk turns around with Miz on his shoulders...BAM! Sheamus hits Punk with a Brogue Kick, Miz falls off onto the mat and Sheamus hooks the leg. 1…2…3! NOW BOTH SHEAMUS AND MIZ HAVE PINNED THE WWE CHAMPION IN SUCESSIVE WEEKS!

Winner: Sheamus via pinfall.

The crowd are mixed completely here as Sheamus and Punk both have a great following, the cheers however are stronger as Sheamus gets to his feet, THERE’S MIZ! Miz proceeds to clobber Sheamus from behind with that Steel Chair that was on the mat, Sheamus is wincing in pain as he falls to his knees; Miz then drops the chair in front of Sheamus and hooks his arms…SKULL CRUSHING FINALE ON THE STEEL CHAIR! Both of Miz’ opponents are down in the centre of the ring as the Awesome One raises his hands into the air. Could this be the scene at Judgement Day? Because for weeks now Miz has outsmarted his two opponents for the pay per view, you could be looking at your NEW WWE CHAMPION come Judgement Day.


We are welcomed back to Monday Night RAW by our commentary team who recap what happened before the break, they also say that this happened during the break as we cut to a video. The video shows a limo arriving and Chris Jericho exiting it, Josh Matthews asks him what he thought of Wade Barrett’s attack on his friend Tyson Kidd however he received no response as Jericho just removed his sunglasses and walked away with real aggression in his face. He faces Dolph Ziggler in a little while.


Big pop as Kofi Kingston and R-Truth bounce onto the stage. The pair begins to run and both leap into the air as the pyro explodes behind them. They then climb into the ring and pose on opposite turnbuckles.


The arena erupts with boos as the music of our Tag Team Champions hit, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks then emerge from the back with their Tag Team titles draped on their shoulders however they’re not wearing their ring gear, Reks then lifts a microphone towards his face as their music cuts out. Tyler says that he and Curt got to the arena late tonight as they were out partying because as everyone knows they’re the WWE Tag Team Champions. Reks says that as Tag Team Champions they don’t really need to compete in an unimportant match. He says that he feels the fans pain that they won’t see their heroes wrestle but to be honest they don’t care, the pair then turn and head to the back as the fans boo them out of the building. Meanwhile in the ring Kofi and Truth are both gutted and they both go to exit the ring. Then from the crowd Mark Henry and AW jump the barricade, Henry climbs into the ring and clobbers Kofi and Truth from behind. It appears AW was bluffing earlier tonight when he stated none of his clients were in the building tonight. Henry then tosses Kofi away like a rag doll before lifting up Truth…WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Truth is down and he rolls to the outside, AW then rolls into the ring, barking orders at Henry. Mark drags Kofi to his feet and holds his arms wide; AW unloads with punches to the Ghanaian superstar. AW gets in his face and talk’s trash to him but Kofi spits right back in his face to the crowd’s delight. Henry takes matters into his own hands as he scoops Kofi up and hits a WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Kofi is down and out; he begins rolling around in agony as AW unleashes a few stomps on him seeking revenge for the spit. Henry and AW begin to leave the ring to a chorus of boos, the camera pans onto the destruction that has been caused by really just one man…MARK HENRY.

*JULY 23RD 2012*


Big heat in the arena as the show-off Dolph Ziggler is introduced by Justin Roberts; he comes out onto the stage flicking his hair and begins to walk down the ramp. Suddenly from behind him Chris Jericho runs out to a big pop, wearing rock star like leather pants and suave shoes Jericho begins to beat down Ziggler. Wade Barrett sent a message before and it looks like Jericho is sending a message right now, bouncing Ziggler’s head off the barricade repeatedly Jericho’s fury is visible Barrett took out his friend and Ziggler’s enemy earlier tonight. Chris with a firm grip on Dolph’s hair then walks to ringside before forcing Ziggler’s head into the apron and then into the steel steps forcing him to flop onto the floor. The furious Jericho then pulls back the padding on the floor exposing the concrete to which he grabs Ziggler and hits a snap suplex right onto the concrete. He’s not finished yet as he grabs Ziggler’s legs and twists him over into a Liontamer! Jericho lets out a primal scream as he rips Ziggler’s body into pieces. Jericho then releases the hold and lets out a smile, his theme music hits as he backs up the ramp. Ziggler is a mess on the outside and we’re going to a commercial break.



Well it’s Divas action next and here is Eve, she’s looking to advance in this tournament but she faces tough opposition. Eve enters the ring and glamorously poses on the top rope.


And here’s her opponent Layla who comes out to a mild pop from the crowd. Layla climbs under the bottom rope and she means business right here.

Match Six
Women’s Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match
Eve vs. Layla

An explosive start here as Layla is the first out of the blocks, she soars through the air and lands on Eve she begins ragging her hair but Eve also has a good grip on Layla’s, all of this while they roll around on the floor. Eventually both girls release each other and get to their feet but BAM! Eve hits a clothesline on Layla, the assistant to Dylan Kelly then drags Layla closer to the corner and she climbs the top rope ready for a Moonsault…Layla moves forcing Eve to crash into the mat. Layla quickly picks Eve up and hits a Neckbreaker. 1…2…3!

Winner: Layla via pinfall.

So the match is set, Layla will take on Beth Phoenix for the vacant Women’s Championship at Judgement Day. Layla celebrates on the top rope as Striker comments on how quick she took out Eve, The Glamazon Beth Phoenix then appears at the top of the ramp, a stare down then ensues between the two ladies as we cut to a Don’t try this at home video.


Time for the main event as Big Show is here to a little pop, he is still angry after last week’s events. The giant waits in the ring for Triple H the man who cost him a WWE Title Match.


Well this is easily the biggest pop of the night as Triple H comes out with a Sledgehammer in hand. He is also dressed for the occasion too as he is wearing gym and a t-shirt instead of his usual gear. He doesn’t do his usual pose on the apron; he just stands in the corner waiting for the bell.

Main Event
Street Fight
Big Show vs. Triple H

We are underway here and Triple H charges right at Show from the off wielding that Sledgehammer, his attack is proved futile however as Show nails him with a big boot. The Giant then grabs Hunter and chucks him over the top rope to the outside. Show follows on and he is searching underneath the ring he eventually pulls out a Kendo Stick just as Hunter gets to his feet, BAM! Show nails Triple H over the head with the stick as the crowd say ooooooohhhhh. Not just one shot as Show continues striking Hunter over 10 times across the back and his scars are already visible. Show then starts pulling apart the announce table with ease, he flings everything on the desk to the floor however he does pick up a TV monitor.

Show gets ready to strike Triple H who is just getting to his feet; he ends up eating some steel steps though as Hunter dropkicks him in the leg as he charges towards him. The Game staggers to his feet and he begins to gander underneath the ring eventually pulling out a Trash Can. He immediately smashes Show across the back with the can before placing it over his head, the Kendo Stick used on HHH before is now his weapon as he smashes the can which is on Show’s head before doing his famous crotch chop and hitting him once more.

The Game begins to manically gaze at the announce table, he eventually tries to move the dead weight of Show and he succeeds by getting him adjacent to the announce table, UH-OH! Show has grabbed Hunter by the throat and he’s lifted him high…CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Hunter’s body is a mangled wreck and Show is smiling about it. Pinfalls and submissions however can only occur inside the ring. Show however throws some Steel Steps into the ring before he wanders over to Triple H, using great strength Show lifts Hunter up for a Military Press and launches him over the top rope and into the ring. Wait a second, Hunter has his Sledgehammer in hand while he is down and Show is now positioning the steps.

Big Show grabs Hunter and wraps his bear like paw around his throat, SLEDGEHAMMER! Triple H nails him in the jaw with the Sledgehammer and Show is bent over. Triple H uses all he has left after going through the announce table, he hooks Show’s arms…PEDIGREE ON THE STEEL STEPS! What a shattering thud, Hunter places his arm over Show. 1…2…3!

Winner: Triple H via pinfall.

What a big win for The Game, the referee raises his hand while he is down on the mat and his theme hits around the arena. Jerry and Matt say that Triple H is going to need that instinct he has shown tonight come Judgement Day. Suddenly we cross backstage to Dylan Kelly who is sat in his office watching the ring on his TV, the smug look on his face soon changes as a loud bang is heard from outside. Dylan Kelly panicking rushes to his office door and open it, he is not met with a happy sight as a banner with the WWE logo on it has been set on fire right outside his office. RAW goes off the air with Dylan Kelly’s worried face and the logo on fire while Matt Striker says “John Cena has gone too far King, he’s gone too far”.

©The Cult

MAY 27, 2012


WWE Championship Match
Triple Threat Match

C.M Punk © vs. The Miz vs. Sheamus

No Disqualification Match
John Cena vs. Triple H
If Cena wins he will get a match with WWE Chairman Dylan Kelly and Triple H along with his wife Stephanie McMahon will be fired. If Triple H wins they keep their jobs and he becomes RAW General Manager.

Submissions Count Anywhere Match
Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho

Steel Cage Match
Daniel Bryan w/AJ vs. Randy Orton

Women's Championship Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Layla

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks © vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Singles Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyson Kidd

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio © vs. Kane

Six Man Tag Team Match
Kofi Kingston, R-Truth & Evan Bourne w/Booker T vs. Mark Henry, Darren Young & Titus O’Neill w/AW
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