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Re: WWE; Power, Prestige, PASSION.

Here's a review for the first episode of Raw. (Thanks for the review you gave me a few days ago btw, much appreciated!)

Nicely done intro by putting focus on the Intercontinental Championship to kick off the show. Christian as special guest referee instantly makes things more interesting and he cut a decent promo, it could have used more emphasis from him about being the guest referee though.

Good match between Kane and Rhodes. First off I’m glad you’ve got Rhodes using his Dashing gimmick, it’s a lot better than “Undashing” and his current lack of gimmick just because you can do so much more with it in a BTB. Makes sense that Christian called it down the middle. I was a little surprised Kane got the victory but that’s only because I’m so used to seeing Rhodes get strong mid-card pushes in people’s work. Christian/Kane is a unique match-up for the IC Title so I’m looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

Smooth JBL promo. Helped hype up a future angle without giving much away. I liked the attention to detail with your description of JBL’s suit, as soon as I read it I could picture exactly what it looked like on him, so good job on that!

Very interesting finish to the tag team match. A totally dominant debut by “Mr. S” who I was initially thinking might be Samoa Joe until you billed him as seven foot tall. Now I’ve just got no idea, which is always a good thing in my book.

I enjoyed the Lesnar/HHH/Punk/JBL promo. Everyone was scripted very well and Punk particularly came across well. The reveal of JBL as interim GM was a good one and he should make for a great authority figure. Lesnar vs. HHH on Raw is a huge match so it’ll be interesting to see how you handle that.

One problem at the end of that promo was that you had JBL say he winner of Lesnar/HHH would go on to face Del Rio for the title next week, which granted was a small mistake but it still confused me for a second or two haha.

The backstage segment with Ziggler, Swagger and Benjamin was alright. Something about it didn’t really click with me. Also thought it was a bit odd that Shelton announced himself as the U.S. Championship #1 Contender when a lot of the show up to this point has been centered around gaining the number 1 contender spot to championships.

Well written over-the-top rope battle royal finale, they can be a bit tricky to write at times. Pleasantly surprised to see Jericho pick up the W and Jericho/Del Rio will be a very unique World Title match, I’m sure it’d be a great match in real life. Raw next week is looking to be totally stacked in terms of the line-up, so you’ve done a great job building up the importance of TV shows in the new era.

Exciting ending to the show. although I have to echo the sentiments about Edge’s status. I’ve got no problem with you using him but it just seems strange to have him be in the Hall of Fame considering why he’s in there. It was a good match between Punk and Edge and I was cool with Punk winning as there’s plenty of potential with him as champ. The HHH/Lesnar inclusion at the end added more hype for their match and helped to make it seem like either one can win and face Punk going forward.

Overall I enjoyed the show, it was definitely a fun read. First shows are always a little difficult as you've trying to get everything set up and develop a groove for stuff going forward but I feel you mostly handled things well. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next Raw, all the best writing it!

Here's some quick predictions for it while I'm here:

▪ “Battle of the Big Boys!” Dance Off
Rikishi vs. Brodus Clay

▪ Cruiserweight Showcase
Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne

▪ Champions vs. Contenders Tag Match
Christian & Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane & Shelton Benjamin

▪ WWE Championship #1 Contender’s Match
Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

▪ World Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Alberto Del Rio

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